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In a recent interview with CNET, Eiji Aonuma discussed what is on every Zelda fan’s mind—A Link to the Past 2. According to Aonuma, this sequel feels “different” than any Zelda predecessor.  While this statement was obviously vague in context, Aonuma stated that having a clean slate to work with on the 3DS provided inspiration for the title. This translates to the game’s visual depth that is only achievable on the 3DS; moreover, Aonuma assured readers that no matter if they play with the 3D on or off, they can still enjoy the game.

Aonuma also discussed the story behind Link transforming into a 2D figure and scaling along walls. In Ocarina of Time during the Forrest Temple boss battle, Phantom Ganon has the ability to leap in and out of paintings on the wall. Aonuma liked this idea and questioned, “What if Link could have the same power?” The player taking on the role of an artist using the stylus is also a possibility brought up by CNET.

Finally, Aonuma explained that this entry into the series was the perfect way to revisit the world in the original A Link to the Past and confirmed this sequel will contain both a light and dark world.

Source: CNET (via GoNintendo)

17 thoughts on “Interview with Eiji Aonuma reveals minor A Link to the Past 2 details

  1. RPH1 says:

    "…and confirmed this sequel will contain both a light and dark world."


    I can't wait!

  2. HylianPwnage says:

    Dark World? But wouldn't it now be the Golden World?
    Whether sequel or prequel, it was only The Dark World during the events of ALttP because Ganon.
    Correct me if I'm forgetting something, by all means, I welcome it :)

    1. CEObrainz says:

      Perhaps it's referenced as the Dark World because more players recognise it that rather than what it became.

    2. Craig says:

      Is the Golden World what the residents of Hyrule call the forgotten Sacred Realm in that era? It's had three different names: Silent Realm (Siren Realm written in Hylian around the pattern on the ground), Sacred Realm and then Golden Realm.

      I hope that Twinrova reappear in this game, then leading on to the Oracle series. Perhaps they could be the main enemies, that would be awesome – give them a proper role.

      1. Ganon Vader says:

        ALTTP translated the Sacred Realm's name as "Golden Land". When OOT was translated, the translators used "Sacred Realm" instead. "Sacred Realm" has stuck ever since.

    3. zeldafan1982 says:

      It is possible that the Dark World didn't vanish instantly but it took some time until the Sacred Realm was completely restored.

      1. Reign says:

        I don't see why it wouldn't be instant. It became the Dark World the moment Ganon touched the Triforce, it should have become the Sacred Realm as soon as Link touched it.

      2. zeldafan1982 says:

        That was my initial impression too. On a second thought though, in OoT, it is not explicitly stated that it changed instantly. At the point where Link awakes, the Sacred Realm has definitely become the Dark World, but maybe the transformation was a bit more gradual.
        Anyway, I think that this will be explained in-game, we'll have to wait for more info to come.

  3. Arawanach says:

    Ganon is defeated, so I'm not sure what we can expect here. Maybe a new bad guy or something… just hope it doesn't mess up the timeline. Since we have an offical one now…

  4. qwerty says:

    Wall Link kinda looks like Alternative Realty Finn from Adventure Time…

  5. Greenwind says:

    I have a slight complain…if it's ALTTP sequel…why isn't Links hair pink?? XD…
    who cares???
    I can't wait to play it..

    1. Mauritz says:

      It may be a ALTTP sequel, but not necessary the same Link, like PH and ST :)

    2. Echon says:

      Link's hair isn't pink in the artwork for ALttP either. *shrugs*

      I think Ganon's gonna be pissed Link stole his phantom's thing. *grins in amusement*

  6. Ericzander says:

    Link's actual hair wasn't pink. If anything it was purple, but it wasn't that either. In all official artwork his hair is a dirty blonde in that game. They made his sprite have purple hair to help express that it existed.

    1. Loooool says:

      It wasn't purple. More of a salmon color, y'know?

  7. Glenn says:

    when will the link to the past 2 come out ?

  8. Spustatu says:

    What I don't understand is there seem to be a large number of people who assume that this will not only be the same Hyrule and same overworld and such, but also the same Link. This could be many years after ALttP. IE, we've had the sacred realm for a while thanks to Link touching the complete triforce in ALttP, but now, after many years, something goes wrong.

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