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Re: A Dark God Reborn (Zorolo)

Gorin saw his cult of succubi in a similar manner as Shinu did: Disposable. The only purpose they served was to bring him back from the prison that had once been his soul. His body was a mutated freak stalking about, and his soul had become an illusion of a being.

If there was any way that the God of Wrath were to live on in his glory, it was through his own mind. WL wouldn’t allow himself to be nothing more than a thorn in Dante’s side.

“All of them,” he muttered to himself, sitting on a throne of hardened human muscle. He was in his own little world in the back of Kaja’s existence. It was in this world that he spent the majority of his time. “Cyan, Amber, Anna, Cherise… They are
nothing more than tools to be used. Once a tool has been used for its job, there’s little reason to keep it around.”

His lips peeled back in a grotesque smile, revealing a row of pointed teeth. The eyes on his palms opened to take more of the egg-white world around them into their murky yellow depths. WL always chose to have an appearance akin to the original Gorin while in his world.

“Once the tools are all used there are other projects I can work on. Destroying my old body, for example. Chovex isn’t doing any justice to
us, after all. There’s also that fool Dante. Once I’m free of him, he’ll be of no more use to me than the succubi. Just another tool to be discarded.”

“Then there’s the fencer. Hollowing him out would be so much fun. After I’m through with them, there’s always Dante’s allies. Oh!”

WL smacked the side of his head, remembering the one who’d started it all.

“I can kill the Heavenflame Samurai as well! It’s his fault that we died, that Dante was created, that our body became that
thing! He may not be the only one who deserves to die, but he’s the one that’s done the most to earn it!”

Gorin’s mind continued this rant for several minutes, completely unaware of the fact that the third party in this conflict was waiting for him.


“Cherise,” Anna said, catching the red-haired succubus just as she was leaving TDC’s room. “I think there’s somebody outside the gate. Could you check?”

“Sure,” Cherise replied, brushing her hair out of her eyes. “I think it might be Yvonne. She went to town a few hours ago for supplies. She said the kid looked hungry. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was. It’s been what, three days since we caught ‘em?”

Anna nodded and the two succubi walked off in opposite directions. Cherise for the gate, and her associate for the boy’s room. Just because TDC had already served the purpose he was originally meant to serve didn’t mean that Anna couldn’t get some fun out of him.

It didn’t take long for Cherise to reach the gate. The entire building was fairly small, after all. Then again, succubi did do a lot of traveling for their main job. Very few of them actually lived in the building.

“Who is it?” she called. Shortly after doing so she felt what seemed like a warm pop in her very soul. Something powerful was on the other side. Something equally evil.

“My name is Jamenda,” Shinu replied. It didn’t take a lot of research to know that Jamenda was the name of Gorin’s right hand man during the Oblivion War. Seeing as none of the succubi had ever seen Jamenda, there was no way for them to tell that it wasn’t the genuine necromancer standing at the gate.

“Gorin summoned me to help you prepare the ritual,” he continued. The succubus on the other side of the gate practically jumped onto the lever that opened the stone slab, allowing the dark man entrance into the succubi abode.

“H-hello,” she said, staring at Shinu. She and Cyan had made a playful vow several weeks ago, a vow that was spawned by Cherise’s realization that Cyan loved their master. Cherise had jokingly suggested that the blue-haired succubus could have Gorin, and the red-haired succubus could have Jamenda. If the necromancer ever returned, that was.

“Where do you need to g-go first, sir? Do you need to speak with Cyan, or do you want to see ’the boy’? O-or would you prefer I show you to the ritual room?”


“Fencer,” Dante said, eyeing the pommel of Zorlo’s weapon. “I think ’he’ found a way to get out. I’d go alone, but I’m afraid that I’d be too weakened after whatever he has planned to kill him. That’s why I came to see you. I know there’s no love lost between the two of you.”

“That‘s true,” Zorlo replied, slightly loosening the grip his hand had on the pommel of his sword. As much as he hated to admit it, Kaja could easily guess why the Aura Master was on edge. Any moment now WL could take control and force the two of them to fight.

“He wants me to go to the Rakaran Fields,” Dante said. “I normally wouldn’t bother to give in to any of his demands, but he’s been really forceful about the whole thing. He told me that there’s something there that will let him get out. That’s something that I’ve been waiting a really, really long time for. Would you accompany me to the fields?”

OOC: Sorry that Dante and Zorlo’s segment was short. I tried to focus more on WL, Shinu, and the succubi with this post. ^_^

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