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Aurora the Ominae

Aurora the Ominae
Name: Aurora
Nickname: Rory, though only the Dwarfwash’s call her that
Title: Ominae (OM-in-aye)
Age: “Lost count somewhere after 10,000…”
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Race: Human
Occupation: Summoner

Sex: Female
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Varying shades of blue (based on mood)
Weight: 150lbs
Height: 5'4''

Appearance: Body- The first words that come to mind to describe Aurora’s body type are “short and curvaceous”. At 5’4”, she is nowhere near head and shoulders above the crowd. She’s not skinny by any means nor is she chubby, but built solid and thick throughout, big-boned perhaps being a decent assessment and not an excuse. Her hourglass figure is well muscled, leaning more toward smooth bulk muscle tone than lean sinew. Statuesque will never be used to describe Aurora, except as an antonym.

Her figure is balanced, her buxom chest balanced by a set of shoulders wide enough to keep her bosom from appearing unseemly or comical, but respectable. Her torso tapers to a trim waist before flaring out into a wide and deep pelvic girdle that balances her upper body. She is relatively short-waisted, meaning there is little space between the bottom most edge of her ribcage, and the top edge of her hip bones, giving her a compact appearance. Her hips are built wide, but are not actually curved in shape instead seeming rather straight in a front silhouette. Her posterior is full, rounded and muscular as are her thighs. A seamstress once told her she “has a waist, butt and thighs, but no hips”.

Her legs are not proportionally long at first glance, and like the rest of her are built strongly. Her thighs are rounded in shape with well defined quadriceps and hamstrings, and they rub together at the top when she walks. Her full-figured but shapely legs continue to well-formed calves and graceful ankles.

Face and Head-Like the rest of her, Aurora’s face is bold featured. Her face is not heart-shaped, but closer to a shortened oval, thanks to a slightly square-ish jawline that ends in a rounded chin with a dimple. Her lips are full and shapely, the bottom lip being a little fuller than the top, giving her mouth a slightly “pouty” appearance. She bears slight “smile lines” on either side of her mouth. Her cheekbones are wide and her slightly rounded line from cheekbone to jaw give her face a softer appearance. Her nose is slightly “roman” having a noticeable bridge and it is slightly rounded at the tip.

Her eyes are wide set, but average in size and almond in shape. They are always blue, but shift in color according to her mood. They may be a striking electric blue when she laughs, a bright cerulean when she is happy, warm denim when content, icy in wrath, deep navy when deep in thought, steely when she is burying emotion, dark like thunderheads when angry, drab like a rainy sky when sad, brilliant indigo when feeling deep love, or the darkest midnight when deeply channeling her power. Her gaze is bright, intelligent and often shrewd, looking out from between thick lashes.

Her brows are golden blonde, thick and slightly arched leading to a wide forehead and a slightly widow’s peaked hairline. Her hair is thick, but silky rather than coarse, curling in medium sized corkscrews and falling around her head in a carefree mop. It is a bit longer than shoulder length, and falls in natural looking uneven layers, the occasional curl falling over her right eye. Its color is a deep golden blonde with a slight red undertone that can make it seem strawberry blonde or light auburn in the right light.

Clothing- Aurora changes her clothes like anyone, but her style usually leans toward comfort rather than flair. Most often she’ll be seen in a button down dress shirt, or peasant style top of varying colors. Her shirt sleeves are usually pushed or folded up to ¾ length or to her elbows. The rest of her wardrobe is usually comprised of jeans, and well worn, brown leather walking boots.

Scars- Were you to see her nude from behind, you would see her back is covered heavily in deep, wicked scars. These are from a cruel night of whippings, rape, and other abuse she received very early in life before discovering her power. At the end of this night, the flesh of her back looked more like raw hamburger than human flesh. Now, her back is covered by a patchwork of silvered over scars, that make her back look bumpy and furrowed, but the texture is silky and almost slick. Though mostly confined to the area of her actual back, a very few of the whipping scars venture in occasional lines around the curve of her hip and buttocks and two over her left shoulder between her shoulder and neck.

Tatoo- Coiled around her right forearm is the shimmering silver image of a dragon. It is an Asian-style dragon, long and serpentine with four clawed feet and two long, gracefully curling horns emerging from the back of its head. The head of the dragon rests on the back of her hand, its body winds twice clockwise around her forearm and the tip of its tail curls around the protrusion of her elbow joint.

When Aurora channels strongly, and into the last phases before an actual summoning, the tattoo changes, growing in size and begins to glow with a pale silver light. At the power plateau just prior to a physical summoning, the dragon’s head hangs over her left shoulder, its body snakes down her back forming an “s” shape, and around her hip to coil around her right leg, the tip of its tail curling against the bulge of her right calf. Also, with this change, the scars on her back split and merge with the tatoo’s lines, making it seem to be embossed onto her skin, giving actual texture to the dragon, even its scales. This configuration obviously is not visible under clothing, aside from a subtle glow.

Skills/Magic: Extensive training in martial arts, particularly grappling arts. Trained in the use of several weapons including knives, katana, staff, nunchaku, and kali sticks.

Aurora is an energy manipulator. She understands that energy is never created or destroyed, but only changed. She can take nearby energy and convert it in any manner she sees fit, whether channeling it to a specific use, converting it to another form or redirecting its course. This includes elemental, life, physical, and magical energy. For example, if an opponent were to launch a fire attack she could deflect the energy of the attack in a different direction, she could absorb the energy to fuel an attack or action of her own, or could convert it to another element like wind.

The bulk of power for Aurora’s attacks is not personal, but is instead drawn from her surroundings. Her aura takes the role of a conduit or valve, rather than a battery, pushing energy through her, rather than storing it inside her. She can adjust this flow of energy in order to increase or decrease the power of an attack. To a person able to see aura or magical energy, she would seem to be of a normal human energy level , though they might be able to sense the depth of power lent to her by her tremendous age, and to a very sensitive person, she might seem strange as the ambient energy flows through her rather than around her as it would an average person. Since she has been world hopping, she has worked at deepening the personal reservoirs of her aura, but this is mostly for emergency use, and she doesn’t store up energy all the time. Most often, she stores power to take with her when she moves from one world to another until she ascertains that the new world’s energy is compatible with her own.

Among the other uses she has for energy manipulation, she can channel the energy into her own body to increase her strength and speed, being careful to reinforce her own muscles and bones when pushing herself far past her body’s ordinary limits. She can also use her power to heal herself or others. With enough time and energy, she can heal just about any injury, short of death. This does not apply to natural ailments such as a cold or cancer.

Aurora is also a summoner. Her summon is the dragon Valron and he is her connection to the Universal chi, or the ambient energy stream of the universe that flows through everything, both living and not. When the life or magical energy of an area is insufficient to her needs, she can tap into Valron’s power without summoning him to the physical plane. He serves as her “back-up” power source.

As a strong empath, Aurora is highly attuned to fluctuations in emotion from other people. If she puts enough effort into it, she can come close to roughly exchanging thoughts, in images and emotions if not exactly words. However, she finds this an extreme breach in privacy, and will not do so unless emergency communication is called for, or permission is given. This ability is stronger if she is in the vicinity of another empath or telepath.

Strengths: Great stamina when using chi energy. 100yrs is a long time to have to master any discipline. Just imagine how good you’d be with over 10,000yrs practice… Can be physically killed, but will not die of natural causes.

Weakness: It is against the summoner's code to use a summon beast directly against a human in battle. She cannot heal serious injuries in the heat of battle as they take too much time and concentration.

Her energy sensitivity and empathic abilities can work to her disadvantage as well. Large cities will cause her to feel disjointed and agitated due to the mix of strong emotions inherent in large numbers of people, unless she has ample time to acclimate herself and shield her mind. She often camps a few miles from a large city for a few days before actually venturing into it. Also heavy concentrations of certain energy types will affect her as well, such as an environment heavy in dark energy will bring out her more ruthless, harsh nature.

Heavily polluted or dying environments, can cause her to become physically ill as the sickly energy of the environment infiltrates her body. For this reason, she has taken to storing up energy before changing worlds. This however can be problematic in itself as her body has had thousands of years to be acclimated to a continual flow of energy rather than storing it in quantity. Storing up a large quantity of energy usually causes her physical discomfort in the form of body aches and migraines.

Weapon: Knowlegable in the use of several weapons, but doesn't carry any, prefering hand-to-hand and magic.

Summon: Valron, the ultimate dragon, as a rule cannot be hurt by magic, since he is a mergence of all the elements. He is long and snake-like, like a traditional Chinese dragon with long horns. He is a silvery white color that shimmers and changes colors in the sunlight like a white opal. In his full powered form, he measures some 1000ft in length. He has never been seen by any member of the EH in an actual RP, though he has brief parts in a few in his past smaller incarnations.

It should be noted that as Aurora's summon, Valron's lifeforce is tied directly to Aurora's. The ritual to obtain a summon ties the two inextricably together, anchoring the summon to the physical plane via the summoner’s soul. The two are interwoven and a tearing apart of the two would rip away pieces of both, leaving neither whole. A summon cannot survive on this plane without being tied to a summoner, and should a summon be destroyed or the link severed, the fatality rate for the summoner is about 90%. If a summoner should manage to survive this rending of their soul, there is a 95% chance they will be rendered insane by the event. Most summoners who are abandoned or lose their summon but manage to survive the actual event commit suicide within the first week.

Armor: None. They would hamper her agility, and are unnecessary anyway.

Personality: Aurora is driven by duty. She is logical and insightful with a wry sense of humor. She is a complex personality. Driven by her heart and intuition she is a sensual person, but governed by a keen sense of logic, compartmentalizing her relationships to the point that people who know her in different situations, if asked, might give a very different description of her.

She is confident, and has no issue with speaking her mind, but being an empath remains sensitive to the feelings of those around her. She can be flirtatious, and is a largely uninhibited spirit but her empathic nature makes her very particular about whom she will tease. Once she accepts you into her inner circle, she is very affectionate, and highly protective. She often is adoptive in a big sister sort of way.

Aurora is protective in nature and is driven by an intense sense of justice. She will avoid a fight if possible, but if she is given no alternative is ruthless and will not draw things out. She does not fight dirty, but will not hold back from doing what is necessary. She is not repulsed by the idea of killing and will kill if she has no alternative, but would prefer to preserve life whenever possible.

She has lived a long life and lived it fully. She has done things she is not proud of. However, she does not believe in regret, only in learning from your mistakes. She does not believe in love at first sight, but that every relationship is work and learning. She does not believe in coincidence but that all things happen to some purpose, but also does not believe in fate or in over thinking on why things happen, accepting things the way they are. She is optimistic and a self-determined individual, but also a cynic.

Likes: Music, cooking, laughing, dancing, sex.

Dislikes: People who “play victim” or pity themselves, bad/diet food, cheap booze, cruelty for its own sake, people who are ignorant by choice.

History: “Been there, done that, and wore out the t-shirt.” Aurora has known sadness and despair, joy and hope, loneliness, desire, and contentment. She has loved and lost, lived and died, and watched countless lives pass by. Now she lives her life to the fullest both for herself, for the friends and loved ones she’s known whose lives ended too soon, and for those who didn’t realize what living was before it was too late.
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