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Don't make him mad

We Zelda fans are notorious within the gaming community for being a bit temperamental when it comes to expressing our love of the series to other gamers.  YouTube user itismarc0 has created a video in which he humorously expresses the many sayings, praises, and criticisms that Zelda fans have been belting out for decades.  Hit the jump to view the hilarious video for yourself and find out just how many of these phrases you’ve been caught saying over the years.

Ah, Zelda fans–we truly are the greatest.  Which of these sayings have you said to other people before, and which of them have been said to you?  Are there any others that you think should have made the list?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Source:  YouTube (via Kotaku)

34 thoughts on ““#@$% Zelda fans say”

  1. ImmortalLoftwing says:

    Hahahahaha, the part where he was describing the timeline xD

  2. Witchking says:

    I have said each and everything he uttered in this video. I even managed to confuse a high school teacher with the timeline explanation!

  3. Rejoice Dwight says:

    This is so cute and kids out there would love to watch this cartoon. They will all have a good time with this great movie. Baby Eagle

  4. Rejoice Dwight says:

    This is so cute and kids out there would love to watch this cartoon. They will all have a good time with this great movie. Baby Eagle

  5. Rejoice Dwight says:

    This is so cute and kids out there would love to watch this cartoon. They will all have a good time with this great movie. Baby Eagle

  6. TriforceofCourage says:

    I have said an awful lot of these. This video had me cracking up.

  7. Fierce Diety says:

    I admit it, I LOLed so hard, cause this video is so true! We've all said a butt load of these!

  8. Nitsirtriscuit says:

    Yep. said each of those things. But the 'don't save in the cannon room' bit…I'v saved in the cannon room before. All you gotta do is go behind the cannon to morph.

  9. ivygem says:

    I've said almost all of these things. Ah zelda fans, how great we are.

  10. Acostar62 says:

    Ya that seems about right

  11. CLASSIFIED2417 says:

    I have that benie! and yes he should totally bang malon.

  12. Megan M says:

    I have said so many of these things…and I remember the first time I saw Ghirahim, I had the exact same reaction. Just gotta have a sense of humor about yourself. ^_^

  13. Hylian_Knight says:

    He forgot "ZELDA'S MY WHAT?!?!?!?!?"

  14. natashamcneely says:

    I've said at least half of those things. That is absolutely brilliant!

  15. DaFinchie says:

    I have said ALL of those xDD

    What really cracked me up was the gay Ghirahim joke lol

    And I am on my quest for all original gold cartriges.

  16. Alenayru says:

    hahaha yes Ghirahim's so gay for link i love it hahaha and i've seed a few myself, i also had laughed so much at a lot of those, great video n.n

  17. Doctor You says:

    There's lots of videos like this out there for many different games, movies, etc., but this is the only one where I myself have actually said a vast majority of the sayings. I don't know whether it's just because I'm a huge Zelda fan, or because this is a great compilation. Probably both. (:

  18. G-man says:

    You didn’t name you file Link? WHAT THE F@#KS WRONG WITH YOU!?

    So great! Ive said at least half of those.

  19. VanitasXII says:

    I've said pretty much everything and more. I'm sorry, but defending the Zelda series is almost like a commandment from some authority figure! I have to do it!

  20. LegendofMerah says:

    He was half right when he said Majora's Mask and Link's Awakening were dreams. Majora's Mask actually happened.

    1. Chloe says:

      Majora's Mask is a really underrated game…But I like it a lot.

      1. LegendofMerah says:

        Well, I wouldn't say that anymore, it used to be. I think Ocarina of Time just got a little too mainstream for everyone and they all decided to like Majora's Mask instead. It's a great game, but I still prefer OoT.

      2. clubchloe1 says:

        Ocarina of Time is a good Zelda game, but i prefer Majora's Mask ;)

    2. G-man says:

      And phantom hour glass was a dream.

      1. LegendofMerah says:

        Haven't had a chance to play PH yet… but a few months ago I finally beat Link's Awakening, lol.

  21. clubchloe1 says:

    "His name is Link not Zelda!" That's what has bothered me for years…

  22. saint_tails_09 says:

    Oh man, that was so good! I'm pretty sure I've said a lot of those, and when I say a lot , I mean probably 98% of them xD Especially the "Miyamoto is my God part"… I'm pretty sure if I ever met him, I'd cry at his feet.

  23. ibodyslamhippos says:

    Hilarious. I think that we've all said those things. I remember getting into an argument with my husband because he didn't name his file "Link"….not my proudest moment. But yes; we Zelda fans are a crazy bunch.

  24. Reily says:

    Yup, said about 80-90% of all of this. I am especially guilty for both bits involving the Navi shutting up and the fact that she is my ringtone. >.>

  25. 1bgood97 says:

    "Skyward Sword is not better than Ocarina of Time" HAHAHA! I say that to myself too!

  26. ZeldaPlaya says:

    I've said or referred to all these except "Skyward Sword is not better than Ocarina of Time." I'm sorry but I truly do think SS surpasses that game. I want a Zelda ringtone!!!!

  27. Sahasrala! says:

    Bitch! I did it with three hearts! Best bragging rights ever! It always bugs me that you cant do that in ALTTP.

  28. Sahasrala! says:

    He forgot, "Wait but was Sheik supposed to be a guy or a girl?"

  29. PhantomGannon says:

    I cant believe i watched the whole thing.

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