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News and articles in News
Contest: Monthly Legend
By Amanda Vanhiel on July 18th, 2014
Once Upon a Tee has just launched Monthly Legend, a new Zelda-themed subscription service. For $12.99 a month, Once Upon a Tee will ship a new Zelda designed T-shirt or phone...
Nintendo UK Store offers limited edition shirt with Wind Waker bundle
By Victoria Fiorenze on July 18th, 2014
For our UK readers who have been holding off on buying a Wii U, you have a new incentive. Nintendo now offers a limited edition T-shirt with the purchase of the Wii U Wind...
Fanart Friday: A graceful warrior
By Amanda Vanhiel on July 18th, 2014
Now that Fi has joined the cast of Hyrule Warriors, I thought it would be only appropriate to pay tribute to Link's Skyward Sword companion. I love how her coloring in this...
Epona USA brings high-speed racing to The Legend of Zelda
By Victoria Fiorenze on July 17th, 2014
The Legend of Zelda series may be one of the best known RPGs in history. The games meld together sword fighting, puzzle solving and simply awesome adventuring -- but what about...
Speedrunner races through A Link Between Worlds in an hour and a half
By Amanda Vanhiel on July 16th, 2014
In order to complete A Link Between Worlds, most gamers can expect to put in about 10-15 hours of gameplay. However, speedrunner Anwonu isn't your average player. He managed to...
Hyrule Warrior screens and art: Skyward Sword stages, new items and shopping menus
By Shawn Taylor on July 15th, 2014
In addition to the new characters and weapons seen in the latest round of screenshots for Hyrule Warriors, we also get a look at new stages and gameplay options. These screenshots...
Hyrule Warriors screens: Fi, Ghirahim, Imprisoned, Power Gloves, and more
By Shawn Taylor on July 15th, 2014
The steady stream of Hyrule Warriors details continues this week. Following the Famitsu reveal that Fi would be a playable character in the Zelda spin-off, Tecmo Koei has released...
Fi gets fierce in the new Hyrule Warriors trailer, plus higher resolution Famitsu scans
By Reece Heather on July 14th, 2014
I am 90% sure that you'll find Fi far less irritating in the new Hyrule Warriors trailer, and 100% certain that those Bokoblins don't stand a chance against her deadly...
Aonuma shares a story of Ocarina of Time’s impact on an ill child
By Caleb Peters on July 14th, 2014
Aonuma has been working on Zelda games for a very long time -- since Ocarina of Time, in fact -- and with the series' popularity, it's expected that the producers would receive...
Music Monday: The forest
By Morgan Lewis on July 14th, 2014
The forest has been an integral part of the Zelda series for a very long time. The Master Sword is found in the Lost Woods in A Link to the Past. Link hails from Kokiri Forest...
Lyndon Willoughby’s Majora’s Mask posters are ready to ship
By Reece Heather on July 11th, 2014
A few months back, artist Lyndon Willoughby teased some very striking Majora's Mask posters, based on the game's Hero Shield and Mirror Shield. Now that production is complete,...
Fanart Friday: A Princess’s kiss
By Morgan Lewis on July 11th, 2014
The relationship between Link and Princess Zelda has become a staple throughout the Zelda series. In this piece of artwork titled "The Legend of Zelda - How to win a Princess's...
Survey reveals fans’ favorite, most played and first ever Zelda games
By Shawn Taylor on July 10th, 2014
Back in January, we wrote about a Zelda survey for fans of the series. Created by Max Nichols, the survey investigated all manner of opinions the Zelda community has about the...
Nintendo of America releases trailers for both Agitha and Midna
By Morgan Lewis on July 9th, 2014
Today, Nintendo of America posted the English versions of the character trailers for Midna and Agitha from the highly anticipated Zelda spin-off, Hyrule Warriors. Midna's...
Fi joins the Hyrule Warriors lineup, Ghirahim and the Imprisoned spotted
By Amanda Vanhiel on July 8th, 2014
We can say with 100 percent certainty that Fi, Link's Skyward Sword companion, has been added to the list of playable characters in Hyrule Warriors. We don't have any explicit...