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Majora’s Mask has always been a highly sought after game due to its awkward release timing in Nintendo’s history. Launched at the very end of the Nintendo 64, Majora’s Mask has been considered one of the worst selling Zelda’s to date. This adventure set as shown above, is not just collectable and rare, but also extremely valuable.

Just how valuable?

Find out after the jump.

What would you think a reasonable value to put on this collectible adventure set? $200? $400?

Try over $3000. Not only is that a ridiculous amount of money, it is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on this game collectible. Maybe it’s because there were only 1000 of them ever made, maybe it’s because it’s for Majora’s Mask, one of the most sought after Zelda games of this generation. Who really knows?

What do you guys think? Would you be willing to fork over that much money for a game? Let us know in the comments.

Source: ZeldaDungeon
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55 thoughts on “Majora’s Mask adventure set is quite a lot of rupees

  1. Guil. says:

    If I had a ridiculous amount of money I would get that. Along with LA, MM is my favourite Zelda game. I love it. Id be lucky to get something like that.

    1. sparklessays says:

      I thought you said, I have a rediculous amount of money. But funny yeah, been there, played it and with LA most treasured decorated Zelda game in the cycle.

  2. Relyt64 says:

    Jealousy. …….must…….have…….*twitch*…..

  3. eldigato says:

    Anyone who would spend 3,000 dollars for something easily remade is an idiot. It's okay to be a fan, but not an obsessive one.

    1. Nitsirtriscuit says:

      We are all superfans on a site for superfans : : We are all obsessive, I daresay.

      1. prada says:

        crazy people! I'll make you a fantastic work of art if you commission that amount!

  4. Vladislak says:

    I liked Majora's Mask, but this is a bit too pricey in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have this, but if I had $3,000 excess cash lying around I'd save it and spend it gradually on each new Zelda game that comes out. No more going broke every time Nintendo releases a Zelda game. xD

  5. mastu says:


    its a collectors box. only 1k were made. it includes an OST, two pins, shirt and watch that were made back at launch, as well as the game. its not like people are paying 3k just for a factory sealed n64 game. hell even NES zelda 1 factory sealed barely breaks the $600-700 mark.

  6. Heroofwinds12 says:

    id buy it in a heartbeat.

  7. TTL says:

    Considering the turn around profit for that will only increase as time goes by . . .

    I'd love to have it in my collection. It's just impractical for me now. Not an ounce of judgement for anyone who does. I do own a hundred dollar Game Boy Camera that happens to be gold and have a certain game featured inside we probably all are familiar with. ;)

    1. Zelda3607 says:

      what game?

  8. @Sqmppq says:

    I know a guy who owns one of those!
    It's like in perfect shape, the shirt is still in plastic bag and the CD and game's box have never even been opened.
    He told me that it's the most valuable item he owns, so I asked him what is it worth. He said he could buy a car if he sold the box! :D

  9. sheikah girl says:

    I would buy this in a heartbeat… if I was rich :P

  10. Zelda3607 says:

    i don't like MM…but if it was OoT,ALttP,TP,ST,PH,of 1 of my other favorite Zelda games I'd buy it in a heartbeat If I had a lot of $.

    1. Zelda3607 says:

      I knew I'd get thumbs down for that but 4 words are the main reason why I don't like MM : Navi doesn't come back.

  11. Kargaroc says:

    So I guess this is the Nintendo World Championships of Zelda?

  12. Disciple of Midna says:

    I'll just go ahead and add this to my list of things to buy if I ever win the lottery….

  13. Ivan Braginsky says:

    Ehh I wouldn't pay that much considering I have the collector's edition of zelda for the game cube that comes with Majora's Mask. I'm more of a game player, not a game collector. I'm sure some people can relate~

  14. prada says:

    that is so ludicrous!

  15. Brendan says:

    "Majora’s Mask has always been a highly sought after game due to its awkward release timing in Nintendo’s history. Launched at the very end of the Nintendo 64…"

    Wait what?

    Majora's Mask PAL release: Novemeber 18 2000
    Gamecube PAL release: November 17 2001

    So one year prior is the end of the 64? What does that make Paper Mario's PAL release of October 5 2001?

    1. GuildedBlood says:

      towards the end might have been more appropriate, but the idea is still the same :/

  16. ooccoowarrior says:

    its over 9000!!!…..dollars

    1. Bobby Emerald says:

      …Except it's not.

  17. Alex says:

    I agree, anyone who purchases something that can be remade is rather foolish. Easy solutions:

    Shirt: make your own.

    Soundtrack: that's what the internet is for. It's quite a useful tool.

    pins: be creative

    Watch: just because it has MM logo? hah! ridiculous

  18. Tim says:

    Or u could of got it for free last month from club Nintendo…on the wii's virtual console, i think it's only 10$ still tho, u could get it for the GCN or wait until the remake for 3DS. Hell! There will probably be a port for Majora's Mask on Wii U just get it already and don't waste 3,000$.

    1. Trolldad says:

      We're not talking about the game,
      We're talking about the adventure set above which is pretty rare

  19. sparklessays says:

    I think this is an apppropiate place to expound on the beauties of Majora's Mask, It has the sea and a storybook coast where a fortune could be made. What we know most of all, above all is that the Zora are at the mercy of the pirates, that they in essence rape a mermaid of her eggs. And the town is liking of these Pirates, who are clearly not above he ethnic cleansing of the Zora group under their thumb. And if the witch mothers of ganondorf are there under assumed names you know that those Deku's are being tooled by someone, maby it's the Goron's maby it's those damn evil Romani, Link can barely look past their daughters, to see the true wreckage of their ancestral reckoning in Slaves.
    Meanwhile In the mountains, somehing completely diferent is happening, one sences scene from a twilight princess, but we aren't quite there yet. Te Ice temple is the most infuriating temple in the Zelda Cannon while also being threateningly beautiful. This brings to issue Gannon, who is never far from the heart of the series structure. Is he an evil Villan, or a marvelous Svengali, and links accomplice in the booking and sale of our attention spans. What are we booking and selling our attention spans to?

  20. sparklessays says:

    I think the key doing we have from that era of Link is a right to look for close connectionships between the Royal Family of Hyrule, the Army, the Greudo, and Ganondorf and see what exactly is granting Ganon with the degrees with which he cacn reach a royal family member like that. It's just more conspicuous that the family member is no more than a flower girl, a hostage.
    And it is in Major's Mask, the Mask being the Moon Dropping Event of the dubious "plot". Where the plot thickens is that there are different reigning ancestries and tribes politically distinct from one another except, one supposes, the Hylians of the town and the Hylians of the sea. Overall the time period is something about the whole setting which sugests the Baltic around 1300 A.D. the time of state cathedrals and Small Kingdoms with clock towers and palace engineers. Strip away the insides of the temples, and what do you have, an Carrolesque of the Medieval, Replete with a dictionary of things which are merely motifs of human life. The Sword slashing, horse riding boyhood fantasy, about to become bitterly untold for the first time in a game.

  21. @tirkovo says:

    I have a custom made shirt, found the MM OST online, can do without the pins, and would rather wait for a 3DS remake. I'd rather put $3000 towards a new guitar.

  22. Blake Condit says:

    Yes….. just yes. JUST TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!!!

    1. spiffmaster says:

      I have one for sale.
      Sad to let it go but i have to:-(
      Never ben opend new in box

      Will ship to wherever there is a zelda fan!
      Hope this ends up at a real fan and not a random dealer..

  23. sparklessays says:

    So in essence Link goes to the Happy City, he is a guest there. There are pleasnt vibrations coming from the game though after all, but it is the pleasantness of Rabelais, a Mesopotamian prince who lives charmed and wealthy life. Like, perhaps our Girahim will enjoy if he too weren't a pimp bitch stealer, Zelda is becoming a young woman and still the creeps are after her. All in all though we know there is an Orientalism behind the Ganon archetype, there is some distant force or degree that brings him to hunt Link, make him a burden to the state of Termina, and eventually put his life at risk, in some sort of examination, the portrait of which is becoming jollier with each new edition of the Zelda franchise. Some sort of sword fighting jungle book mayhem is what awaits the children of tomorrow. Wait a minute, the jungle book was about multilingualism and learning the law, is Majora's Mask about that too? Can it be that behind all the representative sword slashing troll killing there's actually a philosophy at work?
    Let's look at Majora's Mask as a dictionary of motifs. It is hyper historical, architectured to reign over the prevailing context for certain archetypes in our century. and a new model for archetcture on the present medium, Sixty Four bit PC. Everyman is not a studio, but the studio of zelda makers turn to architecture as the wish fulfilling prophetic handwriting of humankind, which i was an error ever to depart from in focus. But people eventually were led off course by the zodiac for the sake of religion. And that is where the Moon comes in, the Moon is the Satirical reign of common sense over society, and irony that gets resolved in moral affirmative as link sends the moon to space again with the assistance of giants.
    Which brings in a fascinating sociological perspective on Zelda players. The readers of the Zelda text are not meant to be more then children and the whole thing is set out from a childlike perspective, across which Nintendo has deployed various gaming memes to varying degrees of success over the years. They've earned themselves the Peter Pan lookalike status with the latest edition of the game, Skyward Sword on Wii, but that was still years away for Nintendo Studios at the time of Majora's Mask, and in making Majora's Mask they were relying on a western storytelling tradition of true grit. If it remains for us Hylians to be responsible consumers of media, then we are going to have to determine how much of a study into Orientalism we must make in order for our understanding of the political motifs of the plot to apply and then to reapply them without causing abuse. Said, Edward. Covering Islam. Vintage, New York 1997. Print.

  24. Brendan says:

    it is a awesome game, but not worth that much!

  25. meorge says:

    Worst selling Zelda game? The CD-I games beg to differ.

  26. Ashmic says:

    They should have zelda girl and boy scouts with majoras mask as a badge/pin lol

    1. sparklessays says:

      By the bull that bought me, only if Zelda can Co-Exist with the Jungle Book.

  27. cherrysheii says:

    First of all, being creative and economically smart would be another option to avoid spending that much of money. But NOTHING compares to the feeling of ACTUALLY having the originality and RARITY that this adventure set has; heck, I would be proud to purchase the set if I had the money! … You can also be able to rub it in the face of those envious Zelda collectors.

    1. TTL says:

      Damn right, it's the history! The information! That's the true spirit of the collector!

  28. Marco says:

    I would spend 3000 dollars if you create termina field in the real world, maybe in north Africa, I want clock town with all charachters etc. etc. in this world, 3 days costs 3000 dollars and after that who paied die because of the moon. sorry for my very bad english!

  29. Draconai says:

    This is why I need money. It doesn't matter how 'easily alternative' everything is – this is the OFFICIAL tawagoto. That means original game STILL IN ITS ORIGINAL CASE (although you do need an N64 to play it), OFFICIALLY MADE Majora shirt, watch, and pins (those are Majora shirt pins, right?), and a PHYSICAL COPY of the soundtrack. I'd easily be willing to pay three, three and a half thousand dollars for it if I had that kind of dough. You're not an idiot for wanting to buy something like that – you're a hardcore Zelda fan. There's a difference.

    1. TTL says:

      You, are my kind of person. Thanks for getting it! ;D

  30. Olle says:

    if i had the money, and money to spare after i bought this, i would buy it. i could buy a cheaper car or live cheaper a while to get this.

  31. EmuFan says:

    I remember those! I saw them on the web when they first arrived.. I also remember they were a LOT cheaper back then. And i also remember i wanted one. Should have gotten one, seriously.

  32. John says:

    Hate to load up the game only to find that BEN DROWNED

  33. Mikael says:

    Ugh, seriously?

    I can buy the game (even though I already own it), make my own disc cover with a custom-labeled burnt disc containing the soundtrack I downloaded from ZU (thanks guys, for that!), make my own t-shirt, all under the budget of at most, $200. Sheesh.

    Someone can easily undermine this price with a better pack. It's not worth 3,000. I do not care if there was only 200 made. Jeez.

    1. TTL says:

      The difference between your 200 and their 3000? Nintendo. This was a piece of the history of the game back when it came out. I'd gladly pay the difference to get the real story of the game instead of an imitation.

  34. Lucius Optimus says:

    Thats a crazy amount of money! and I thought the Adventure of Link was expensive when I bought it!

  35. Znyder says:

    Sweet that I got my copy at home ;)

  36. Frank Fenster says:

    Found this on an Swedish ebaysite

  37. Mogan23 says:

    one of the best Zelda games ever <3 love it ! <3

  38. Brushk01aaron says:

    i didnt know i was this famous !!! _Sorry guys i have sold the game :( _

  39. Robinwrangel says:

    I have one of those in great condition nr 0086/1000 in great condition only thing used is the game tried it out when I first got it and I have also had some listenings to the soundtrack, everything else is is in brand new condition! If U are interested in buying it email me @

  40. spiffmaster says:

    I have one for sale.
    Sad to let it go but i have to:-(
    Never ben opend new in box

    Will ship to wherever there is a zelda fan!
    Hope this ends up at a real fan and not a random dealer..

  41. balenciaga says:

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