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Trap of a Fox (Two others)

Ooc: This Is a two on two battle. I will be using Samen, and Havane. They will both be facing each other.

Bic: Samen had heard of the iron being that supposedly had come to these lands, but thought it just a man in armor. The tales told of a blasts of fire coming form him but Samen figured that they were just magics of some kind. But still. The thought intruiged him.

He was in the woods of the west hills when he first saw him, and imdiately confronted the strange walking hunk of iron. So it was true he thought.

"I have heard tale of you." snickered Samen "a being of magic, and power. I have been looking for some one of your position ... uhhh ..."

"Havane. My name is Havane."

"Do you know ... that is if the stories are true ... what we could do together? The country side could be ours. Whatever you desire. Yours. Oh you are damaged let me get you something for that."

"No need. My body repairs itself automatically." said Havane who was still confused at why some one was fussing over him.

The trap is laid. thought Samen before they mounted off towards the nearest village.

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