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Mods, if it is thy will, let this thread pass from this form...

Well, this topic has seems to be surviving without any actual lead. Shawing.

Anyway, should a mod actually happen to pass by, and should they hold the power to add polls to threads which suffered whatever error this one suffered on my posting, my choics of options were going to be:

1) To reckon Aonuma's pefect timeline while patiently awaiting the day he releases it to the public.
2) To determine a universal timeline, as free of incostincies as possible, relying on the developers as much as possible
3) To determine a universal timeline, as free of inconcistencies as possible, regardless of the developers
4) To find a timeline which I find to be creative and interesting, regardless of petty inconcistencies
5) Other

Peace yall...
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