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Name: Tolge ( Tol-ge)

Renamed: Quasar

Species: Fallen W.O.L.A.L.,
Actually, fallen elf.

Age: Unknown


Personality: Quick tempered, and destructive, hates water, and trees, and loves the desert. He has a mind for pure desolation and nothing else. He loathes any creature other then what he thinks to be evil. He is arrogant and foolish sometimes, and will do anything to get his point across. He is fearless.

Height: 10ft.

Weight: 300lbs

Apperance: Tall, wiry, and gangly. Not to broad. Hes red with black molten rock all over him. 9inch finger like claws, and Razor sharp teeth. He is almost a fire red, and the rocks are almost pitch black. He has a silver tint (the chains). He has bulges of muscles in his arms and legs, and a little bit of chest muscle, but not to much muscle, other then that he is vety skinny. He also appeares to glow during broad day light, but at night, he is pitch black. He has patches of rock everywhere.

Weapons: He has razor sharp claws, and teeth. He also has a iron rope, that shoots out of his veins. The rope is equipped with grappling hook type spikes at the end, and come out at variable lenghts. If cut, they just regrow.

Strengths: He has the ability to control and create lava at will. He can also create ash to fill the air and make it darker. He is more powerful when it is darker, and hotter out. He also has wriaths that attack at his bidding. For every one he kills, he has a wrath. He currently has 20 wratihs.

Magic: Once a creature of any sort has been killed its soul becomes linked to the dark elf that kills it. therefore giving the elf control over its body. Wraiths arent that powerful, but if used right, they are used right, and in large numbers, the can cause great damage.

Weaknesses: water based attacks. Light based attacks. He can survive in the sun, but nothing brighter. His wraiths are easy to defeat, and can only cause minimal damage. The wraths keep on coming back, but it takes energy to do so.


His parents where off fighting in the border wars, and he was at the royal orphanage. He was hand chosen by W.O.L.A.L ( Magic wielders of light and life) to become an apprentice. He was a Night elf. He quickly learned the ways of W.O.L.A.L. and was son fighting in the border wars himself.

He was in a battle alongside his parents when a dark elf killed them and they became wraiths. He fell into a rage and destroyed the dark elf. When W.O.L.A.L. tried to stop him, he brutally mangled 15 members and ran from the battle. He ran straight for the volcano Facet and cast a spell that would transform him. The spell worked, he was now 10ft. tall and a monster. He stared at his wraiths. They were more powerful then normal wratihs. They were Magic wileders still. Less powerful then before, but more powerful then an average warrior.

He ordered his wraiths to embed iron chains into his arms. They obeyed without question. He stared at the light in hatred. Then he bellowed with all the fury of Hell,

"I am Tolge no longer. Now I am QUASAR!"

He quickly set about destroying all the plants and burning all the water he could find. Now there would be desolation, and destruvtion amoungs the four lands. He found Samen, an ally he believed, and was correct in thinking so. Both wanted the same thing, the destruction of the four lands. This time he had a worthy ally. Samen trained him to use fire and lava as weapons as well. Quasar grew in might. Now he was undefeatable. In his own mind he was invincable. He once again set out for the destructio of the lands, with Samen, gone off in the other direction. They agreed to divide and conquar. Samen was the only one he held in a respect of any sort. Samen was the only one above him, in his mind.

The whole of the W.O.L.A.L. forces finally put an end to him. He was banished, by a spell in a great battle. Many other W.O.L.A.L. fell at his hands. Many others were wounded to the near point of death. The spell worked thogh, much to his hatred.

The spell sent him to a desert, much to his liking. He wandered around the desert spreading ash wherever he went so he would survive the sun. Finally, after years of searching he found a new land, and with his 20 wratiths, set about bringing the destruction of the new land.

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