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Re: Green Day New Album?

Originally Posted by SuperDecimal View Post
I must agree with the two great posts above this one.
Greenday is not Punk music - and it's laughable how Skateboarders and Co. use it as an anthem to parade around just how "punky" they are, when the fact is that Greenday are barely more identifiable than glorified Pop-Rock.

That said, I didn't mind their much older stuff, the thing that triggered my eternal disgust for them was the "American Idiot" album. Seriously, almost all of the songs on it sound exactly the same, probably all the songs used practically identical power chords. Billy Joe's voice is simply the single most irritating, pathetic, whiney excuse for a human noise I've heard (far more than Axl Rose, Captain).
His horrible nasal, monotonous moaning make me want to do horrible things to myself to block myself from being subjected to that pathetic attempt he does at 'singing.'

I fail to see their songs as any kind of serious left-wing sentiment, more "lol we iz gonna be liek soooooooo rebellious becos we r naughty and make fun of the government!!!"
It's nothing but immature, laughable antics. I, myself, am a very left-wing individual, and trust me when I tell you all, all these 'protest songs' seem simply nothing more than failed attempts to look 'cool and cause-worthy' to sell their fad.

Like who?
Weird. I actually like his voice.
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