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School Brawls or Just Brawls

It's been a while since I posted a thread here but that's because people like to take an ignoring of CT's threads right? But anyway I just wanted to ask of how many fights you ZU goers have been in at school and what I mean by fights I don't mean arguments I mean BRAWLS! Where you just had to show whoever bothered you some physical violence.

Well anyway I got motivated to make this thread after I answered the Bully thread in serious discussions. Like I said in that other thread I have been forced to fight five times i in my whole life. Two of them were in elementary school as a fifth grader against a jealous kid. The other three fights were me as a freshmen, sophomore, and junior in high school. I always have cheated in my fights seeing as all them contained more than one people and big dudes. All though some of them were because of my taunting. Thanks to my wit, I have never been beatin' up in my life.

I also had a good friend who was from Hong Kong had great teachings of Tae Kwon Do. My Drop kicks were to be feared thanks to him. Also to overcome me you'd have to be pretty close to since I would always start with the rush and create distance.

This thread might be shut down because I promote school violence but I was just bored. So what kind of brawls have you guys been in? Doesn't have to be in school, could be anywhere you had one, I know ZU has some pretty interesting fighters... I describe mine if this thread is successful.
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