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Console to Closet is a blog that takes outfits from many different video games and assembles many different pieces to create a real outfit. However, the outfits are not exact copies of the outfits worn in the games, but are outfits simply inspired by ones seen in the games. Three fantastic examples of this are some of the Zelda-related outfits they have done, inspired by Sheik, Zelda, and Link from Ocarina of Time.

Read on for more pictures.

Source: Console to Closet

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14 thoughts on “Console to Closet

  1. Prada says:

    That is actually kinda awesome

  2. Banooru says:

    Where are the guy outfits? I guess the ladies get to enjoy this post.

    This idea is really creative!

    1. Wheatley says:

      They have two or three that guys can wear…
      Although it would be pretty sweet to have some sort of a Guy's Video Game Wardrobe.

  3. Zelda&Mario Fan_3607 says:

    meh, im not big on clothing, that 1 time i went to gormans, didnt buy a thing then went to gamestop and blew all of my cash proves that…lol

    1. Zelda&Mario Fan_3607 says:

      And I had like $80 too………XD but the thing is, i went to gamestop the next day, when I came home empty handed, somehow my mom was surprised. Which she shouldn't, because I'm 1 of the only girls who show up at school wearing a Mario shirt with a mini ocarina. Heck, I'm the 1st person at my school to bring or probably have and ocarina.(some how there is only 1 other person at my school with 1. 2 out of like 600 people!) (I play it at recess, And If you guessed Zelda and Mario songs, you would be correct.)

  4. MDH says:

    This blog is an amazing idea, really. It takes the idea of cosplay and makes it viable for everyday life. The Saria-inspired outfit is lovely!

  5. Squee says:

    Love these! They're adorable!

  6. Skybird says:

    I'd love to see an artist take these outfits and draw the actual character wearing them–modern versions of the characters we know in love!

  7. DFM says:

    Neat to see someone else doing this! I love to make my own clothes based on things from my favourite fandoms, but I actually make mine more closely resemble what they're based on without actually being costume wear. The clothes in this post are good for people who don't feel comfortable revealing the full extent of their geekdom, but I don't have that problem. :D

    I started doing this because I can never find anything that fits me properly without going into the children's section. Why pay too much for a shirt that clings or hangs loose in the wrong places and isn't exactly the colour or pattern you want, when you can make one that IS just what you want, and shows off your fan-love to boot?

  8. weevil17 says:

    i don't really see much of a connection between these and the actual thing….. sorry

    1. Banooru says:

      Really? At least with the three posted here I can see a small connection.

      The Saria outfit really fits the character… they just forgot the green wig!

  9. JordanLea says:

    This is so cute~
    Where do you think you'd buy these from? <3

  10. Sheii says:

    now, u can go to school and "secretly" cosplay without looking like a dork '____'

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