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Re: A Dark God Reborn (Zorolo)

Zorlo couldn't help but smile as the boy spoke, revealing what the fencer had hoped was false to be very true, and yet, something about this revelation made the green haired man excited. Shinu's alive. Good, that means I can take back what is mine, but why is here, and better yet, why is he using this boy? This kid looks almost like that boy that I was following, except his eyes are red right now. What happened to him? the Aura Master asked, watching as the boy killed each every Succubi in his path. The fencer laughed, not very amused by the futile attempt of Shinu to slow him down.

"So, Shinu, you are alive. Better yet, you've possessed this boy. What, was your soul so angry you wouldn't just vanish?" the fencer asked, watching as the dark child moved slowly towards him, a black aura radiating from him, his eyes still glowing red, just as Aizi's had when Shinu's body had been placed under the Demon Lord's control. "So, why couldn't you just descend into the darkness of death and leave this world alone?!" the fencer asked, a slight hint of anger, yet a spark of excitement escaping.

"Not quite," the abomination's voice combined with the dark voices of Shinu spoke. "I've not possessed this boy, but rather, I've taken control of his mind through the fact that he is Gorin's son!" the dark one revealed to the fencer, still weaving his black magic from the ritual room.

"What?!" Zorlo stated, looking very surprised by this revelation as well. "This boy... I thought there was something a bit odd about him, but to be the child of a god..." the Aura Master paused, his head looking towards the ground for a moment. It all made sense now. The Succubi had taken this boy in order to use him for the ritual, but he had escaped with Shinu's help. Then why had Gorin gone ahead and not returned? These questions Zorlo couldn't ignore, they needed immediate answers.

"Why did you help save this boy from joining with Gorin then? What are you planning?"

"You understand so little," the child spoke, Shinu using him to the fullest advantage. "Seeing as you won't live much longer, I might as well tell you what I've got planned."

Too easy, the fencer thought, almost laughing. Oh how the forces of darkness were far too stupid to comprehend when they were being used. Zorlo, having almost no idea on what was going on from within the forces of Gorin needed an idea on what was going on, and who would know better then Shinu.

"You see, Gorin shares a body with Dante, as you well know, but the Succubi wish to give Gorin his own body, and this boy's body has far to short a life span and far too powerful of a will. It is too bad they didn't realize that everyone can be weakened, all it takes is a little bit of creativity, or for me, nearly killing this boy and awakening his birth right. Being part God of Wrath made it far to easy for the darkness to overwhelm his mind and make him into my servant. If I found it so fitting, I could have this boy kill you, then Dante while I steal the power of Gorin. I will be the new God of Wrath, and eventually, I'll destroy Sin and claim the power of the God of Darkness. I will not vanish!" Shinu stated in absolute certainty while Zorlo looked at him oddly.

Disappear? What does he mean? I'm sure he's about to tell me, the fencer told himself, mentally sighing as the controlled body began speaking again.

"Disappear I bet you are asking yourself. Well, that is your fault as well! You see, when I formed my pact with the darkness and united it within my body, I made a trade. The nigh infinite power of darkness in exchange for my body slowly fading into the darkness itself. This power would have been more then enough to slay Sin, but you and Tsuukai Ita had to step in and nearly kill me.

Although I lived, I lost something. When I fell, my power seeped out, not fully combined into my body, and I am a shadow of my former self. Although, once I steal both Gorin's powers and his new son, I'll be saved, letting this body be taken by the infinite darkness and bestow myself with the mantle of a god. You can't stop me!" the boy told the fencer, pointing at him and crouching down slightly. "I'll use this boy to kill you, and then, at the fabled moment, I'll claim Gorin's power! He'll be destroyed, Dante and you shall be dead, and then I'll destroy Sin. Good plan, no?" Shinu asked, mocking the fencer, who merely began to laugh.

"I've got to hand it to you Shinu: you've really lost your mind! Its crazy enough to think you shall defeat me, but its even more insane to think you'll claim the title of a god. I'll make sure that doesn't happen," the fencer said, holding his his right hand, palm towards TDC, who merely laughed again.

"We'll see, boy," the dark child spoke, charging at the fencer at a very high speed.

This could get messy, but I guess I have no choice, I need to get to that ritual room quickly, the fencer told himself mentally as he placed his left hand on his sword and slashed right through the abomination as it jumped up at him. The green haired man slowly turned, to pay his respects to the boy, but found him, not in two pieces, but rather, his body had regenerated already. "How in the-" the fencer was quickly stopped as a dark fist slammed itself against the fencer's face, throwing him back a short ways.

The green haired man's heels slid on the ground, looking at the boy who's strength was something beyond what the fencer thought possible for someone who looked so frail. That kid is really strong, I'd better be careful or I might end up just like these Succubi. Time was growing short, and the fencer had a fight on his hands. He'd need to subdue this boy, or else the world might be in danger.
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