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Re: Poll: Are the Gerudo committing incest in OoT?

Originally Posted by Vaati View Post
Not taking sides just yet, but yours seemed the best to quote.

When the leader of the fortress, rather the one left in charge while Nabooru was at the temple, gave Link the card. I don't think I need to explain Link is male, so why would a simple card allow him access, and the Gerudo's didn't seem mad about it? Even if the leader said "OK" to him, don't you think one or two of them wouldn't be pleased with Link coming and going at will?
There is the fact that he defeated a lot of them, and that may make him seem "worthy" in their eyes, as opposed to weak and pathetic. Also, since they dislike Ganondorf, something makes me think that a male would be rather welcome in the fortress at that moment in time.

Originally Posted by Raian View Post
The Gerudo tribe believe that all men are weak; it's Amazonian sexism. When Link showed off that he had potential as a thief, she allowed him to join the tribe.
Could you answer my question as well?
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