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Yes, like the title and the picture clearly state, there is a possibility for a LEGO Legend of Zelda edition! We did a post about this same project in late December of 2011, but it was to promote the “fan art” side of the project. Now, if you didn’t happen to see the post, let me give you a little preface.

Hit the jump to see some extra 3D concept art and for more info on supporting the idea!

The project is hosted by LEGO Cuusoo, which is a place (run by the official LEGO company), where you can share your ideas with others on the website and if you can sum up 10,000 supporters for your project, LEGO will make the idea into a reality! Sounds easy enough, right? Well one of our members, Mingles, thought so and he decided to create a project with custom Zelda-inspired LEGO pieces, including the Master Sword, Link’s famous hair/hat duo, and the Ocarina of Time.

At the moment, the project is about half way to reaching it’s goal of becoming a real LEGO set, and you can help make it happen! Right now, the project is at 4,947 supporters and will surely have more by the time you have read this. View the official page where the project is being hosted and go support Mingles now! Account set-up only takes a minute and with one more vote, we get one step closer to having our Zelda/LEGO dreams come true!

Now, enjoy some glorious¬†3D LEGO concept art swords taken from various Legend of Zelda games that we didn’t see in the last post.




Source: LEGO Cuusoo
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32 thoughts on “Zelda – LEGO Style *UPDATE*

  1. Chris says:

    So is it for a Lego set or a Lego game like the Harry Potter ones?

    1. Peter says:

      Lego sets.

    2. Shawn says:

      it's a lego set but I wish it would be a game

      1. clubchloe1 says:

        It is a game -_-

  2. Faleel says:

    I think its for a set.

  3. badwolf16 says:

    looks cool enough

  4. ChainofTermina says:

    dude, Lego Zelda the videogame would be, like, WAAAY too much of a paradox. it'd be like "Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game".

    1. weevil17 says:

      It's not for a video game! you know lego has gone downhill when people think lego sets are video games!

      1. Chad says:

        The article is just badly phrased! Lego's not going downhill the games are just extremely fun to play so people naturally assume it's the video game.

      2. Chad says:

        Sorry the opening Line is badly phrased it stated later on it's a Lego set1 =P

  5. link loves zelda says:

    i want it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad and yes it is zelda

  6. I'd rather have a Mario LEGO set, but this is pretty cool too.

  7. Anna says:

    I don't think it will be that easy. I mean think about how long it took lego to get the rights for LOTR. By the way, any copyrighted lego will have skin coloured faces not yellow ones.

  8. Cereal Bawks says:

    Of course you would.

  9. TnzSki says:

    Wouldn't they need Nintendo's permission to make these?

    1. bastian says:

      Nintendo would have licence out the rights to them, yes. But Nintendo would likely do so since all the cost would be on LEGO's end.

      1. Matthewzfan says:

        This might be stupid to ask but would Nintendo make any money licence out the rights to legos?

  10. Z-MAN7 says:

    I'd buy em all. Zelda and Lego would go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

  11. The 10th Rider says:

    Zelda Lego sets is an interesting idea, but even if this does reach 10,000 supporters it has a very minimal chance of becoming a set or series. The project doesn't have any set ideas or anything, just some decent quality minifig and weapon renderings. A quick search in the Lego Cuusoo search bar will find you some better projects, such as the King of the Red Lions (my favourite) or the Collector's edition Master Sword.

    1. The 10th Rider says:

      If you look at the Flikr page the King of the Red Lions even has the grappling hook and cannon!

    2. cloverplayer says:

      Look at the post Lego made on it :)

      1. The 10th Rider says:

        You mean the one that is pretty much a standard reply for every Cuusoo project that reaches at least 500 supporters? Lego Cuusoo is very positive to the community there.

    3. rabid_d says:

      You're right. Check out this guy's Zelda sets on CUUSOO. He's got what the other one's missing – just came out this week.

  12. Zelda Paradox says:

    THIS SHALL PASS! i want this to happen so i could add to my collection

  13. Temple of Time Guardian says:

    2 of my 3 favourite things: Legend of Zelda and LEGO.

    If they made these I would buy every single one of them as soon as possible. I’m feel like drooling just thinking about the idea.

    Haven’t seen the page yet, but one place that would really be an awesome set: Ocarina of Time’s Temple of Time. Just think about that.

  14. Chad says:

    Honestly I don't want to see a video game of LoZ! LoZ has strayed from its roots a bit to much there should be change but only change that fits its setting. Straying into the land of robots and machines never should have happened. I don't want them to add another detractor from the series and although Lego Legend of Zelda sounds amazing to people who have played the games, Lego the Legend of Zelda is not something they want to stray into. It just has this indescribable "don't go there" feel to it. Who knows they may be able to make it a great game, however Nintendo has already seemed shaky about making new Zelda games and I think Lego Zelda is too much of a risk to take! Anyways I wouldn't mind a Zelda Lego set, that's merchandise and contrasting merchandise is alright with me!!!! I'll be sure to buy it if they come out with it! =)

  15. Darkstar says:

    Watch this be on the 2DS next year lol

    1. Darkstar says:


  16. matthew says:

    what about copyright lol

  17. Saga says:

    Love my LEGO, did you know that LEGO(S) stimulates same brain part as mathematics?
    Interesting article about Zelda :-)

  18. Hit the jump for the first video in the series, and the playlist, to watch Let’s Play: Zelda’s Adventure for yourself.

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