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USB Connectors vs. Wireless Routers

I finally gotten a Wii the day after Christmas. (YAY) Now I plan to go online with it. Thats where several problems come in. I'm confused as to wether get a wireless router or an official Nintendo USB Connector.

I'm leaning towards the USB Connector. The router seems... difficult. Thing is, is that my Wii is in my room, about 20 or so feet away from the computer, with several walls blocking the way.

I hear a few routers can connect even up and down stairs, however, connecting everything seem to take a bit of work. I'm pretty lazy, and remembering several numbers, setup screens, and everthing else is just unattractive.

I'm also thinking about the price of both. I have no idea how much a router costs, but I'm coming up with more than $20 for a USB connector.

Can anybody help me out?

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