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Kylac Tierna


Name: Kylac Tierna

Age: 20

Race: Daoine (Human), Bunus Muintir (an ancient race adept at magic), Saimhoir (blue seals, another magical race. For land walking races to have their blood in them, when the person goes into the sea, they change into Saimhoir form.)

Sex: Male

Hair: A shining golden blond, cropped close at uneven lengths. Parts of his bangs go past his nose, while others do not even make it past his eyebrows.

Eyes: A deep, almost black navy blue. Fathomless as the ocean, they have nothing else but the sea of black-blue, not lines, not dots, or rings. Just blue..

Weight: 156 lbs.

Height: 5’10”

Weapon: His Cloch na thintri, one of the Littles, like Treorai’s heart, named World’s Tear. It is a teardrop shaped stone, which is a light, almost clear blue. It is kept in a gold cage on a silver chain that is always around Kylac’s neck.

Armor: Kylac wears greaves, on his arms and shins. Made of silver-steel, they are relatively shiny. Each has waves engraved onto them. He can use these to attack and block.

Strengths: Kylac is strong and lithe, in physical battle that is. But most of his power resides in his Cloch.

Weakness: The man wears little to no armor, aside from his greaves. Also, once his Cloch runs out of power, it is useless until he fills it once again with the coming of the mage lights.

Slow magic: Kylac, like all members of the Order, is trained in the slow magics. Having trained in them for many a year, he is rather adept in them, but they are of no use in a hurry. The spells must be stored in a device like a spell stick, or staff, they are all rather small also, more of a practical thing, for like making a fire or something.

List of known slow magics: *fire (a short stream of fire)
*Water (a short stream of water)
*And other of those really small magics. I will really probably never use these..
Cloch: It is not really understood to this moment on what the Tear can do, as Kylac has just received it, and it is a new stone. So far, all that the man has been able to do with it is summon a crying Valkyrie, whose hair is iridescent green, while her skin is the color of sea foam. Her eyes are brown as fresh earth, wings like those of a dove. She wears a white tattered toga, and uses an array of weapons. So far, she has been known to have a halberd, bow, and sword. (Further things shall be discovered through roleplay and general progression/evolution of the character)

Appearance: As previously described, Kylac’s hair is sunshine blond, and cropped closely, but uneven. His forehead is in equal proportion to his face, although his bangs cover most of it. He has relatively unnoticeable ear, and a sculpted face. His skin is olive toned, on account of his Bunus heritage, but far lighter than those pure of the race. His nose is of medium size, and looks as if it was made with a chisel. He has a strong jaw line, with a square chin. His eyelashes are thick, and dark black, and brow also thick, and slightly square.

His neck is thick, and muscley, a hollow forming were it meets his collarbone. The Adam's apple is of medium size, and is relatively noticeable. His shoulders are large and broad, collarbone well defined. His chest and abdomen are beautifully sculpted, his figure god like with an eight pack. He has dark circular medium sized nipples, and no chest hair. His arms are as well toned as the rest of his body, with hefty bi- and triceps. (Let me stop with the describing his body here.. and just assume that the rest is all muscley and big.) For if I do, this might turn into erotica.. xD)

Kylac wears a white, form clinging tunic, with a plaited leather belt. He wears calf high boots, but most of them are covered by his greeves. Attached to the belt, is the all universal knife, and a pouch of gold.

Personality: Kylac, is outgoing. He lives for discovering the unknown, for develing into the ancient and forgotten. He has a jolly sense of humor, and is found to wink often. He loves to flirt with everyone, no matter his or her sex, race, or age. Mistaken for a womanizer, Kylac does not often bed people, and most those that he has have been male. His unfaltering sense of justice, is perhaps one of his greatest traits. If there is something wrong, he will be soon to act.

Biography: Born at sea, in the height of storm. Waves crashing mercilessly into the once sturdy ship as it made its way toward the mainland. A great battle has been happening in the distance, the glare and power of the mage lights continuing to stream down from the heavens, into the only source plausible, Lamh Shabhala. The roar of demon, and dragon, the howling of wind, and the snap of lightening, the evidence that it was the Cloch Mor attacking the Mad Holder. The sea was revolting, disturbed by the great powers battling near by. An invisible fist crashed into the boat, shattering it in to bits of timber, the babe born on the bed, floating in the rough ocean.

A dark head popped out of the water, whiskers brushing against the soft skin of the child. Slowly, the bundled form rolled of the bed, into the murky water below, releasing one breath as it sunk below the surface, a stream of bubbles following. Then a tiny copy of the head that had surfaced moments ago, surfaced. The larger version leading the smaller through the ocean.

Ten years later, Kylac was an Acolyte in the Order. Learning the slow magics taught there, the history of the Clochs, and how to use one. He did his chores, and went to his lessons, practicing hand to hand combat. At nights, the boy peered through his window, out into the sea. He could see the faint dots rising with the swell of the ocean, black streaked with electric blue, the moon over them, making them glow with their power. The mage lights then descending to fill their mouths. The sun haired boy dreamt of swimming with the seals, slipping his small body into the embrace of the great ocean. But he could not; there was no sneaking out. And the boy could not risk being kicked out; this was the only life he had ever known the only life he had ever had.

Eight years later, the boy was now a man, the Acolyte a Brother. Having learnt the slow magics, and the lore of his order, and how to use a Cloch. He had also learnt many things, like his longing for the sea, and to swim with the Saimhoir, he was a land-snared, a changeling. He had also learned of other things, things that are not supposed to be known by the members of the order. He had the option, of staying with the Order, or seeking knowledge, wandering across the world, and recording his findings. Kylac chose the second, and set out.

Two years later, the man reached the famous spot of the Scrudu, and found before it, the crumbled form of a Creneach. Recognizing it from his lessons, the man knew that the being should not be dead, that since the mage lights were still here, it should be alive. Cautiously he approached the pile of rubble, the being had not crumbled, as they did when their was no mage lights, It was ripped apart, torn by giant claws. Looking hesitantly at the giant obsidian statue before him, the administrator of the Scrudu, and awakener of races, An Phionos. It touched his mind briefly, and ordered him to pick up the stone, The Tear of the World An Phionos called it. Kylac did as it ordered. He tried to contact the being once again, but nothing answered him. The blond haired man spent the night there, and filled the Tear with the mage lights for the first time, awakening the next morning.

The next week, as Kylac journeyed across the country, he was attacked by a Blood Wolf, in reaction his hand went to his Cloch, and from it, came Gaia, the Valkyrie. She beat her wings twice, and Kylac heard a faint tinkle in his mind. “Yes..” It whispered, voice as soft as the rustling of leaves, and as gentle as dew. As if understanding that he needed defense, the winged woman swept down, a massive pole arm appearing in her arms. She skewered the animal easily, and turning her eyes back to Kylac, a tear rolled down her cheek, to join those already gathered at her chin.


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