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E3 is now only one month away and here at Zelda Universe we have some exciting news to announce: we have been hard at work for nearly a month on our own Zelda game… of a sort.

It’s actually an epic web-based treasure hunt! Upon uncovering the mystery of The Temple, contestants will earn chance to win one of three amazing prizes!

Will you choose the Chest of Courage, the Chest of Power, or the Chest of Wisdom? Each one contains something different and you won’t know what’s inside until you open it!

If you open it…

To find one of the three Keys of Virtue will be a month-long adventure of riddles, puzzles, and wits. If you think you have what it takes, journey to The Temple.

The doors unlock at some point on the first of May…

Good luck on your Temple Quest!

142 thoughts on “Temple Quest: Dawn of the First Week

  1. Fizz says:

    Challenge accepted.

  2. BigKeyChest says:

    Now I understand the poll.
    Can't wait!

  3. Sikora says:

    Cool! I will choose Din, my clan on the forums.

  4. Slogan says:

    It would be wise to choose Nayru

  5. zekiebouy says:

    im choosing courage!!

  6. KingOfRedLeopards says:

    it just shows a black screen :(

  7. lizzy says:

    I'm excited!!! But the doors have not opened! I guess I'll have to do it after school. D: Bummer. And are there like only 3 "prizes"? Or can everyone open a chest and get something?

  8. Maxxxxxy says:


  9. TriforceofCourage says:

    Not sure what I would choose yet. Do you have to officially be a part of the forums to participate? I suppose I could always just sign up, but I never participate in discussions except for the occasional comment on news posts, so I don't see much point in doing so.

    1. bastian says:

      Nope, you are not required at any point to be a part of the forums. There is one section in the game wherein it would be wise for a group of people to get together and act as "sentries" of a sort, and perhaps the forums would be a good place to record that information… but that's not required. It will just make things a bit more challenging if you go it alone in that section.

      1. Viscen says:

        So what you're saying is.. It's dangerous to go alone? ;)

      2. bastian says:

        Haha. So to speak. There's just one instance in one of the weeks that will be awfully tricky for just one person to solve so it might be a good idea during that week (you'll know when you see it) to gather a group a friends to keep watch at different times.

      3. Viscen says:

        Ahh okay. So when are the doors opening?

  10. someone says:

    everybody give this comment a thumbs down.

    1. cloverplayer says:

      Well that didn't work.

  11. Dylan says:

    Courage is the logical choice for all heros.

    1. tbschen says:

      I see, you clearly didn't pick wisdom. It is spelled heroes.

  12. KingDodongo1 says:

    Anyone else getting a 404 error?

  13. zeldapunkgrrl says:

    All I see is a brick on the left column that does nothing when you click on it.

    1. Dylan says:

      turn the volumn on your computer…you'll hear a familiar zelda sound!

  14. Punch Dinosaurs says:

    I managed to replace the door with a brownish-goldish kind of block. No idea if that means I progressed the puzzle or broke the image somehow.

    1. zeldapunkgrrl says:

      I've got the same thing. I have no idea. I'm assuming you need the right password for a certain letter but not sure what.

  15. LegendOfHyrule31 says:

    No doors. :(

  16. Dylan says:

    I'm starting to get pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Viscen says:

    honestly! what letter and what password??

  18. RAWR says:

    What the heck do I do? I pushed the button and played the sound and I found the password box.. this is kinda dumb, lol.. thought it would be possible atleast.

  19. RAWR says:

    Right? Where in the world is any form of password?

  20. bastian says:

    Sorry guys, ignore our mess. It's not fully set up yet. I'll post here when it's actually ready.

  21. RAWR says:

    Alright Bastian, sorry for my comment calling it dumb. :D xD Now atleast I know there is problem with it, lol.

  22. cloverplayer says:

    No spoilers please :)

    PS. I'm taking you DOWN!

    1. cloverplayer says:

      And btw, don't freak out if you don't know what to do. It is supposed to be hard!

  23. andee says:

    fml. i want it to
    +work now :( ive been waiting all day for this D':

  24. Tony Hartless says:

    Holy Sheikah!! Technical problems are instructive, I finished a two stars cube of squares origami and a tree stars rabbit!! Hope I dont have time to make a dragon :(

  25. andee says:

    is anyone else still have problems getting it to load? or is it supposed to be a blank page with the random pass box and treasure chest sound?

    1. Fizz says:

      Earlier in the comments Bastian informed us "things aren't fully set up yet". So, you aren't having problems with loading, there just isn't the stuff to load yet. It shouldn't be too long before we're all rushing around like madmen trying to play The DaVinci Code.

  26. bastian says:

    The Doors are open… ;)

    1. cloverplayer says:


  27. Jess says:

    Hmmm….I'm having a hard time figuring out the password and also I don't know what the bottle is for…But I got it.

    1. cloverplayer says:

      me too :}

      1. Jess says:

        What is the password, I don't know. It's driven me crazy. DX

      2. wariotime says:

        Wow, so glad I'm not the only one who had to do that hahaha

  28. cloverplayer says:

    Found the password, like a Hylian boss :D

    PS. It's a secret to everybody.

    1. Jess says:

      Where did you find the password? Tell me Tell me.

      1. cloverplayer says:

        figured it out :D

  29. CaptainSpaz says:

    Oh, I had it before but the password would appear to be case sensitive.

  30. Jess says:

    okay…Now I'm really confused….I can't find a 'special key' that is needed to unlock a door, and all I got was fish!

  31. bastian says:

    Please keep in mind that giving out passwords and telling people how to get through also limits your own chances of winning. :D

    1. Jess says:

      Yeah, I know but I'm still confused. ^^;

  32. realar says:

    Damn, poor satellite internet can't upload images before the page times out. Any chance of tweaking the code (Varnish backend? The guru error sure brought me back) to allow a few more seconds? If not, good luck to everyone else!

  33. WiseWarrior says:

    I'm playing the song in the book on the harpsichord and nothing is happening. There's not knowing what to do, and then there is (Apparently) knowing what to do and it not working. What's wrong?

    1. bastian says:

      Maybe that's not a song, but just a diagram… ;)

  34. WiseWarrior says:

    I'm playing the right-most note and then going left to right just like the book says and nothing is happening.

  35. Darkot says:

    Figured out everything up until Jabu Jabu…can't figure out how to get him to appear >_<

    1. cloverplayer says:

      same… I'll try again in the morning :

  36. Ok, so I have a bottle and 3 fish. Now what? I can't seem to do anything else :( Oh and I deciphered the statue.

  37. Akleptic says:

    There seems to be a problem. I know where to put the fish so Jabu Jabu can eat it and I can get the Jabu Key but there is no upload thing?

    1. Fizz says:

      Hmm, you mean you found something actually clickable to place the fish, or are you just going off of instinct for where you think it should go? Feel free not to answer, but if there's a step after gaining the fish I wouldn't mind knowing it's there to look around for.

      1. Akleptic says:

        I know where he comes out! He's orange, I just don't know where to upload the fish to.

      2. Lollercoaster says:

        You are the first one to figure out to look into teh source code of teh page!
        You won teh Internets!

  38. Akleptic says:

    There seems to be a problem. I know where to put the fish so Jabu Jabu can eat it and I can get the Jabu Key but there is no upload thing?

  39. RAWR says:

    I honestly think that I'm giving up already.. some of you just must be smarter than me, I clicked every square inch, translated the statue even the book cover, tried to play a song that I can't find a hint for anywhere.. I don't know what to do. :( I got one bottle, don't know how to get a fish or the password.

    1. Akleptic says:

      Password is Sapphire, "He is talking about a jewel or special stone" and "He likes blue but a special kind of blue" What is the stone color? Sapphire :)

  40. RAWR says:

    You didn't have to do that Ak but thanks.. I thought about trying sapphire since the stone is a sapphire, it didn't work for me though. I'll keep chuggin on.. need a break though, my mind is gonna blow.

  41. RAWR says:

    Just wish it wasn't so cryptic like. Some things don't seem to give hints, like where to feed Jabu the fish, but I'll figure it out and I'll probably hit my head against a wall when I see how out front it is. :O

    1. Akleptic says:

      I know where to feed him but I can't find the upload image thing.
      There might be a problem with the game D:
      I know he comes out and tells you something, you feed him and bam, gimmie key but The button does not come out for me. This is truly unfair.

      1. RAWR says:

        Atleast you found how to feed him. Meh, I'll keep looking. Did you try a different web browser?

      2. Akleptic says:

        Yeah, I tried three different ones.

      3. RAWR says:

        Dang.. sorry man, don't know what to tell you. It's not working for me neither it looks like. :(

  42. Akleptic says:

    If we complete it, where do we post what the item was inside the chest?

    1. RAWR says:

      I didn't get the pw right because I was typing it with a capital. xD Poo.. -facepalm-

  43. Ok so I got the Jabu key and I opened the sealed place and I got a 3 key song. I wrote it down and When I played it nothing happened? What am I doing wrong?

    1. Cyberian says:

      Take a look around in first room, this might give you the hint, why the notes are not working.

      1. If you're talking about the book then I already converted that to the music thing. And I play the tune but it doesn't work :(

      2. Akleptic says:

        What is the tune? Tell meeee I'll help you.

      3. You'll find the notes out when you open the locked door.

  44. Akleptic says:

    Where did you feed Jabu!?
    Was it in the lake?

      1. Akleptic says:

        What the hell, I clicked everywhere and he doesn't come out. I know it has something to do with that little white box but I can't do anything.

      2. I didn't click anything. He was just…there.

      3. Akleptic says:

        Did you just get one fish?
        I have like 5 empty bottles and double copies of the fish.
        You must have done something before you got there :/

      4. Akleptic says:

        You must have done something before you got there, did you get all three fish or just one?
        Anything you did before getting there?
        He doesn't appear on my screen.

      5. I got all three fish. But you don't need duplicate items. Once you have it, you have it for good. And I seriously did nothing. I just left the window open and then I played Mario Kart then I saw your comment about him being orange and I thought I'll just look around again and there he was.

        So in other words Mario Kart makes him appear :P

      6. Akleptic says:

        Damn you to hell.

      7. Akleptic says:

        I'm just kidding :P
        It pisses me off that he doesn't come out for me.
        I'm sure you must have done something we haven't done.
        What browser are you using?

      8. Firefox. And I seriously did nothing, I just left the browser open. Maybe he comes out at a 2% chance?

      9. Akleptic says:

        I tried Firefox too.
        I know you have to give him greengill because he wants the sweet one.

      10. How did you know he wanted the sweet one?

      11. Akleptic says:

        Because I know how to read that language.
        I saw a pic of him but I dunno, he doesn't come out.

      12. I know how to read it to. But how did you know what he says if he didn't come out? :o

      13. Akleptic says:

        I'm psychic.

      14. Akleptic says:

        Can you tell me the name of the Jabu key file? I have the picture but it says 1 and well the game doesn't accept it.

      15. It should accept it with the name as 1. It doesn't go by names. Other wise people could just cheat the system. It goes by the code of the file.

      16. RAWR says:

        No.. doesn't work. Have all 3 fish.. and nothing. :(

      17. cloverplayer says:

        I think you need to leave the page up for a bit, maype? ;)

      18. RAWR says:

        He's not showing up for me.. I guess whoever wins this just wins from chance of it working right for them. xD

  45. Akleptic says:

    Guess this contest isn't for me.
    Or should I say, My browsers Dx

  46. Greg says:

    Jabu Jabu wont appear!!!!! WHAT DO I DO

    1. @Soeroah says:

      Won't appear for me either. I tried changing my computer's time settings to noon, too, and nothing.

      1. Okami says:

        He did come out for me at first, but now he won't come out anymore :S
        Really weird,.

      2. @Soeroah says:

        What time locally did you see him? I'm wondering if 'for lunch' is a hint or a red herring.

      3. Okami says:

        About two hours ago. 12.56 locally to be precise.

      4. @Soeroah says:

        Doesn't appear to be that, then. I've tried 11AM, 12PM and 1PM with no change.

      5. alex says:

        try to set it to 12:30 pm then it worked here :)

  47. Krang says:

    Hey I have a question? Do you guys know if getting the three note song is the end for this week? Or have I still not completed it?

    1. I'm up to the same part you are. I'm stuck on the 3 note song.

      1. Krang says:

        Yeah im thinking the song is not just three notes, and each week you get three more until you have 12 in total, then you play it on the piano thing.

    2. bastian says:

      One of the books gives some insights into what you found. But suffice it to say, you're done for week one. :D

  48. Jeff says:

    So, I've been getting a black screen saying " Loading Temple Quest…" for the longest time. Is that normal or is there something i must do/ or have missed?

    1. Jeff says:

      nevermind >.<

  49. Feanor says:

    I ran into a problem: I read the books but didn't write down what they said. Now when I click on the bookcases, I see the cover of the books, but I can't open them. Can anyone help me out here?

    1. cloverplayer says:

      They got updated, click on the arrows to turn the pages.

  50. andrea says:

    dioojgodshfgkhjs is the first page only supposed to be a green screen with a password box?

    1. jon says:

      If your on Google Chrome then yes, try another browser

  51. andee says:

    FML. finally when it starts working i have to go to school. DAMNIT. UGGGHHHH

  52. Blake Condit says:

    I was about to recommend this to some friends, but when I try and load the Temple quest in a separate tab, or in my main tab for that matter, it comes up with a green screen with a box in the top right asking for (what I assume) a password…. Is there a reason for this? If so, what is the password? I will also note that I am using Google Chrome but didn't have this problem yesterday afternoonish. I would prefer to get my friends in on this, but I cannot do this if it's password protected..

  53. jon says:

    Try a different browser; it only does that when I use Chrome as well

  54. Feanor says:

    It's doing that on Firefox too.

    1. Feanor says:

      And Internet Explorer.

      1. jon says:

        Hmm, I see what you mean now. I don't know, it was working fine this morning.

  55. cloverplayer says:

    The main page isn't working so here is a link to the first website:

  56. Zeldo says:

    i got to the 3 note song. all i want to know is if this is it for today? or is there more? don't tell me what it is i just want to know if there's more cause i've tried a lot of things!

    1. jon says:

      I just got there too, and I'm pretty sure that's it. Don't quote me on that though!

      1. Fierce Diety says:

        How did you get Jabu Jabu to appear? Was it just random?

      2. bastian says:

        I'LL quote you, because that's it for the first week. One of the books refers to what you found obliquely.

  57. Darkot says:

    No idea what happened with Jabu Jabu for me…I was doing it right, but he wouldn't appear at first..oh well, I got to the first monument anyways. Really enjoyed this :D can't wait until next week.

  58. RAWR says:

    Is something supposed to happen when I play the song? I thought I played it right… I even the graph from the book of mudora.

  59. Fierce Diety says:

    I've been clicking refresh at Zora's Fountain for over an hour now… Someone, please put me out of my misery! WHERE IS JABU JABU?!?!?! Please and thank you!

    1. jon says:

      First of all, he's actually at the lake. Secondly, I went to the lake, left for an hour to clean my cars, came back, refreshed the page, and he appeared. If you are still stumped, then I will provide you the bullets if you wish :P.

  60. bastian says:

    Guys, you're welcome to share hints and clues with people, but also keep in mind that the more people that finish this the smaller your chance is in winning the prizes at the end. So it might not be in your best interest to be so forthcoming. ;)

    1. RAWR says:

      Hey Bastian, is the song stone of wisdom the monument of virtue? And I played the song and nothing seems to be happening, am I done? Is the song split into 4 sections and that was just one section?

      1. bastian says:

        A book in The Temple explains that the way to the Keys of Virtue is locked by another "key" of sorts broken into three pieces… I think you found one of those pieces. Now you'll have to wait for Week Two. ;)

  61. CaptainSpaz says:

    So, is this pillar thing the end of this week's installment?

    1. cloverplayer says:

      Yep :)

  62. Thareous says:

    Not unforeseen, but epic still. : )

  63. kaepora21 says:

    It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!

    *Hands you crash course in HTML & Java code*

  64. Ken says:

    Some of you have mentioned books in the temple, but the only book I've found is the translation guide. Where is this book that explains the virtues? I already got the key and the notes so I'm thinking the answer I'm looking for shouldn't spoil too much.

    1. cloverplayer says:

      on the left bookshelf.

      1. Ken says:

        Turns out that only one of the two bookshelves works in chrome :( I had to use firefox

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