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WW Wii U GameCube Comparison

During the announcement of Wind Waker HD in the January Nintendo Direct, we witnessed only a select few screenshots of the game. At E3 last week we finally got our first glimpse of gameplay for this beautiful new remake, with Nintendo upgrading the game with better lighting, improved textures, etc. Although, even with these upgrades, many people have argued whether or not the game really looks that much better than the original.

YouTube user ninten2tv has put together a comparison video between Wind Waker HD, and the original for the GameCube. When placed side-by-side, the difference between the two games is quite obvious. While not quite as cel-shaded as the original, the new HD graphics definitely do the game justice.

Source: YouTube

33 thoughts on “Graphical comparison video: Wind Waker HD vs. the original

  1. Rauru says:

    The new one looks much more blurred in many parts. Apart from that, it does look better.

  2. MDH says:

    The more I see of WW HD the more I like the graphical makeover, bloom and all. It's a tiny bit too bright for my taste, and I don't like that they toned down the cel-shading a bit, but that's no issue considering everything else is considerably prettier. Coupled with the various tweaks and improvements they've announced so far (fast sail, oh yes please), I'm quite excited for this!

  3. YORGOS says:

    Aside from the gigantic amount of light and more pure colour, it looks the same.
    imo, obviously.

  4. Noizey Boy says:

    Already Pre-Ordered, looks marvelous

  5. Domodrummer says:

    The only MAJOR difference I see here is the sky and clouds. Yes there's a *little* more detail in some of it, like the pirate ships, and the shadows and such, but the color isn't as vibrant, and I'm disappointed in that. But I'm excited for this to come out, I really want to play it.

  6. jesus... says:

    it looks nearly identical…have fun paying $60 so that you can look at the pretty clouds…

    1. Ashmic says:

      I totally agree

    2. Blah says:

      Its not 60$

  7. Leca says:

    I’m crying. It looks beautiful.

  8. Zeldacritic says:

    it's only a tad bit better looking in some ways…

  9. Crocofi says:

    I couldn't help but notice that the new one looks a tad fluorescent. I like the added effects, but I do prefer how sunny the original Wind Waker is.

  10. afgeneral31 says:

    I played the demo at the Nintendo Experience this past Saturday. This video does an excellent job in showing the differences between the Gamecube and WiiU version. I love the haze (humidity) and brightness. It really reminds me of the atmosphere near the SE US coastal areas. I played the Outset Island demo which was just the first 10 minutes of the game up to rescuing Tetra in the forest.

    1. Edward_Valo says:

      For a person that owns the orignal game on the Gamecube but has never played it,
      would you recommend the new WWHD or play the original instead?

      1. Zelda_Styles10 says:

        It really depends on what system you have. I have beaten the original but, WW and WWHD are one in the same apart from graphics. So either one. It's a great game either way. =D

  11. Ashmic says:

    A good game is a good game, regardless of graphics.
    Thats all.

  12. Nunya Bidness says:

    I don’t really like it.

    So much fog and too much light.

    The gamecube is crisp and clear, the Wiiu looks like I have an eye goober obscuring my retina and I’ve decided that pointing lamps at my face is the best way to get rid of it.

    Now that swiss can make the gamecube output in 16:9, there’s not much reason to buy the new version. (unless you want strangers from the internet polluting the ocean with their drivel.)

  13. Nunya Bidness says:


    That comic was posted 6 years ago.

    1. SoundStriker says:

      That is very true on so many levels. Lol XD

  14. SKILL_GAME says:

    TWWHD looks brighter and sharper. But the scene with the boat…on WiiU is doesnt seem to move. The original TWW has waves en circles in the water.

    For me nothing beats the original game on the original console.

  15. Artold says:

    nice shadow and cloud display but I wouldn't buy it again it for graphics

  16. tai iwin says:

    I only see the beautiful clouds. I spend $ 60, not more. And now I think the focus should be on more graphics

  17. Ken says:

    I'm going to go ahead an assume nobody payed attention to the shadows :p that's pretty important lol When link is running to the tower the shadows are extremely noticeable.

  18. Zelda_Styles10 says:

    I love the way it looks for WiiU but, wouldn't buy it again just because……I mean it's the EXACT same game other than the fact it looks a bit nicer but, still……I've beaten it so why spend that much on a game I already own??? I'm not the type to buy every single Zelda game whether it's new or not. In this case, if you don't have it, then go! Buy one of the best Zelda game out there! And enjoy every minute of it, old or new!!!!!

  19. RustyCage says:

    What stands out to me is that, in the Cube version, the character models always had this really stark shading to them as if they had intense light on them, but the lighting and shading of the -environments- didn't reflect this.

    With the remake, we see the world now does reflect that lighting, and it adds a sense of 'wow, this world really is like a sun-blasted ocean. It feels more organic now. I miss the color, but I like the emotion it creates.

  20. Name says:

    I had heard that people sometimes slap blue filters all over movies and such because it gives the illusion of being HD. I guess it's true :/
    Some textures are more detailed, and the clouds are nicer but mostly I just see a lot of blue and brightness. I may buy this since WW is such a great game, but I'm not sure…

  21. Mickii says:

    The new one looks amazing! But I think they both look great!

  22. Ganon84 says:

    here's hoping second playthrough will have some more changes than different outfits and ability to speak hylian. like reworked dungeons and the like. I'm so bloody excited to get this and link between worlds.

  23. Littlepans says:

    Did anyone else notice that both had a different amount of hearts xD

  24. Triguy123 says:

    !!! HD ICE ARROWS !!!

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