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Re: The Rivers end(For Quark, Ghost Runner, and anyon else)

Ooc: Nice. Finally a fellow elementist.

Bic: The grass was growing thicker and thicker and longer and longer. The mud started sinking under his feet, and the dark elfs. The drow was now focused on them and, now focused on the mud pile beneath his feet. Another elementist is around. Thats the only explanation. The dark elf was now focused on the ground beneath her as well. Lothreian called upon his magic and brought two sturdy vines from the thick trees and hauled the dark elf and himeself to safety.

The drow has not happy with the way things were working out. First the dark elf wakes up, second another elf comes from nowhere, third strange things start happening in the forest and theres nothing that can be done. Time for some levitation. The drow concentrated and lifted free of the mud and grass. Now back to the two elves.

Raiku was as shocked by the elves use of the forest, as Lothreian had been with the sudden attack of the forest. Another elementist? Possibly. But that other one, the drow did something entirely unsuspected. He lifted from the ground with out any supports? This would be more interesting than I thought.

Ooc: Sorry about the shortness of them both I have other battles to attend to and not much time to do it in.

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