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A Link to the Past Overworld Comparison

Nintendo Europe President Satoru Shibata already told us that the new Zelda 3DS title will be set within the same world as A Link to the Past, but it looks like he meant it literally to some extent. As you can see from the comparison image above (thanks to NeoGaf), at least some sections of the overworld map, if not all, will be exactly the same as in the original.

GameXplain went further and made a side-by-side comparison video, by painstakingly recreating Link’s actions and movement in the original A Link to the Past as he is seen in the Zelda 3DS footage. The resemblance is even more striking in motion. This practically confirms that the same Hyrule will feature in the new game, or that Link will at least be doing some revisiting at some point.

Source: YouTube (via Nintendo Everything)

19 thoughts on “Zelda 3DS shares a similar overworld to A Link to the Past

  1. Salokin says:

    I noticed this too. darn, guess I missed an opportunity to be the first to post it. But this is pretty cool. Definitely a first for the series if it is truly the same overworld.

  2. RPH1 says:

    I like the idea of returning to the same landscape. The only other games I can think of that use the same map are the 1st 2 Harry Potter games on the Gamecube. The 3rd used a map that was more like the movie. I think the 1st 2 on the Wii were similar.

  3. lord-of-shadow says:

    This just drives home how much uglier the new game is in my mind. LttP's art style is so much more appealing, and seeing them side by side like this just drives that home.

    1. TheGrave says:

      Not really.

    2. DarkOwl says:

      I actually posted a link to this image on the earlier ZU news article when the game was announced. I was making exactly the same point as you. Unsurprisingly, I too was down-voted.

      Some people need to stop mindlessly defending everything that Nintendo does.

      1. Kalek says:

        Maybe they're defending the game because they actually LIKE the visuals of ALttP2, did you even thought about that?
        Stop being an arrogant brat that thinks everyone's wrong except you…

      2. MikeL says:

        YOU need to realize that it's quite possible for people to not share your opinion. Obviously, that's the case here.

        YOU need to stop thinking that everyone who don't agree with you are "mindless".

      3. bill says:

        yea mindless jack off

  4. guest says:

    sooo…. new game or 3DS remake?

    1. guest says:

      according to zelda wiki and kotaku, looks like this'll be a direct sequel to LttP; new dungeons & all. sooo stoked :D

  5. Z-MAN7 says:

    Wow ZU, it's kinda obvious it's the same Hyrule as LttP.

  6. Lesley says:

    i wish they would bring out Link to the past in an updated version and for the wii not ds

  7. Milel says:

    Why does the grass keep reminding me of Pokemon.

  8. guest says:

    my body is ready for this!!

  9. Alyssa says:

    Oh. I was looking forward to this game so much, but I kinda wanted it to not be one of the top-down views… I guess I was hoping for something like the OOT remake for the 3DS (In the view and layout).
    Oh well. It still looks awesome!

  10. Nihlus says:

    I just noticed that the stump by the house in the original map is a full grown tree in the 3ds one. Time traveling confirmed?

  11. Snow Leopard says:

    I prefer the old graphics.. they are much cleaner and more modern IMO.

  12. Lotti says:

    They shoulda made the Link Between Worlds Link have pink hair like the original xD

  13. Hit the jump for the first video in the series, and the playlist, to watch Let’s Play: Zelda’s Adventure for yourself.

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