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Re: Character List

Approved 2 years ago by Mirren.

Name: Clark Omega
Age: 15
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Black and in large dreadlocks
Eyes: Dark Brown
Weight: 150
Height: 5'7

Weapon: Katana and Sword of the Black Sun (broad sword)
Armor: none

Strengths: Highly skilled with almost all swords and has increadible speed. Because of training from his tribe, Clark can move like a ninja, however his fighting style is based on direct attacks. Clark also has advantage in mountain and rugged areas because he lived most of his life in the mountians.

Weakness: Often gets too cocky and misses important opportunities. Lastly Clark is not that strong physically, he must rely on speed and consecutive hits, as a result, if Clark's speed is hendered, he would be in trouble.

Skills/Magic: Clark's greatest power is to "beast out." When he does this he transforms into another being, The Beast of the Black Sun (see below). Clark has no control over his transformation and does so when his negative emotions get out of hand exp: Too angry, scared, sad...

Coup de Grace- A finishing move. Clark sends a great blast of energy when he swings the Sword of the Black Sun ith all his strengh. The blast explodes on contact, however a person can survive if magic equal to its power blocks it, or if the opponent is greatly protected.

Personality: Arrogent and rude. Clark has a habit of swearing and can cause many people to get angry and attack him. He acts like a brat, often compaining about certain conditions and taking his anger out on certain objects. However, the boy has most control of his anger, and never attacks an innocent person. He also loves joking and lazing around.

Appearance: A skinny boy with long hair that flows halfway to his elbow. He is often, at first sight, called a girl. He wears his tribal clothing most of the time.


B2. Things that are the same as the first are not mentioned

Race: Beast of the Black Sun
Weight: 160
Height: 6’0
Eye Color: Silver

Armor: His clothes become modified into red and white body armor that covers all but his face.

Strengths: Everything is enhanced 3 times his human form.
Weakness: Light Magic
Skill/Magic: Can use the Sword of the Black Sun to its fullest power.

Omega Coup de Grace- Same as the original Coup de Grace, only 3 times stronger. It can destroy a village in a single strike.

Personality: Battle crazed. Clark would attack until every enemy where destroyed, or try is absolute hardest to complete a task , like to escape. Clark does have a small bit of control, and speaks briefly.

Appearance: Everything from the toe to the neck becomes armor, including his current clothing. He grows spikes on his arm and his armor. His face is more demonlike, with blood shot eyes, and long spiked hair. He has large fangs and his ears become slighty pointier.

Bio: Clark was born into a tribe in the mountains on an alternate Earth. This Earth was troubled by a large star known as Black Sun, an object that appears randomly and causes random events. According to legend, Black Sun housed the souls of a demon and an angel, as a result, the Sun could cause good or evil.

When Clark was six, the Sun appeared over the mountians and caused a devestating rock slide that destroyed his entire tribe. He only survived because it was tribal tradition to send a 6 year old child off the mountains alone for 6 months.

When he returned, he took his father’s katana and became a wondering swordsmen, traveling to different countries and taking on temporary jobs to earn money and live. During this time, Clark trained and tried to perfect the form that his tribe, the Mes, began teaching him at an early age.

In his travels, Clark discovered an old battlefeild. It was at this time that Black Sun rose into the sky, and it's dark magic surronded the boy. A meteor fell from it and hit a nearby broad sword, and permanently changed it. Clark named this blade, The Sword of Black Sun, and desided to keep it.

However, this blade was very strange… It seemed to have a mind of it own and very strange powers. One day he entered a battle and accidentally stabbed himself in the heart with the blade. Instead of becoming weaker and dying hid did the exact opposite. He became stronger and started to transform. His skin became armor and Clark became stronger than ever. Eventually, when the battle was over, he returned to his original self. But it wasn’t his only time transforming. Every time his emotions began to get wild during battle, he transformed into the “Beast of the Black Sun.”

But that wasn’t the main life changing thing of Clark. At age 13, Clark met Lao, a man banished from Clark’s tribe and a graduate of the Dome. Wanting Clark’s blade, he fought him. Lao lost only because of his unexpectation for Clark to transform. Clark met him many times after that, each time nearly getting killed. Clark failed many times to save innocent people from Lao’s army, the Mes Empire, which was named after his tribe. Clark never gave up though, and it became his life's goal to destroy Lao and bring honor back to his tribe.

Battle History: Clark is able to travel to many different worlds, it is not yet revealed how he does it, however it will soon.

(In chronological order)
Clark's Training
After another tied battle against Lao, Black Sun reveals itself and shows Clark the way to the Dome. Now a student Clark trains under Tokomaru Kyō. (To be continued)

The Azure Pendant and the Ruby Blade
While traveling in another world, Clark discovers Black Sun. Apparently its power is able to go through dimentions. Clark doen't get the time to investigate this however, for he is attacked by a vampire named Italous. Italious steals his father's katana, and Clark become determined to get it back. To do that, he joins the vampire Louis Condry, and his allies on a quest to to gain back the Azure pendant and the Ruby Blade. (To be continued)

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