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Ocarina of Time is a game that can easily be broken into and the features simply changed to the user’s liking. YouTuber Spinout182 has recently created a hack which allows up to four Links to play in a cool co-op setup at a time. Up to four friends can play together through the adventure of this wonderful Zelda game. Also another YouTuber jman990 has created a run-through video which shows how you can create this hack for yourself. You can check this video out after the break.

What do you think of this hack? Will you be doing it yourself? Do you think that future Zelda games should have the ability to feature multiplayer gameplay? Let us know in comments!

Source: ZeldaDungeon

20 thoughts on “Ocarina of Time hack allows co-op multiplayer feature

  1. Rauru says:

    FiRsT LoL

      1. Ashmic says:

        And I hope you get arrested for stupidity

  2. David says:

    That wasn't very good… And that guy's couldn't get anymore monotone :') lol

  3. SFSniper says:

    You do all do realize that you can play multiplayer zelda deathmatch in ocarina of time full map of hyrule with zelda skins and graphics with Halo Custom Edition. I've been playing Zelda multiplayer for years. There are also separate maps for just the spirit temple, the forest temple, kokiri forest, and ganon's castle to name a few.

  4. GigaBuster says:

    it would be great if they could make a hack to the game-play is centered around four-swords/minish cap mechanics, because that would be freaking awesome!

  5. Ashmic says:

    seen this a long time ago, does this mean technically u can make any game multiplayer LOL

  6. Thomas G. says:

    This hack is interesting too. Playing Multiplayer Golden Eye in Kakariko Village. you can download the hack from and here is a YouTube Video:

  7. mrnjlw1090 says:

    This could be used as a Four Swords TC.

  8. prada says:

    I would be really amazed if you could do this in WW or TP

  9. Denis says:

    I've seen it before. nothing new.

    1. bastian says:

      That's actually not the case, what you saw was a broken, unfinished hack. This story is about someone who tried out that hack and saw how broke it was and then massively improved upon it making the game fully playable in multiplayer.

  10. XCuber2 says:

    Wouldn't the term "multi-player" typically suggest multiple players, as in more than one person playing?

  11. jewfro says:

    sure bra

  12. Diqus says:


  13. lounes says:


  14. wade says:

    i agree with COLL!!!! but I would love a 2 player option!

  15. wade says:

    my computer auto corrected the word cool

  16. Merrick says:

    Wow. I wish I could make this hack, but the video isn’t uploaded anymore. :(

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