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As the video game industry progresses, it is natural evolution for games to exhibit superior graphics to their predecessors; however, user MaJoRa over at Zelda Fan Game Central has created an absolutely incredible remap of Ocarina of Time using A Link to the Past’s  graphic style. Working for nearly two years on creating new sprites and compiling the map layout, the project is complete. MaJoRa still plans on updating his creation and encourages criticism on how to improve his sprites.

Hit the jump to view the photos.

Here are just a few areas. If you wish to view all of them in their full glory (twenty in all), or the entire map you may do so here.

Source: Zelda Fan Game Central

22 thoughts on “Ocarina of Time’s overworld remapped using A Link to the Past’s graphics

  1. Mora says:

    Now I can play Ocarina of Time with a real map :)

  2. Hoshea says:

    What a Project!!! (y)

  3. Hujjk says:

    Cool, Make one with Cel Shaded from Wind Waker

  4. Twister92 says:

    That is awesome! That map is almost entirely consistent with the one from A Link to the Past, the main exception – which is understandable and unavoidable – being Kakariko Village. But still, that is wonderful and you can definitely see how that map would evolve into the ALttP world map over the years. Great job!

  5. !CJ! says:

    the only thing I see wrong with it is that some of the things don't line up with there they are in the game. or is this suppose to mirror ALttPs world? if this is just supposed to be OoTs world Map in different graphics, then Hyrule castile is suppoed to be north oc the town, not north west. and the churst should be more on the north east side of castle town. to the north of the east side to be spacifict.
    also korkiriko village faces west, not south, and is alittle further south est from where it is on this map. and the river is supposed to wrap around and down the east side of Hyrule Feil and up through Zora River and Zoras Domain (though itactually comes down from there but you know what I mean). insted of going off north east after passing castile town. and back to the subject of the gate under Hyrule Castile, the gate is south of the castle, but should be a bit more towrds the south west side of the castile areas, and should be turnd to face the right way.
    oh, and the path to the Deku Tree should actually go south insted of North. the Great Deku Tree should be faceing North. (well there. those are the only problems I can see. constructive critisism has been given) :P

    1. somecrazyguy says:

      you realize though that if the map was laid out exactly like ocarina of time, you wouldnt be able to see the deku tree's face, nor the temple of time's door, nor alot of other things. this map is pretty accurate, even with the minor changes to make it fit with the graphical style of an overhead view game.

    2. kaiser13576 says:

      While these are all good points, merging a 3D environment into a one way facing 2D environment will cause minor cases of distortion of directions. For example, when cartographers "flatten" a map of the globe using a goode projection map, the result looks like a peeled orange with different "chunks" flattened and pieces of the ocean missing :D

    3. Eximius says:

      Get a life!!! Try to make it your self!

  6. Eximius says:

    My respects to the guy who worked on this map!!!

  7. Everyone needs a hobby, I guess.

  8. Basher101 says:

    This should definitely be a thing, :D Ocarina of time for the SNES xP or like a LttP style game! ^_^

  9. Baker1000 says:

    Awesome. I just wish it didn't have all those pink lines over it. Makes my eyes go funny.

  10. MaJoRa says:

    Some information for those who want it. The pink lines were there because of MSPaint (which I made the entire map in), I needed to separate things clearly. I have a complete .png file without any of those lines. Contact me on ZFGC with your email address if you want to see the full file (4mb in size). Alternatively message my G+ profile:
    (READ: to prevent spam I swapped the last two digits. Where it says '91', it should be '19')

    For those commenting it is not exact, you're right. I had several rules when putting this together to follow. The first was that the maps cliffs fit together perfectly. No sudden missing sections like in LTTP. The map would also not overlap (in OOT you'll find the in-game areas don't fit at all).

    I rearranged several things because firstly this map is already larger than the LTTP map (by about half). Secondly, it just won't fit any other way,

    There are some areas that massively suck *cough* fishing area *cough*. I'll sort that out when I become a better spriter (I am a mapper).

    I would love to hear ideas or suggestions to improve this so please do get hold of me if you can think of something to make it better.

  11. YEEEEAH!!!!!!! says:

    since he has all the sprites and stuff, why doesnt he make a fan-game? he just needs to make the boss, enemy, and character sprites, change the storyline a little to fit a 2d game, and he's all set!!

  12. CLASSIFIED2417 says:


  13. ToT Guardian says:

    One of the differences between the map design actually makes it cooler. It looks like it’s rotated 45° counterclockwise, and many may remember that OoT’s map rotated 45° counterclockwise will match up extremely well with ALttP’s map. Almost like MaJoRa undid the rotation.

    A great work overall though. Good job!

  14. Ezluke says:

    This is so awesome; they did a great job. I actually admire the shifting of the map (Great Deku Tree/Temple of Time, etc.) because it shows that they thought hard about how to make it work for 2D. I would love to play the game like this. :3

  15. It’s actually a cool and useful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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