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Re: Who was OoT Link's Father?

^ I guess I missed that part, then

To be honest I didn't really read through the thread in its entirity, just responed to the last post. Can't even remember if I posted something in the first page either... so I'll now state my beliefs, however much of this has probably already been said:

Hero's Shade is OoT Link. This makes sense for a number of reasons. First off, ther are the songs from OoT and MM, known by the Hero of Time alone. Second, the hints that the Hero's Shade is related to Link makes me think the Triforce is indeed inheritable. Even though the nature of the Triforce is a pretty big mystery I have come to observe some things that made me believe this.

When Ganon was killed for example LoZ, he dropped the ToP. So when OoT Link died, shouldn't he drop his Triforce as well, and in that case, how did TP Link get it? Should the Triforce jump to whoever represents Power, Wisdom and Courage the most when the previous holder dies, then why not so in LoZ? Also -in tWW- it is told that when Link "left", the Triforce was left behind, so it was hidden throughout the lands in 8 pieces (physical form). Note that Link didn't have any descendants in the Adult Timeline. That could be the reason why it was left behind in its physical form.

Speaking of tWW, Tetra has this piece of the ToW which she got from her mother and we're told that it was passed down through generations. In OoT though, we never see the Triforce in its physical form. Could it be that OoT Zelda forced it out of her body? For what reason? Hmm, it doesn't quite make sense, but I guess she had some sort of purpose.