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The Rivers end(For Quark, Ghost Runner, and anyon else)

The forest finally ended. Lothreian had been following the river for days now. After the black battle he had had alongside the barbarian against the metal man he was exhausted. There was a black flash of movement behind him. Instantaly with out thinking he had is bow and an arrow in his hand. Was the metal man back after him. He looked around, but what ever was there was gone now. He turned around and looked over the mega waterfall. Something was familliar about all this.

Suddenly he was shoved from behind, and over the edge of the water fall he found himeself. He called his magic and vines grabbed him, and his bow and arrow in mid fall. He used the magic to pull himself carefully back over the edge. He had not even heard who was behind him and with elven ears that seamed almost impossible. He came over the edge and and drew his broad sword. He was ready for another attack. He waited, but nothing presented itself. He walked up against alone tree and used his magic to cover his body in sent and appearence. He was no longer findable except by magic. Lothreian waited for hours untill almost dusk when the first shadow appeared out of the the fog that had emanted from the waterfall, and covered the forests that the shadow had come from. Great he thought, the second battle in one week. Send me back to the swife wars any day.

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