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Re: TP's development status

Originally Posted by TwilightPrince1 View Post
Yea right. You'll be the first one crying when TP is delayed you fool. Grow up. I'm not replying to anymore of your posts. You are dead to me i'm done with you.
Fine then I'll do what you did when I said I'd ignore all your threads until TP came out. I'll take a cheap shot.

I am no fool. I have been through two delays already, one of them being on my birthday, and the most I did was post on a thread someone else had started. I have frankly learned not to worry too much about the release date of TP because I know that I'm not going to die any time soon.

I have grown up, unlike you. You do the same thing a child does when it's ignored. You repeat yourself in hopes of being seen again. You go through the same arguement over and over again with multiple people because you want to be reassured that everything is fine. You want your night light in case the boogie man comes. At first I was polite to you, because you were new and nobody should be mean to a new person, no matter how insecure they are. But then there's a line where the new person has overstayed their welcome. You have passed that line.

I'm dead to you? Good. I don't care if I'm dead to the whole world, as long as I get to do what I can without getting into too much trouble for it.

At this point, you're cluttering up the future Zelda section. I only hope that you don't start cluttering up the spoilers section next.

You need to cut the crap, plain and simple.

EDIT: and now you've changed the post! Good try, but I already saw and quoted it. I am fine with leaving my important mistakes in the open as a reminder not to do them again. How about you?
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