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Re: Do you like rock or rap?

Originally Posted by DakZhul View Post
LOL...nice response to my post...calling me ignorant and all that. Hmm, let me read through it a called me f'ing stupid. Congratulations you just earned a 5 star award for making rap and hiphop look bad again. Such harsh words....perhaps you got such a fowl mouth from the types of music you listen to.
Oh, and that little saying that I don't even listen to the music. Guess what, you're wrong there too "bro"...can I call you "dawg"? Maybe that will make you understand me a bit more. Anyways, yeah...I've got a sister that listens to nothing but rap and techno...and I used to listen to some rap when I was younger, about 5 or 6 years ago. You could say...that I've heard some of the music if not a lot of it. Not only that, but I got a cousin from Detroit who is obsessed with the idea of becoming a yeah, again...I've heard some rap in my day. is that ignorant? I stated my stance, and you're never going to understand it...just like I'm never going to understand why you perfer that type of music. I simply stated what I've observed from hiphop/rap music genres...that's all.

If you want to have a little tantrum...take it somewhere else, DAWG.
Not only are you being ignorant in this post, but prejudiced against TFS as well! Saying that he speaks ghetto slang just becasue he listens to rap is about the most ignorant thing one could ever say. I listen to rap and I speak proper English. I have friends that listen to rap, they speak proper English. Do you even realize how racist that sounds as well? Apprently not, because ignorance is blind.

Artwork. Why not critique so I can get better, plz :3

Originally Posted by Red View Post
I have a friend who once asked me if vaginas had taste buds. Because of flavored condoms.

We were 17
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