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Z-2.0 & Ubechok

~Approved by Power Shot~

A while ago, before a prolonged period of absence, I wanted to create a team of characters. However, by pure chance, my completed project was very much like another members', so that idea died. I'm trying again, but this time adding onto my Wolver/Zeliro hybrid story. Ubechok's information is always on top. The reason that I didn't give Z-2.0 his own history is that he has no real history.

Name: Ubechok "Black Fist" Daffin
Age: 61
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown/Red
Weight: 80 lb.
Height: 5' 8"
Weapon: Blaster pistol, stun level

Strengths: Ubechok's greatest strength is his pure brains, the greatest scientist and mastermind in all of Kahzan. He has revolutionized the hybridization process, and has designed many highly advanced weapons, such as an improved, cheaper nuclear weapon. In combat, his tactical mind is one of the greatest, coming up with a foolproof plan in seconds. In the fray, Z-2.0 relies heavily on his master against very powerful opponents. He is also very quick in movement, darting around the battlefield for a good shot with his blaster pistol, another strength.

Weaknesses: Ubechok's greatest weakness is his strength. He is painfully weak and nearly broke his fist upon pounding his desk in frustration once. He once was very fast and has not lost much of that skill, but it is compounded by his poor strength. His blaster pistol, though a useful strength, is made less useful by its low power. Ubechok prefers not to carry around a very powerful weapon, for fear that he will be captured and the secret of his technology will be uncovered.

Appearance: Ubechok, at first, looks absolutely bizarre. His clothing consists of casual jeans and a lab coat over a collared black shirt. His hair is long, down to his shoulders, and completely, naturally black, strange considering his old age. At a younger age, he wore red contact lenses to intimidate his followers. Over time, he neglected to remove them and they seeped into his eyes, changing his eye color from brown to red. This made his eyes very sensitive, so he always wore green sunglasses afterward, increasing his bizarre image. He always wears black gloves.

Personality: Ubechok is usually a ruthless, coldhearted mastermind, creating his own plans without a thought for other's lives. But as he created Z-2.0, the younger vampire began to sway him towards the idea of caring for others. He cares for the clone like a son, and would never harm him. He is a hybrophobic (hates hybrids unfoundedly) with the exception of Z-2.0, and the only other person in the world than Z-2.0 that he really cared for is his late grandfather, the first Black Fist.

Name: Z-2.0
Age: 16
Race: Hybrid/Clone
Sex: Male
Hair: Red
Eyes: Completely white
Weight: 130 lb.
Height: 6'

Strengths: Z-2.0's greatest skills are nearly identical to Zeliro's. His rock-hard skin, imperviousness to flames, and pure strength are great assets, in addition to his fire breath. He is empowered by both cold air and blood.

Weaknesses: Z-2.0 is, though by no means dumb, not a great tactitian. He and Ubechok are required to work together at all times, and thus Z-2.0 is forced to protect Ubechok in battle. Akin to Zeliro, molten rock is also a concern.

Appearance: Z-2.0 always wears a black, leather jacket over a white T-shirt. Unlike Zeliro, he only has one fang, over his bottom lip. His eyes are completely blank, and he wears black jeans. His skin is pale, and his nails are long and sharpened like claws.

Personality: Z-2.0 is by no means a typical teenager, very solemn and serious with little to no care for others. However, he does have a sentimental side, and does care for the people that cannot protect themselves, like the disabled and homeless. He is usually overruled by Ubechok, though. He is also the one known for breaking the coldness of Ubechok, and truly cares for the old scientist.

Bio: The boy Ubechok Daffin was born mysteriously, in a dark alley away from other people. At a very young age, his parents disappeared and he was given to his grandfather, who raised him as a cold-hearted thug. His grandfather was the member of a very large gang.

When Ubechok was only eight, his grandfather took his gang and captured the three states of the West Coast, plunging the country into war. They renamed their "nation" Kahzan and established a capital. They elected a President, highly influenced by the current Black Fist, leader of the Black Hand gang.

His grandfather was very powerful, and as a result, had many enemies. The paranoid Black Fist established a role for an apprentice: the White Fist, successor to the Black Fist. He picked a very skilled man named Earl Jable, the best of the Black Hand.

Ubechok at the time was becoming a very successful scientist. He had invented a very cheap and increasedly powerful nuclear weapon when he decided that technology bored him. He quickly switched to genetics and quickly his place was secured in the history books as he was the first to learn how to merge two animals together. He also created a dinosaur preserve and began breeding them.

In time, his grandfather's fear was realized; he was shot eighteen times by a man named Yabla, who was instantly tortured and killed. Earl Jable was almost as great a Black Fist as Ubechok's deceased grandfather. He ruled Kahzan with an iron fist. During his short time as Black Fist, he had seen the gang double in size and skill. Satisfied, Jable gave the position of White Fist to his son, Cole. He was abruptly killed by his son, who took the position.

Cole proved to be a poor and inept Black Fist: unambitious, fat and repulsive, and a completely loathsome personality. At this time, Ubechok was steadily working his way up through the ranks, and had made an ally in the muscular King Troutson. The two teamed up and formed the most useful duo the Black Hand had ever seen: the muscle and the bullet. The muscle would battle the opponent, distracting them, while the bullet would dart around him and shoot down the enemy. Ubechok took the position of bullet.

King was killed by a sniper in mid-mission a few years later. The interested Cole hired Ubechok for the position of White Fist. The scientist easily surpassed Cole in only two weeks. After two years, he grew weary of training under Cole and shot him, becoming the new Black Fist.

He began wearing contact lenses, which seeped into his eyes and significantly weakened them. He then wore sunglasses. He also began merging animals with humans, an idea quickly adopted by the government. Repulsed by his creations, he quickly killed or drove them away after taking notes.

After several years as a brilliant scientist and Black Fist, he found a powerful hybrid destroying the city of Destroburg. In the morning, he realized that the teenage wolf hybrid in the center of the city was the same. Fighting back his repulsion, he offered Wolver, the boy, a chance to heal himself of the monster that destroyed the city. Wolver agreed immediately.

As a test soon after he took in the boy, Ubechok created a vampire creature, Zeliro. Zeliro was meant to sway Wolver into believing that he relied on his wolf form in combat. When the plan failed, Ubechok tried to kill the hybrid, who subsequently escaped with a vow to kill. Soon after the vampire left, Ubechok realized that Zeliro was his most powerful creation. He then quickly used a blood sample he had taken upon creation to create an altered clone, made ten years younger to make him more swayable to Ubechok's ways.

Upon seeing the clone, the familiar feeling of revulsion did in no way dawn on Ubechok. Over time, an unconditional love developed between the two, and together, the two formed the next generation of the muscle and bullet.

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