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Re: A Land Alike (Mr. Man, one other?)

For the space of an hour, the handsome Daoine scoured his mind for a possible answer as to how he had arrived at his new location. Yet, nothing came to him. He had fallen asleep a few fours after the sun had set, in a cairn of stone that he had happened upon in the hills. Yet he awoke here, a place that seemed far far away from where he had dozed off. But yet, there was a hope he was not too far from where he had fallen asleep, perhaps the Tear had transported him in his sleep to keep him safe from attack. But he did not know, it felt as if he head slept for a long time, but it was still dark, it was all very confusing. But with resolute determination, Kylac decided to search for his own answers, ever the one for adventure, this particular mystery was one he wished to solve.

The soft grass under his feet was greatly different in the way it caressed the flesh surrounded by the leather of the footwear; it was somehow softer, like strands of wet silk, yet they left no stain of moisture upon him. As he looked down, theirs was a celadon brilliance, unlike the lush verdant of the grass he had seen previously in his life, like they were fed by not the daylight, but by the shine of the moon, and had adapted its silvery eminence. His footsteps seemed to not crush the lush blades, but rather, after he stepped upon them, the leaves slowly rose to their previous position, slickly and gracefully as if they were a dancer rising from a dip. What a queer land so like my own, yet so particularly different, the Clock wielder thought to himself as he walked down a wheel rut in the previously unmarred landscape. Far into the distance, Kylac’s oculars of deep navy spotted a speck of light, assumedly, the location that the ruts led to. Without any other direction in which to be headed, he continued his relaxed gait, no sense in rushing a long journey.

He walked for two hours, and the sky did not lighten, instead, it darkened, as if the man had awoken not in the midst of a well-lit night, but rather just as twilight had passed. The moon now was not visible, having past beyond the distance horizon some span of minutes ago. Another three hours passed, and around him, the landscape lost any light it may have once contained, other than the faint luminance given by the large stars in the heavens, and the pinpoint of brilliance still many miles away. Already, the soles of Kylac’s feet ached lightly, and a hunger born of traveling and many hours without nourishment rumbled in the pit of his gut. Since at this distance, and lighting, it would not do any good waiting to rest, the one who was land-snared sat upon the silken grass.

Fingers of medium thickness and dept nimbleness undid the knot that held the leather strings that crisscrossed his lower calf, ankle, and feet on each of his sides. A short yet quick little kick landed the footwear within arms reach upon the ground, the Sky Mage then burying his toes into the soft and cooling vegetation below him, letting the strange texture of the blades sooth his travel sore appendages. He lay back, resting his gold-locked head against thick arms, closing his lids lightly to embrace the rejuvenating darkness of his inner-self. A moment later, he reached into a pouch upon his belt, extracting a small portion of unleavened pastry, filled with small scrapings of goat’s cheese, and ate it. With a sigh, the needs of his feet and stomach settled, Kylac drifted into a light slumber.

A short span of time later, the seemingly sculpted figure awoke to dim light filling the line where sky and earth met. Yet, the light was not the fiery blaze of Sun, once again it was the shimmering silver of Moon. Baffled, and thinking perhaps that he had slept longer than it had felt, the holder of the Tear put back on his sandals, and continued his decent to what was now visible as a small town.

It took another three hours until he reached his location, what one would have excepted to be morning by any other standards, yet the bright full moon instead was an eighth of its way done with its sojourn across the sky. It was almost as if, this place had no sun. The realization hit him harshly, leaving the handsome figure to stand dumbly at the entrance of the town, fully lips agape and deep blue eyes peering into the sky.
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