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Re: Character List

My fourth BA Character! Approved by Selah!

Name: Nekatsuki

Alias: The Terror of Death (to Humans), Human Hunter (The Non-humans that know him and Humans that don't fear him.

Age: 19

Race: Kiwadoi

Race Explanation: Kiwadoi are the rare crossbreeding of a Dragon and a Neko-Demon. People of is race are rare, but powerful foes. Many are natural Berserkers and all are very smart. They appear to be basely Neko-Demons, but their eyes are distinctively different along with their bodies being partly Dragonized. It is said only five Kiwadoi exist at any one time due to the extreme reluctance of the two races needed to make them and the fact that Kiwadoi are looked down upon by both races as “Impure” among other things. Dragons dislike them for being too weak while Neko-Demons dislike them for being far too powerful and long lived. Due to their Dragon heritage, they far outlive Neko-Demons and are born with knowledge of Dragonic speech. Kiwadoi also radiate feelings of violence and death all the time after their power‘s start to awaken and mark when they‘re able to learn combat skills. Their full, true power is said to be able to surpass that of the Dragons, but is only unlocked after receiving a fatal blow and when their powers go out of control they become fierce dragons that do not know friend from foe. Kiwadoi are largely meat eaters and very rarely even care if the meat was cooked as long as it’s freshly killed. Oddly enough, their blood is white. Each Kiwadoi is different when its power awakens. Most change into more Dragonized forms while gain massive speed or power boosts or maybe can wield stronger and/or more lethal breath weaponry. Kiwadoi's possess an inner Dragon held within their souls. These Inner Dragons are, in fact, Reincarnated Dragon souls of those Dragons that died bearing exceptionally great strength, abilities, and skill. Nekatsuki is lucky enough to bear the Soul of Odjn, the 1000 year Destroyer.

Sex: Male

Hair: Pure white and hangs free. Reaches his shoulders.

Eyes: Completely black. The Irises are blue and split into fourths with a red star shaped pupil.

Height: 6’ 9”

Weight: 180 lbs.

Weapon: His claws and Dragonic powers

Armor: Dragonic scales

Strengths: He’s fast and strong from the combination of Dragon and Neko-Demon, much faster and stronger than a normal human and most Neko-demons. His claws are as strong as steel and as sharp as a blade and his Dragonic scales are very hard. Also from his father, he can use breath weaponry and is a great hand-to-hand fighter. His Dragonic scales are good protection from bladed weapons. He’s also resistance to electricity and immune to poison thanks to his father being half blue dragon(lightning) and half green dragon(poison). In D-awaken form, he becomes completely immune to fire in addition to his speed and strength greatly increasing. While in this form, he also has very limited flight abilities, able to get a foot off the ground and maintain that height while moving though not much more that that and all of his Breath attacks increase in strength while his scales become harder then many metals, steel and mythril being two of them. Thanks to his inner dragon, Odjn (unpronounced Od-jin) He also has the power to take Dominance of the soul of any Dragon or Dragonic creature he kills, granting him some of their power/abilities they had in life.

Weaknesses: He hasn’t fully mastered most of his strongest Dragonic powers so isn’t great with them yet. Repeated use of his Dragonic power is a bit demanding still and can drain him if he’s not careful. Nekatsuki also tends to underestimate people from the beginning because of his race, leading him to get caught by surprise when enemies pull off things that he didn’t think they could. His breath weaponry, though quickening steadily, is a bit slow so it gives sharp fighters enough time to avoid the worse of it and fast moving targets can evade it altogether. Though his dragon ancestry reduces it a bit, He still is weak to water-based attacks from his Neko-Demon ancestry though water itself does little more then tick him off. During D-awaken, the sheer power of his breath attacks damage his body and use more energy then normally. The form itself is so powerful that it slowly hurts his body as he fights with it. Because of it's affinity, D-awaken greatly increases Nekatsuki's weakness to water-based attacks and now water itself also can harm him in large enough quantities. Nekatsuki is also new to his Powers of Soul Dominance and isn't completely capable of using its full potential.

Theme Song: Devils Never Cry ~Devil May Cry 3


The Killing Edge- Not so much a skill as it’s a state of mind. When their wish for violence and anger reach its peak, Kiwadoi “ride” the Killing Edge. Outwardly, nothing really changes, but mentally they change a lot. For a person “riding” the Killing Edge time seems to slow down. Their reflexes increase, their sense of pain dulls to the point it’s no longer felt, and all their senses sharpen. The problem is they no longer think most actions through for possible counter attacks and without their sense of pain they don’t notice wounds inflicted by anyone or anything, making it possible for a Kiwadoi to bleed to death from massive multiple injuries or to collapse from over expenditure of energy. The Killing Edge can also be triggered by an extreme will to protect someone.

Dragon Armor- Allows a Kiwadoi to cover him/herself in dragon scales as hard as steel. Nekatsuki hasn’t learned this very well yet so is only able to cover either both arms, both legs, and his back or his head, neck, and chest in black scales. It takes a few seconds to form and/or move the scales to where he wishes them. Thanks to an awakening of his power, these scales now lasts for 40 seconds.

Dragonic Sight- By focusing his Dragonic energy into his eyes, Nekatsuki can see the natural life auras that all things living have. Though it expends no energy, it does take some focus to do. Undead entities(Zombies, Vampires, etc...) and non-living entities(Illusions, clones, etc...) stand out to this being that they have no life aura they radiate.

DragonFear- A natural ability of Dragons that Nekatsuki gained as his power of Soul Dominance through Odjn was awakened. Nekatsuki can radiate a potentially crippling fear within a large radius to immobilize and terrorize his victims before finishing them. Though hard to shake off after a 'hit', prolonged and/or repeated exposure can lead to foes gaining a temporary immunity to it.

Dragon’s Breath- The inside of Nekatsuki’s mouth glows white, he opens wide, and unleashes one of several things: Fire, ice, lightning, poisonous gas, acid, a cloud of darkness, or a light beam to name the more notably ones. Dragon’s Breath can’t be used within 14 seconds of each other and drains energy each time it‘s used. With the Soul of Ignatius, these breaths have been strengthened. Each breath is explained below.
DB: Fire
- A stream of fire that is hot enough to turn steel bright red. Can only be unleashed for up to five seconds at a time. Has a range of three meters and is two feet wide. In Sphere form, it explodes on contact and the range triples.
DB: Ice
- A blast of frost cold enough to freeze water instantly. Good for slowing speedy opponents. Can only be unleashed for up to 6 seconds at a time. Has a range of two meters and is a meter wide. In Sphere form, the range triples.
DB: Lightning
- Fires off a single lightning bolt immediately followed by a concussive thunder clap. Good for stunning foes while doing damage and for hitting speedy opponents. Has a range of 6 meters and is two inches wide. His most used Breath attack. In Sphere form, it homes in and the power doubles, but is a deal slower.
DB: Poison Gas
- Releases a cloud of poison to temporarily weaken a foe and blur their vision. Extended exposure can lead to slowed reaction time and sickness. Nekatsuki isn’t great with this yet so can’t make the poison strong enough to kill a healthy person and the cloud is easily dispersed by wind. Can be unleashed for up to 10 seconds. Covers a max radius of two meters around Nekatsuki. In Sphere form, the poison is greatly magnified and forms the cloud on impact. Can kill after five minutes exposure.
DB: Acid
- Unleashes a stream of acid capable of melting steel. Great for heavily armored foes. Can only be unleashed for 2 second each time. Has a range of three feet and is 3 inches wide. In Sphere form, the Acid glob sticks to the foe instead of flowing off like water.
DB: Darkness Cloud
- Releases a cloud of darkness to envelop the foe. The darkness causes numbness and is suffocating after a while, but can be walked out of at any time. Doesn’t effect dark beings. Meant to make the opponent pass out instead of injuring them. Can be completely unleashed in 5 seconds. The cloud covers an 8 foot high by 3 foot wide cylinder. In Sphere mode, the Darkness sticks to the foe to drain them, but wears off after a short time.
DB: Light Beam
- Fires a concentrated beam of light capable of melting rock. An all-around beam great for any foe. This breath is very demanding of power and can only be used every minute and 20 seconds at fastest. Can be sustained for 4 seconds and has a start lag of 1 second. The range is 10 meters and is 6 inches wide. In Sphere form, it greatly magnifies the attributes of any other Breath weapon it's combined with. Unusable as an attack on its own in Sphere form.
DB: Concussion Wave
- An 'unnatural' Dragon's Breath. Fires a wave of nearly clear energy at a foe to inflict blunt force trauma and blow an opponent away from Nekatsuki. Range of one meter and is capable of blowing away an adolescent Dragon a good distance. Weakens in power the farther it goes. In Sphere Form, the range doubles and the strength increases by 1.25%.

D-Awakening - A state of unlocking a Kiwadoi’s Dragonic power. In Nekatsuki’s case, his appearance changes drastically. The scales on his hands and feet turn crimson and constantly radiate flaming embers. Black scales harder then steel cover him from his knees to his waist, from claws to shoulders, and his entire back. All of his teeth become dagger-like and his eyes change in coloration, becoming pure red with golden irises. On his back, two wing-like fins grow that are covered in crimson scales and expel flames. His white hair becomes spiky and wild and two crest-like horns grow from the top of his head. Black scales cover the backs of his cat ears and completely cover his tail, even giving him a sharp spike on the end of it. In this form, Nekatsuki becomes completely immune to fire-based anything and his strength, speed, and agility vastly increase while his brain’s natural limiters on his Dragon breaths are lifted, giving him the ability to use them almost rapid fire though he loses his Dragon Armor ability. While in this form, The use of his power damages his body and too much use will damage him to the point he transforms back and is barely able to move for several hours and unable to fight for a few days. Though Nekatsuki has yet to find out, It's possible for him to lose control of his powers during D-Awakening to his inner Dragon and end up going Berserk. Below are the new affects and abilities he has during D-Awakening.

D-Awaken Breaths
(Note: Due to the sheer strength, Sphere mode doesn't apply during D-Awakening.

D-Breath: Fire
-The flames become hot enough the burn even the fire proof scales of Red dragon(Fire breathing). Steel melts in moments after being exposed to this. Repeated use damages his lungs.

D-Breath: Ice
-The ice becomes cold enough to freeze fire directly into ice and can freeze lava in mere seconds. Repeated use can lower his inner temperature to the point his movement slows down greatly for a while.

D-Breath: Lightning
-The lightning blast become capable of destroying solid rock and even breaking weaker metals. Repeated use can slow down his reaction time for a while.

D-Breath: Poison
-The poison condenses and becomes potent enough to kill children after a minute exposure. Adults would need about 15 minutes of continuous exposure to take a fatal dose.

D-Breath: Acid
-The acid becomes strong enough to melt even the acid-proof scales of a Black Dragon(Acid Breathing). Use causes damage to his mouth and throat.

D-Breath: Darkness Cloud
-Not only is the numbing effect stronger, but the Darkness now clings to people, making it harder to get away from. This Breath uses a good amount more energy then normal and drains him faster.

D-Breath: Light Beam
- The strength and range triple, It can now even melt metals and flesh vaporizes into ash. This Breath uses much more the amount more energy then normal and drains him faster. In addition, sustained use will begin to damage his bones.
D-Breath: Concussion Wave
- Capable for breaking bone now, the range triples and it becomes 'chargeable' to a degree. Nekatsuki has powered it up to the point he flattened a burning village in a single attack. Repeated use damages the bones and/or the flesh (Muscles and skin).

D-Breath: Wyrm
-This D-Breath is usable by Nekatsuki’s D-Awakening and higher states only. He fires a destructive beam of energy that increases in size and power the longer he holds. It can rather quickly turn even metals like titanium to ash. Used of this is both draining and damaging to the Kiwadoi as the energy release quickly damages his muscles and even bones from the force of the radiating power. It’s range seems to go for miles and it’s width starts at 4 inches and expands to one foot. Using this Breath's full power, Nekatsuki managed to put a small hole in the Moon at the cost of expending nearly all of his power and severely damaging himself.

Soul Dominance - The power to take complete dominance of a Dragon/Dragonic soul upon their death at Nekatsuki's hands. Once under Dominance, Nekatsuki is free to use their soul to perform various abilities the the soul contains from its former life as long as Nekatsuki has the energy to do so. Released only if Nekatsuki frees the soul as his death would cause Odjn to take Dominance of the souls, including Nekatsuki's. Below are the Souls currently accessible to Nekatsuki.
-The Soul of the Dragon Nekatsuki killed while searching for Wildfire and Zoshonel and the first Soul Nekatsuki acquired Dominance of. Specializing in Breath weaponry, this Soul grants Nekatsuki the ability to Fire his Breath weapons as powerful, concentrated balls instead of a stream/beam. It also allows the breath attacks to be mixed by 'charging' two simultaneously in Sphere form.

Appearance: His feet are Dragonized, having three talon-like toes on the front and one coming off the heel. He walks and runs on toes so his heels never touch the ground and from the knees down are covered in Dragonic scales only slightly weaker than steel. Nekatsuki’s hands are also Dragonized, with five clawed fingers and are covered up to the elbow in black scales the same hardness as the ones on his lower legs and feet. He wears black leather pants that end mid lower leg. Nekatsuki doesn’t usually wear a shirt so shows off a fairly well built chest, upper arms, and stomach and his skin is surprisingly light considering he only wears a shirt during the winter. The only think wrong about his chest is the lengthy scar that runs from his left shoulder to the right side of his waist. Where human ears would be, he has 4 inch cat ears instead that match his pure white hair. His face could easily be called handsome if his eyes and appearance didn’t scare off most of the people that would call him that along with inch long canines, both upper and lower. Finally, he has a four foot long, pure white cat’s tail that comes out a hole in the back of his leather pants.

Appearance(D-Awaken): Picture 1 and picture 2. Just add the Scale covered cat tail with the black scales from his elbows to his shoulders and that's basically it.

Personality: He’s cold and quiet, preferring to watch everything around him and act in his own interests or against the interests of any concerned humans; whichever seems better at the time. While he doesn’t hate company, he doesn’t seek it out either. He has little respect for humans thanks to an event in his past and will not think twice about the death of one even if he killed the human and even enjoys killing them. To others he‘s nice, though he tends to act a bit arrogant at times. In battle he attacks quickly and without hesitation, going for a fast, if a bit gory, victory. While insults don’t truly anger him, he isn’t afraid to backhand the insulter to shut them up. Or kill them if they happen to be human. Giving Nekatsuki a chance to kill or inflict damage during a battle is like asking to be stabbed as he could exploit many different openings much faster than his size would suggest he’s able, making most fake openings into real ones. From his parents, he got an affinity for high places and enjoys being 60-70 feet in a tree or other high place and is one of the few times he’s actually truly happy. Because of this any human he finds cutting down a tree he kills on the spot and tries to convince those of other races to stop before he tries to kill them. One of the few other times he’s truly happy is when he’s murdering humans, but he does try to not kill children. That way, more humans can be killed later as the children grow up and have kids. The only Humans he respects are Ones that prove their strength in battle against him. Those Humans are: Tsuukai Ita the "Shadow master", Zorlo the "Aura Master", Tsuukai's lover Maria, and Nephilim Mitsukai "The Lovely Angel".

History: Nekatsuki was born to the unlikely pair of the Neko-demon Nyaame and Skaien, a dragon that fell in love with Nekatsuki’s mother while he was in the form of a Neko. The trio lived out in the middle of a vast forest since both Nekos and Dragons disagreed far too much with their pairing to tolerate them. The young Kiwadoi grew up being taught by his parents, both of whom were several thousand years old, and was happy, if a bit lonely, for the first years of his life. At about 9, his power started to awaken and his aura of death and violence began to appear. His father Skaien, knowing Nekatsuki was able to start learning to fight, began teaching him breath weaponry and after a while of convincing managed to get Nyaame to begin teaching Nekatsuki to fight with his claws, fists, and even feet.

One day at the age of 13, Nekatsuki and him mother were attacked by a small group of bandits. The group surprised Nyaame and Nekatsuki since humans weren’t seem very often and the two were in the middle of a lesson. Nyaame was able to kill three of the humans before taking an arrow in the shoulder and another in the leg. The three remaining Bandits advanced on her until Nekatsuki jumped in front of her, his teeth bared. This was the first time Nekatsuki experienced The Killing Edge. He almost effortlessly murdered the first human and had little trouble with the second. The third was a swordsman and held of Nekatsuki for several minutes. Eventually, he died after slashing Nekatsuki deep across the chest, thinking it would stop him. It didn’t as Nekatsuki never felt the wound and tore out the man‘s throat. When his mother limped to him, he smiled in his happiness in protecting her and passed out in front of her, bleeding profusely from his chest wound as Skaien arrived to see why the two were late. Together, Skaien and Nyaame were able to stop the bleeding, giving Nekatsuki his massive scar.

It wasn’t until Nekatsuki had just turned 16 that his days of happiness ended. He was on his way back to the house with a freshly killed deer when he found his mother laying against a tree in a pool of blood and covered to slashes. Running to her, he found it was too late to save. While coughing up blood, she told him that the people that did this to her were attacking his father with strange weapons. Her last words to Nekatsuki were, “I love you, Nekatsuki. Please…save your…fat…her…” Anger rolling off him in waves and tears running down his cheeks, he ran toward the sounds of battle in the distance. He arrived to see his father in Dragon form and losing. His wings were in tatters, his scaled bloody with his own blood. Ten human warriors wielding black lances were cutting and stabbing through Skaien’s scales like butter and he was on his last legs, literally. “Get away Nekatsuki! They’re wielding Death Lances, evil weapons made to kill Dragons and Dragon-kind! You won’t win!” were the last words Skaien said as he used his breath to fire a lightning bolt and had it reflected of the Death Lance a warrior was holding and back at himself, stunning him. Another warrior ran up and stabbed deep into Skaien’s chest, finishing the kill. As he watched his father die, something deep inside him snapped. He grabbed his head and let out an ear shattering roar as his world turned quiet and black.

* * *

All at once Nekatsuki came back to himself. It was night and he was standing in the middle of the clear near his father’s body. He was breathing heavily and his arms, legs, and chest were covered in blood, both red and white. Around him lay the mangled, bloody bodies of the 10 warriors that killed his father, their deadly lances shattered. He wasn’t sure how he had killed them, but he knew he had done it and knew he had experienced The Killing Edge for the second time. Nekatsuki rested for an hour or so before going back to the house his family had lived in one last time. In the morning he placed the body of his mother into the house and using Dragon’s breath, he burned the house down, careful not to set fire to the woods, and then incinerated his father’s body with fire and light beam. Nekatsuki was changed. His happy demeanor was shattered and replaced by a cold, arrogant, even sadistic and sometimes murderous one. He left the forest that day and has been roaming since, killing humans and just basically surviving.

Two years later, the Kiwadoi met up with an ally in his quest to destroy the Human race. While destroying a large post town with the help of several others he met up with Kowai Shinu, a dark being of some power that asked him to help with the capture of a particularly strong Human by the name of Tsuukai Ita. Nekatsuki agreed and he, Shinu, and another by the name of Stacia teamed up to fight the shadow master. After a long (and fun to Nekatsuki) battle, the human was infected by Stacia and became her slave.

His work finished, he roamed the castle until the smell of Human blood from a near-by village drew him to a village of Mercenaries were Zorlo and Maria were waiting for him thanks to the Human he sent ahead of himself to instill fear. Seeing it didn't work out as he thought, he decided to occupy himself by fighting the two, finding it great fun to fight Zorlo as the third Human to match him that closely. Soon Maria took the Fencer's place in battle as Zorlo ran off to join their army against Stacia at Maria's pleading. After fighting a while longer, Maria invoked Nekatsuki's Killing edge, forcing him to experience it for the fourth time(The third being against Nephilim). He had nearly killed the girl when she managed to use the carelessness of The Killing Edge against the Kiwadoi, impaling him with Nine metal spears and fatally wounding him.

It was then, as his heart stopped that his inner dragon awakened. The Power of his Heritage forced his heart to beat again as the spears were removed from his body by his power alone. His wounds healed up to Maria's horror as his body transformed and his power exploded. He was changed and yet the same. Maria found herself no longer able to harm Nekatsuki now; Flames would no longer hurt him, His scales were so strong the metal spear that pierced them before broke now. His Breath attacks strengthen, now he could turn fire straight to ice and even vaporize metal now as he toyed with her before showing his true power. Using his new found power, he managed to put a small hole in the moon at a price. His body ached as if broken and battered while his power was fading. He gave Maria a message to Tsuukai before departing the village to a distant cave and collapsing. He changed back to find that using his new power damages his body. Weak and his body badly damaged, he dragged himself into the cave and went to sleep, waiting for his body to recover.
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