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Re: The Reluctant Alliance X 2 [Duke of Clubs; MaskedLegend; Zorolo]

Roery was beat. She’d have to be stupid not to realize that. This wasn’t like before when she could still put up a fight and had a chance of hitting her opponent. She could hardly breath now, and her grandest attempts to hurt the fencer had almost no effect on him whatsoever.

The clone soldier coughed up some blood, letting it spill onto her chin and neck. Her raspy breath was struggling to get air back into her lungs and calm her breathing. Her armor was missing chunks everywhere and dirt caked blood stained her dented armor and bruised flesh. She was finished. Even if she could get to her feet again, there was nothing she could do other then make her way to the closest hospital.

The former soldier closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip. She hated Zorlo. She hated what he had done to Kellson. She hated that he was able to beat every single person on the plateau that day with ease. She hated that she wasn’t strong enough to even put up a decent fight with the green haired man.

Her eyes closed tighter and her breathing started to return to normal. The rage in her was already starting to fade as the realistic side took over. Zorlo was just too powerful. He was leagues beyond every person there. This battle had been decided before it had ever started. Roery had nearly killed herself trying to prove herself otherwise. But now it was over.

Her body protested strongly as she slowly pushed herself into a sitting position. She slid a leg underneath herself, put her weight on it, and rose to her feet. The blond girls nearly fell over for a split second, but righted herself and overcame her lightheadedness. So many parts of her body ached that she couldn’t decide which hurt worse.

The wounded girl took a step foreword and set her green eyes on the aura master. His face contrasted greatly from the one she was used to seeing. He was only faintly smiling, but more then anything, he looked concerned. He must not have enjoyed being forced to attack her so brutally. Well maybe that was good. Maybe it’d make him feel a little worse for using his obvious superior strength to beat up a man so mercilessly, who knew. Maybe Roery could be satisfied just with this, as it was clear she could do no more.

Roery stood before him now. A bloody trail behind her, with so much of her armor missing that it was bordering on being slightly revealing. Her dark purple and black skin and blood and dirt caked hair. It was a sad sight indeed, so different from the beautiful woman that she was at the beginning of this all. Her head was slumped slightly and her bangs covered her face. Still her emerald eyes looked piercingly at the aura master.

“You came here to deliver justice. Isn’t that right Zorlo?

“Justice isn’t something you can just beat into people. Not when you put someone’s life at stake just to prove that you’re right. Just to prove that you really do know what’s best for the world. Who are you to tell someone they have no right to be who they are? When they are capable of making friends that would fight for them, who would mourn their death, and would avenge them.

“You’ve forced your opinion into every person here. You showed a little kid and a half angel that they really do have no chance of beating you. You showed a man that his behavior sickens you, and you nearly killed him for being who he is. You showed me that no matter how hard I try, I cant ever hope of making you feel the same why that I do right now.

“You have great power, Zorlo. I just hope that one day you’ll learn to use it not just for your own gain, or your own pleasure, or even for what you think would be best for the world. Use it for what you know the people around you would want you to do with it, and know when you’ve gone to far.”

The wounded girl turned and strolled away, trying her best not to limp. She raised a hand and wiped some blood of her chin as she made her way to the end of the mesa. She glanced over to where Ciaran was out of the corner of her eye. He was still down on the ground, his magic all but depleted. He looked back towards her, nodding once in acknowledgement, and turned his attention to the fencer.

“I’m glad I got to see your skill and power. It was truly impressive, but seeing as it’s all over, I guess I'll be leaving as well... Marcus, get me the hell out of here, please...”

There was a flash of light out of the corner of her eye and the sound of rushing wind. Without looking, she new Ciaran had finally left the battlefield.

Roery looked out to where Kellson had left to. He had disappeared from view a while ago. She could only hope that he had survived. Wounds like the ones he bore could have killed a normal man. Of course, Kellson was no normal man. He had God on his side. Hopefully God was feeling merciful today...

And with that, Roery hopped of the side of the battlefield for the last time.
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