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Zelda Oracles Coming to Japanese VC

The Oracle games hit the Japanese eShop two weeks ago, but Zelda fans in other territories are still waiting for their share. Thankfully, series producer Eiji Aonuma updated the official Developer’s Room Miiverse today to announce that they are on the way.

While he could not yet provide any specific dates, he stated:

“Our plan is to release these two games in other territories some time before summer!”

That means we can expect the games to arrive within the next few months!

Source: Nintendo Everything

9 thoughts on “Oracle of Ages/Seasons coming to overseas 3DS eShops before summer

  1. mcdude910 says:

    Or the month after that (May) or the month after that (June).

    1. TheWindWaker333 says:

      "next FEW months" meaning more than just next month.

  2. When is it coming for the USA? huh huh huh??????????? But really i want to play these.

    1. Kalek says:

      you're gonna love them, fun and challenging… and special items like swords, magical rings you get with passwords found in one game but used in the other, yep, really great games =)

      1. DarkenedGlyphs says:

        i Am gonna love them :3

      2. Romani says:

        Has there been any official announcement on whether or not there would be some sort of connectivity between the games?

  3. Darkstar says:

    I'm guessing around May 14th to mark their 12th anniversary, or just sometime in May since June is summer.

    1. AwkwardPigeon says:

      Technically Summer starts on June 21st so it could be around e3 that we see these

  4. Z-MAN7 says:

    Reminds me of the brief period of waiting we had to endure when Majora's Mask was re-released on the Wii VC in Japan.

    Most likely the games are ready for download, but Nintendo has to wait for the ESRB and other respective ratings boards of other countries to give a new age rating. It's rather silly I know but it's standard procedure.

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