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Zelda X Pokemon - Link

The worlds of Hyrule and Kanto collide in Finni Chang’s beautiful artwork for a Zelda/Pokemon crossover. The three staples of the Triforce, Link, Zelda and Ganondorf, are joined by their own teams of the elemental critters.

Presumably, Link’s companions Ponyta  and Noctowl take the roles of Epona and the talkative owl Kaepora Gaebora respectively. Zelda’s Pokemon are majestic beasts, with the graceful Dragonair, Ninetales and Espeon by her side. And of course, Ganondorf obviously claims the most fearsome and intimidating monsters with his slew of fire- and dark- types.

Read on to see more images!

Zelda X Pokemon - Zelda

Zelda X Pokemon - Ganondorf

The artist provides a little back-story for the art:

“Link is a new trainer who hopes to defeat the Champion Ganondorf. With the help of his childhood friend Zelda at his side, will he be victorious…?”

If you want to own the artwork in a physical form – and let’s face it, you really do – you can purchase a poster and/or a print set with all three images from Finni’s store.

If Pokemon already crossed over with Nobunaga in Pokemon Conquest, Nintendo needs to make a “Zelda X Pokemon” in this style – I’d buy it in a flash.

Source: Finni Chang via explodedsoda

35 thoughts on “Zelda meets Pokemon in this genius fan art

  1. Destiny says:


  2. Julian says:

    That should be Espeon, not Umbreon.

    1. Reece says:

      Ah that's right, my bad. Thanks, I'll change that.

      I haven't played a Pokemon game since Pearl so my mental Pokedex is a little rusty!

  3. Bucky says:

    pretty obvious link isnt going to beat Ganondorf with an oddish. Just sayin.

    1. weevil17 says:

      haven't the odds always been against link? :)

    2. You-Know-Me says:

      There are no Poekmon that originated from Sinnoh in these pictures.

      1. You-Know-Me says:

        Haha, I meant to reply to TwiliMidona.

  4. Link says:

    think that isn't something that should happen. unless it was only ment to be some silly game for the sake of amusement. but a seriouse game as a cross over between these 2 would NOT go over well.

    1. Reece says:

      Obviously, having a crossover game as official canon wouldn't work. But as concept of fun, I think there's endless potential there.

  5. linkxy says:

    Lol. If i was an Oddish i would be running away from link too.

  6. TheWindWaker333 says:

    I totally agree with Zelda's team. Also, Link is REALLY going to need a water type if he is going to take on Ganondorf's Charizard, Houndoom, and Emboar. Use a Water Stone on that Eevee, Link!

  7. DTF says:

    Ganondorf's team would dominate

  8. rriillyy says:

    I think a cross over wouldn't work that well =

    Mostly because Zelda is about dungeon crawling and gaining new items, and honestly, it'd be odd to battle pokemon instead of use a sword. I think something similar to pokemon mixed with zelda would work, but in all honesty, the two just don't mix. Pokemon is a turn based rpg, and zelda is an action adventure game seldom using RPG elements.

    Its an interesting concept, but I really don't see it working, at least not with the zelda formula and cannon.

    1. Arya Stark says:

      There's ways it could work if t hey ever did decide to do a crossover. Such as there are dungeon-esque caves like AoL's Death Mountain and the caves in pokemon. You merely expand on that. Perhaps puzzles can exist but involves a mixture of your characters own know how and their pokemon.

      There's a mysterious door barring the way and a heck of a lot of torches. Link has no magic of his own, so of course he'd rely on a flame type pokemon.

      Very simplistic puzzle, but again it's an example. Perhaps there are secrets in tunnels you can't reach. Use a rock type pokemon. etc…

      Perhaps the pokemon can work the way tools/items are for Link. Like SS they'd need to be upgrade(read as: Leveled up) for Link to journey forward and find more secrets. They could make the gameplay reminiscent of Ni no Kuni; where in you can either play as your pokemon or you can play as yourself, but working in tangent produces best results.

    2. Hunter says:

      stop trying to ruin everyones dreams

  9. TwiliMidona says:

    You said that the "… worlds of Hyrule and Kanto collide…" but it actually features pokemon from every generation. Therefore it would have to be Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova

    1. Reece says:

      Yeah, but "The worlds of Hyrule and Kanto and Johto and Hoenn and Sinnoh and Unova collide" doesn't flow quite as well as an opening sentence.

      1. TwiliMidona says:

        I know, I am quite a perfectionist when it comes to these things (or at least I try to be :) ). Maybe they could’ve said “The worlds of Zelda and Pokemon collide…”

  10. anonymous says:

    I like these teams for Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf, but here are the teams I would give them:

    -Link: Sceptile, Rapidash, Gallade, Noctowl, Serperior, Garchomp
    -Zelda: Espeon, Mismagius, Milotic, Alakazam, Ninetales, Dragonite
    -Ganondorf: Umbreon, Absol, Houndoom, Spiritomb, Chandelure, Hydreigon

  11. Zelda Paradox says:

    LINK. NEEDS. PIKACHU!!!!!!!!

    1. Hunter says:

      I concur

  12. ijuin says:

    Ganondorf fits much better as the leader of the evil Team in a Pokemon-style game rather than as the defending Champion. Cyrus' plan to remake the whole universe in his own image with the power of Dialgia and Palkia would be very in line with Ganondorf's desire to use the power of the full Triforce.

  13. DarkenedGlyphs says:

    I think that rapidash shoule be a shiny :gimli:

  14. Dat ugly zelda says:

    why did they use Zeldas design from Skyward sword? its one of the worst designs shes ever had. They went with Ganon and Links designs from Twilight Princess, why didn't they do the same with Zelda?

    interesting concept, I happen to really like it. How ever the usage of the skyward sword zelda design ruined it for me.

  15. 2 need be swaped says:

    Hmm Link needs a gallade and dragonite

    1. Hunter says:

      no he needs a salamence

    2. Hunter says:

      no link needs salamence

  16. Was says:

    LOLS, Link would hav no chance against ganon with this pokemon

    1. Skylar says:

      shut up

  17. Maikou says:

    I like all but ganon's team: UMBREON BELONGS WITH ESPEON! HE SHOULD BE ONE OF ZELDA'S POKEMON! also, EVOLUTION OBSESERS! EVOLVING ISN'T EVERYTHING! and lastly, I think eevee is perfect for Link: they're both whatever you want 'em to be! and for real last, I think a Zelda X Pokemon game would be awesome! explore dungeons with your pokemon! Link would still need a sword though….and everyone needs magic. and having an eevee folow you through the depths of a dungeon would be awesome! telepathic pokemon givin' you hints, Eevee loyaly acompying you, and awesome 3D pokemon battles with zelda controls! and button jumping. that would be a first for both series'!

  18. Kia602 says:

    I'm making a game like this

  19. Kia602 says:

    It's coming along nicely should be done by december.

    1. Hunter says:

      how is it going along

  20. Ryan Malla says:

    great artwork!

  21. Reece says:

    You'd have to ask the artist:

    While I can't speak for her, I'm sure she'd be fine with it considering her name is embedded in each picture. It'd be polite to provide some additional credit to Finni Chang though.

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