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Re: Russia Ready to Vaporise The Jewish State *recommended readers: Hindmost*

It is interesting, but it has a few glaring mistakes. First, is the description of the Sunburn itself. It's a dangerous missile certainly but this article doesn't seem to even know it's terminal speed. "Mach 2.2 Moskit [SS-N-22 Sunburn] Missile" when the speed in Russian tests is much higher. Unless it's being launched from extreme range, in which case it will slow down to conserve fuel - That may be between 2/2.4 Mach. Also, the Sunburn was never designed as a nuclear weapon. It was/is something along the lines of the Exocet or a seemingly pure anti-ship missile. This also means that it can't respond to a submarine threat unless the submarine is stupid enough to surface (Not even required to fire a Harpoon).

Problem 2:

Quietly and with the minimum of fuss, Russia deployed its most advanced tactical nuclear missiles and crews to both Syria and Iran, thereby sending an unmistakable diplomatic signal that if Israel attacked Tehran or Damascus with nuclear weapons, Russia would in return instantly and anonymously vaporize the Jewish State.
First, there is no evidence anywhere that I've heard, seen, or searched for to back this up. Second, the israelis have yet to threaten Tehran with "nuclear annihilation" but a stated goal of the IDF has been to deny nuclear weapons to it's Arab neighbors and if they felt the Iranians would either get nukes or be nuked... well, it's not hard to guess their decision.

Second, it's now impossible to "anonymously" vaporize anything with nuclear weapons. They are watched with incredible care and it's widely regarded that anything over 50 kilitons would have to be a multi-stage weapon. This means it requires a massive program, and one that only a very small number of countries can build. The USA, Russia, China, France, UK, Israel, India, and Pakistan are the only ones with the support base to build them from scratch at this point. From that fairly small pool of countries smples of the reactors have been taken and it's not terribly complicated to identify which reactor and in some cases which year and part of the reactor it's from.

The nuclear warheads for these missiles can be either American or homegrown Dimona products, but no matter which, Israel had to make it known that the nuclear capability was real, for there is no point making a nuclear threat if you cannot back it up with real nuclear muscle. This was achieved by leaking the information through high profile Israeli media assets, who initially plastered the information all over the Internet. This completed stage one of the exercise, which then had to be swiftly followed by a quasi-official statement of absolute deniability. Think about this one carefully people, think about it very carefully.
Here is problem 3:

We have known that Israel has been nuclear capable since the late 1960's! This is before the Harpoon was even on the drawing boards. By the way, we have never sold nuclear weapons to the Israelis. The closest we got to "selling" them anything was this traitorous **************, who, by the way, should have been hanged. In fact, the Israelis are suspected to have had at least one nuclear capable aircraft on station near the Golan Heights during the Six-Day War in case the line broke down and couldn't recover.

Rest assured that the American-Israeli Harpoons are nuclear, and the Zionists have every intention of using them on Tehran and Damascus if they think they can get away with it. Dangerous people do dangerous things in dangerous times, and there is nothing more dangerous that a pack of religious fanatics with their backs to the Mediterranean, facing the imminent destruction of Zion. The Israeli economy is in tatters, Jewish migrants are fleeing Israel in droves, and the Zionist host [America] is fast running out of spare cash and free weapons.
This whole thing is patently false. Sorry Joe Viallis, but wishing that Israel didn't have an (as of August 1, 2003) 1.39% population growth rate doesn't make it that way. I'm not entirely sure how he percieves America as first "the Zionist host" whatever the hell means and second that we're strapped for cash. WE quite simply aren't. My favorite line however is, "there is nothing more dangerous that a pack of religious fanatics." Exactly why I'm scared ❤❤❤❤less of those unelected leaders of Iran getting hold of nuclear weapons in the first place. See, because in the 36 years that Israel has had them and twice when they literally had their backs to the wall, they didn't use them! Can someone please explain to me why they would use them now for no gain?

Very likely the Russians will copy the Americans, and blame a fictional “rogue state” like Iran, Pakistan or North Korea.
Strange that he would call the obviously belligerent Kim Jung Il and his state to be a "fictional rogue state." Is the state fictional or is he not to be taken seriously because of his poofy hair? No matter. Though explaining how Russian nuclear material dissappeared and ended up attached to a missile fired from Damascus - does this guy even know what a satellite can track? - got there without anyone knowing.

The diplomatic signal in the Indian Ocean was blatantly obvious. Though numerically inferior to the American fleet, the Russians had more than enough unstoppable firepower to win any sea battle outright. Billion-dollar American aircraft carriers became obsolete monoliths that day, as did America’s arrogant ability to roam the oceans of the world attacking smaller sovereign nations on Zionist orders.
Hmm, "on Zionist orders?" I love my sig. Anyway, despite having found no supporting articles for this, I'll go on the premise. We have tails for every Russian sub that wanders into the open ocean and a complete sonar grid that has been proven to track succesfully almost without fail. Hell, even when it fails we tend to reacquire within hours. Basically, if there was a threat we could neutralize any flet on the planet before they could get into range, unless this guy thinks Aircraft Carriers do something other than launch aircraft to hit objects further out than they (or us) can strike normally.

In August and September 2003, the Russian and Chinese navies held large independent exercises in the Pacific, both coincidentally designed to, “Simulate sinking aggressive American carrier battle groups”. No prizes for guessing the name of the principal weapon system selected for this challenging task.
Do I get a prize for knowing that any army worth it's ass will use the best available equipment? That doesn't mean it will succeed, as any Panther commander on the Eastern Front could have told this fellow. Nevermind the fact that China's "navy" is in striking distance of our permanent ground bases in the ROC. Hmm, more random nonsense.

This whole thing seems to be someone who can't accept facts and created a "Zionist conspiracy" to explain everything he doesn't like.

And while a squadron of cutting-edge Russian Sukhoi 27 multi-role aircraft screamed overhead performing complex aerobatics at the opening ceremony, the Chinese quietly moved a squadron of their own Sukhoi 27s up to Kashi air base, which is the closest airfield to their own border with Kyrgyzstan. Completely coincidental timing of course, and anyone who suggests otherwise will be labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by CNN, NBC, Fox News and many others.
*Cough* The Sukhoi 27 hasn't been cutting-edge in a decade. Enough about that.

For more than a decade American oil multinationals have been conducting “joint ventures” in the former Soviet republics bordering the Caspian Sea, with the stated intent of pumping this stolen crude oil out through Turkey, then on to western markets.
By stolen they mean we paid for it and for the pipeline that ships it now. Makes sense, in a crackheaded sort of way.

In terms of protecting Eastern Hemisphere oil reserves from the Zionist crusaders, Russia still had one more hurdle to clear, in the form of Moscow-based Zionist Jew Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
I bet if there were muslims this guy didn't like they'd be "closet Zionist Jews!" Enough of this drivel, I'll deal with part 2 later.

Well maybe not really that good but I get so sick of 'bully countries' that believe they can do anything just because they have a bigger army and newer technology.
Yes, quite.

I'm fairly certain that the 6.5 million Israelis (who are not by any means "all jewish" by the way: 80.1% (Europe/America-born 32.1%, Israel-born 20.8%, Africa-born 14.6%, Asia-born 12.6%), non-Jewish 19.9% (mostly Arab))

Was fairly evenly matched by the 100's of millions living in the surrounding hostile nations.
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