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This is news any iPhone owner will be excited to hear: Nintendo has made a deal with PDP to manufacture official Nintendo themed iPhone cases. Recently displayed at E3, these iPhone garments feature Mario and Zelda artwork and will be released in October.

Hit the jump to view more photos.

Source: My Nintendo News (via GoNintendo)

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24 thoughts on “Official Nintendo iPhone cases

  1. kaiser13576 says:

    I guess it's time I finally buy an iPhone

  2. HaouDeSoul says:

    Now I really want an iphone!

  3. ;skdfjas;dkf says:

    I don't even have an iPhone but I'm going to buy them all.

  4. lol says:

    What about Android phones? :(

    1. el lucas says:


  5. Kuregan says:

    Hahahaha I like how the reaction for everyone is to buy an iPhone XD I was going to say the same thing, then I noticed everyone else did. I guess nintendo fans are more for android right now.javascript: postComment(1);

  6. Excludedgravity says:

    NOOOO makes ONE X cases

  7. ali5541 says:

    Ahh jeez, I hate iPhones and now I probably need to get one. Those Zelda themes are SICK. ;_____;

    No love for Android? More specifically, Samsung Galaxy series?

    1. Nick of time says:

      None what so ever. Androids are sorry excuses for smart phones. They just jealous of apple.

  8. Amanda says:

    Well… This is probably the best news i’ve heard from Nintendo this week lol. I want them all :)

  9. HappyLink says:

    Booo! No love for android phones :(

  10. Zeldaguy says:

    Thats pretty awesome. :)

  11. Nick of time says:

    Yea I'm glad theres someone else that knows the truth about Androids! Did you know they actually have a ass to mouth app?

  12. Nick of time says:

    I got like 4 Iphones. Do some of ya'll want one?

  13. Greg says:

    I still have my old cell phone that still works. Mine is an early 1980's, the huge ones in the car.

  14. nileriver149 says:

    I dont even have a cell phone….not even a track phone :/

  15. Zelda&Mario Fan_3607 says:

    Even if I had an iPhone, as you can tell by my username, It'd be hard to pick a case without ending up getting more than 1………..

  16. Merchiodos says:

    Androids does not suck, They last longer then iPhones

  17. NintendoGuy128 says:

    A way for Nintendo to make extra money without making games for non Nintendo systems. Well played Nintendo. Well played.

  18. Baker1000 says:

    Don't have an iPhone but I'd be all over the Hylian crest one if I did.

    Well it would be all over my phone, actually.

  19. The_Smelly_Chodus says:

    will they make a case for the ipod?

  20. Malisa says:

    You know what, i might just buy an iPhone becaues of this.<img src=> <img src=>

  21. Keimori says:

    Oh please tell me they'll make iPod sizes too!

    … ah, who am I kidding, I'd buy the zelda ones even without an iPhone to use them on.

  22. Zeldagamer2511 says:

    I really hope they make them for iPod touch too, because I've been looking for a Zelda case for mine for months…

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