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ZU Mailbag

This weekend’s ZU Mailbag is brought to you by none other than the sword spirit herself, Fi! She answers your questions with startling analytic ability, on everything from her preferred graphic style to the location of the Triforce!

View the video after the jump!

Be sure to submit your questions for next week’s Mailbag!

30 thoughts on “Mailbag: Fi Edition

  1. zeldaplaya says:

    what…it said this video is private and wouldn't let me watch

    1. bastian says:

      Yeah, there was some weirdness on YouTube's end because this news post AND the YouTube video were schedule to publish at the same time. Weird that it published like a half hour later instead. :/ Sorry!

  2. BigKeyChest says:

    that is…
    Sad :(
    This comment isn't valid anymore

  3. somecrazyguy says:

    using fi for the mailbag was a good idea!!!! next week, you should do navi!

    1. Mack says:

      Navi!? >.>

    2. HyruleWeirdo says:

      Hey. Listen. No.

      1. somecrazyguy says:

        you do not know how much your comment is making me laugh

      2. HyruleWeirdo says:


    3. bastian says:

      The thought has crossed my mind… ;)

  4. CJ! says:

    well I believe at some point in OoT when talking to Raru the sage of light, he mentioned how "we the sgaes" sealed the triforce in the sacred realm to protect it from the evil ones who would wish to abuse its power.

  5. ChainofTermina says:

    wait……Fi is pronounced like so it rhymes with "Eye"? I've been pronouncing it like "Fee"…. it's not pronounced like that?

    1. HyruleWeirdo says:

      So have I. I'm not sure if there's any official pronunciation.

      1. Hylian_Knight says:

        It's apparently based off the Greek letter phi. Now upon looking up it's pronunciation I found that a lot of people also say it both ways. Many say F-eye and many say Fee. There was one site that said American's pronounce it as Fee but it's really F-eye, then another that said it's actually pronounced Fee in Greek. There was also a Shirt that shows the symbol of Phi and says '0 plus 1=Φ that's my Phi-losophy' and another that said 'TGIΦ-Thank god it's phi-day' and another that says 'Φ, 1.618, pho, phum' ( 1.618 IS Φ so they are the same thing basically but both pronunciations were on the shirt to complete the gag)<—In the same website store oddly enough. So in all honesty I think it could go either way with this name. Personally I think Fee sounds better but that's just my opinion.

      2. Rick420 says:

        Miyamoto pronounces it as Fee :P

    2. bastian says:

      I've been pronouncing it as "Fee" myself, but I've been hearing that since her name is based on the Greek letter Phi, and that most people pronounce Phi as "f-eye" I went with "f-eye." :/

    3. X_factor says:

      So, yeah, there's been some discussion on it lately ^_^

  6. RetroZelda says:

    Navi's voice: Morse Code with "Hey" as dots and "Listen!" as dashes. Mwahahaa

    1. HyruleWeirdo says:

      Oh God :/

  7. matthewzfan says:

    Sweeet!!! My question was answered, that was really cool. I need a good question to ask now lol.

    Thanks, Zelda universe! :)

    1. bastian says:

      Fi says you're welcome, and thanks for the great question. :D

  8. SheikfreakIvan says:

    You guys should have used her as Fi’s voice

    1. bastian says:

      She does a great job, but I doubt it would have worked scheduling-wise. There was a scheduling conflict with one of our other presenters, and instead of making you guys see me two weeks in a row, I came up with the Fi idea two days ago and quickly made the video. Probably wouldn't have been enough time to get her to record and do all those effects and everything and get it back to me in time to make a video to. But thanks for suggesting. Maybe we'll contact her about collaborating next time. :D

  9. Witchking says:

    Honestly I can't wait for an HD version of The Legend of Zelda to be released. But in my opinion, I would like to see an expansion of the story line. The story line seems to be the one thing that draws many people to the series in the first place, I know that's how it was with me. What would you say if Nintendo came out with a way to base the story line on the choices that the player made? Say… if the player did not manage to destroy a boss in a set amount of time and the boss somehow manage to escape from it's respective dungeon? Or if the main antagonist destroyed a village?

    1. Sounds interesting, but in the end it should still be a "happy" end like always.

      1. Witchking says:

        That was my intention, just a different way of approaching the chain of events from the usual 'bad guy kidnaps princess, hero goes after bad guy, hero needs special weapon to kill bad guy, bad guy is defeated by special weapon and the princess is saved.' That kind of thing… I want to be able to play the game differently each time I play ya'know? The dungeons look different each time you enter them… the monsters are able to counter your attacks and defeat you. That would be the perfect Zelda game!

  10. ganonlord6000 says:

    This was a really smart idea for the mailbag. Are you going to include other sidekicks at one point like Midna and Ezlo? I can already think of the way they would answer some of the questions.
    And this is aimed at the person who asked the second question: the golden goddesses actually were mentioned in SS . They are referred to as the old gods who created the Triforce.

  11. Frase says:

    0% probability the 3 goddesses were part of a creation myth

  12. I do trust all the ideas you’ve offered for your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for beginners. May just you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  13. X_factor says:

    Thanks Fi !!! (and Bastion:) )

  14. Squiggy says:

    Neat concept for a mailbag video, but I think Ghirahim would have been much more entertaining choice.

    Fi was actually one of my main disappointments about Skyward Sword. You'd think after Nintendo did a fantastic job with Midna, that Skyward Sword would ALSO have a sidekick supporting character that I can actually care about. Instead, I feel like I'm listening to a modestly hot DOS prompt.

    She can dance though. I'll give her that, at least. Just don't bet on her in a karaoke contest.

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