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Re: Mysteries ahead: Arbiters Ground

Originally Posted by Hombre de Mundo View Post
^True. But then I'm sure there are countless of symbols and writing we can't even undertsand that may serve as recordings. Not sure, though.There's no reason why it couldn't be the final battle from OoT. I mean, it's pretty easy for Link to pass the story on. There's a legendary hero in TP, after all, could as well be the HoT, except he wasn't given that title for some reason, or people just didn't bother using it.

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bitterlime? *puppy eyes*
Whoa this thread moves fast!:O
Seems like this is going to be the third time I'm going to cross the whole gerudo desert to get to that darned dungeon!T_T
Were is that phantom hourglass picture supposed to be? Room with giant scales, eh? Could someone be more precise please?

Btw: the third picture isn't showing up for me (the towers and the smoke pillars)...
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