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Rauru and Kaepora Gaebora

Hyrule Historia is turning out to be a treasure trove of confirmations. Thanks to this amazing book and the fans translating it into English, we have yet another long-debated piece of Hyrule triva confirmed to be fact: Keapora Gaebora, the owl seen in Ocarina of Time, is in fact the Light Sage Rauru.

Finally revealed on a page about Keapora Gaebora, the text says:

Rauru. He’s the sage who built the Temple of Time in ancient times. Before Link pulled the Master Sword out, he followed Link’s adventures as the owl Kaepora Gaebora.

Many Zelda fans have thought for over a decade that this was the case, but with little actual evidence it could not be proven until now.

What do you think about this one? And what other sorts of confirmations do you think will be unearthed in the book?

Source: GlitterBerri

88 thoughts on “Hyrule Historia confirms Ocarina of Time owl is Rauru

  1. Paperclipkiller says:

    Now what about the Keapora Gaebora that is in Majora's Mask? Is that the same one, or possibly a mirror of him?

    1. bastian says:

      I think we're lead to believe that Majora's Mask is like an alternate universe and that's why we see so many familiar faces.

      1. Paperclipkiller says:

        So would that mean that there is alternate versions of all the sages? I don't remember an Impa like Character in Majora's Mask for example. Of course I may just be looking into this to much :)

    2. xwatchmanx says:

      The owl in Majora's Mask talks as if he doesn't even know Link, so it's pretty certain that it's just an alternate mirror of Kaepora Gaebora, the same way So many other characters in Majora's Mask are.

    3. Albertouz_linker says:

      the simple answer is: the game was for the n64 nintendo didnt have enought room or space memory to create new character designs! if majoras mask was released on gc or wii then many of the characters in mm would look totally different than oot.

  2. Tom says:

    What happened to the Gossip Stones saying he could be a fusion. I thought the name given to Zelda's dad in SS meant something. But looks like they just made a non-existent link.

    1. bastian says:

      Both can be true. Zelda's father can be the first incarnation. Then reincarnated as Rauru centuries later. Then reincarnated as the owl after that. They're not mutually exclusive.

      1. KidNintendus says:

        I don't think that Rauru was reincarnated into the owl because Kaepora Gaebora and Rauru are both in Ocarina of Time.

      2. Dionysian says:

        Preeeety sure you don't get a a say, dude. It's just been confirmed that it's true.

        Rauru is only present as the sage in OoT. He doesn't exist in a mortal form alongside Kaepora at any point, so it's totally plausible that they are the same in spirit.

      3. Corson says:

        actually you see him after you leave the forest and then later you see ganondorf bowing down in front of him (even though you dont see rauru i think zelda said he was, although i might be wrong)

      4. Eddy says:

        You see Zelda bowing down before Zelda's father the king of Hyrule, which is not confirmed to be Rauru in Ocarina of Time, but I've suspected it is

      5. Eddy says:

        *Ganondorf bowing

      6. TheMaverickk says:

        Actually the truth is that we only have fan translations right now. To be honest since I don't understand Japanese or all the ins and outs of it that there can be misinterpretations.

        Also despite this book being created as an official product, that doesn't mean that aspects of the book will change in the future.

        I've seen plenty of aspects of Zelda change over the years, and new interpretations and new revisions to the series. Despite all this being fairly informative, I still view a lot of this info as tentative almost as the series could change drastically with the next Zelda release.

        I have to agree that it's actually a very interesting means of explaining reincarnation….. apparently Keapora Geabora is the reincarnation of Rauru, but at the same time Rauru exists prior to Keapora Geabora.

        All things considered Rauru should be the reincarnation of Keapora Geabora, and not the other way around. Unless it's kind of like a magical thing where he was Rauru original in ancient times, and then became an Owl during the time of Link's childhood, and then reverted to a human form during the time that Link became an Adult.

        So yeah see, there's actually something very convoluted in this fact, which makes me call to question whether this translation of the Japanese text may not be the most accurate interpretation.

        I'd like to see NoA translate and produce the book here in NA and see what their translation will say.

    2. Craig says:

      I believe that Gaepora became the first sage after Skyward Sword… Rauru is one of his descendants and used the 2 names that made up the name Gaepora in tribute.

      1. Craig says:

        I also believe that Professor Owlan and Horwell too become two of the other sages… Gaepora was the Sage of Light, Owlan the Sage of Forest and Horwell the Sage of Spirit. This is also why I believe Gaepora was dressed similar to Rauru purposely AND the original artwork of the sages years ago had them wearing Red scarf-like garments with orange diamonds on… I believe this was a design choice based on tribute being the 25th anniversary.

  3. qwert9579 says:

    all the sages were dead right? that was like heaven or something

    1. TheMaverickk says:

      The sacred realm isn't heaven. It's a seperate realm created to protect the Triforce. It seems to be a world that the Triforce created actually. As a result the world reflects the Triforce owners wishes.

      In Ocarina of Time no one owns the entire Triforce so the realm doesn't look any different then what it was made to look like.

      In Link to the Past, Ganon actually managed to have all 3 pieces of the Triforce and the Sacred Realm warped into the Dark World.

      So basically it's not heaven…. the thing about the sages is I assume when their sage powers have awakened they are able to manifest as both physical and spiritual entities. As you see them turn into pure balls of energy and light. I don't believe that they are dead though.

      Especially when you put into perspective that apparently sages can die. In Wind Waker the Master Sword loses it's power to repel evil because Laruto and Fado died in their respective temples.

      Also in Twilight Princess the sage of water died as well. When Ganondorf broke free he stabs the spiritual entity that was the Sage of Water and it's assumed that they died and no longer existed in any form.

      So I believe that most sages are in fact considered to be alive, and not in heaven.

  4. robotortoise says:

    They're not leaving anything for us to speculate about anymore.

    ….this is very awesome indeed! ;)

    1. GenmaTheSamurai says:

      with the exception of who Majora is it seems -_-

  5. Thareous says:

    Gaepora could've become Rauru after Skyward Sword's time, and later on in the centuries taken the form of Kaepora Gaebora. I'm glad to see this mystery has been resolved either way.

    1. Pat says:

      So, if Gaepora is the father of Zelda, Maybe Rauru is an ancient King of Hyrule

      1. Gerudude says:

        Then what about Johanson of Hyrule from WW??

      2. Gerudude says:

        I ment Daphness Nohamsen or something. Haven't played it in a very very very long time.

    2. @chriscrk says:

      Why would Gaepora become Rauru? And if so, why change his name to Rauru? I don't see why exactly they have to be the same two people, just because they have similar names and design doesn't mean they're the same. He has the same name because the design was similar, that's all…

  6. AXBHikaru says:

    I hope they put an end to all the debates so we can just enjoy the franchise from now on.

    1. Rockman82 says:

      Honestly, I think that's what they're intending to do.

  7. Colin says:

    Reincarnation? That can't be possible. A physical manifestation in the world outside the Spirit Realm maybe, but a reincarnation means something else entirely.

    1. Cody says:

      Think that was just a matter of wording.

    2. bastian says:

      That was my error, thanks for pointing that out. :D

  8. Mike says:

    What about Gaepora from SS?

    1. bastian says:

      Perhaps he's the first incarnation of Rauru?

  9. @chriscrk says:

    Aww cool! I was just reading about this very subject on the Zelda wikia lastnight and looking in to it a bit more in detail, it's nice to see it confirmed :)

  10. GuildedBlood says:

    Two things have caught my eye from the official timeline and I'm just going to say what I've learned. The Minish Cap, which is the "sequel" to Skyward Sword talk about the Picori. And the Picori apparently came down from the sky.(If you think I'm lying, look it up) So what does this mean?

    The Skyloftians became the Picori when they all travelled down from the sky one day.

    And Since Gaebora from Skyward Sword is the father of Zelda, it only makes sense as each Zelda is reincarnated, the father is also reincarnated or at least the bloodline continues. My opinion personally since we never see the actual King of Hyrule in OoT is that Rauru/ Keapora Gaebora is the Light Guardian and the King of Hyrule.

    1. @chriscrk says:

      Isn't it a bit drastic to assume that the Skyloftians evolved in to the Picori? It seems like a huge change, and not a very necessary one either. Usually when a species evolves, it's for a reason, but idk. It seems like something big to assume with no back up. It seems more reasonable to assume they turned in to the Ooca imo.

      I also don't see why Rauru would be the King in OoT. We know that Rauru is Kaepora when Link is a child, so why should he be the King? There's no reason to assume that as far as I'm concerned.

      The similarity in name between Gaepora and Gaebora was because of the design of the character, I'm sure I read it in an interview. They said they turned out similar, so they'd give him that name… I don't think it has much more meaning behind it.

      1. GuildedBlood says:

        Well, in relation to the two games (SS and MC) which of both I am playing right now, The Picori came from the sky with their hero. I kind of want to say SS Link is The Hero of the Sky for this reason. Also, there are still members of the Skyloftians who haven't evolved into Picori, BUT, remain in the sky if you do remember. The Picori were the first humans/human-like creatures in Hyrule (not counting Gorons, Mogmas, etc.)

        I assumed these things because of similarities that are just too hard to ignore. Rauru looks like the King of Hyrule, you can't really deny that. And it also makes sense as he relies on the Spirit Realm and Keapora Gaebora to communicate with Link once Hyrule is taken over by Ganondorf and when he is a child because of his kingly duties. Think about it, you never do see the King of Hyrule in OoT do you? Hopefully, Hyrule Historia has most, if not all the answers for us.

      2. flash says:

        This is about the only 'blind stab in the dark' theory I've heard that I actually like.

        That the king of Hyrule is actually the only sage who has been awakened the whole time (and is operating in secret) makes a lot of sense. His appearance/projection of the owl (using an ancestral name as cover?) to guide Link also ties up with the King using the Lion Boat to guide Link in Wind Waker.

        I think this actually holds up to a deeper look, well done

      3. Eddy says:

        I've always suspected that the Zelda's father in OoT is Rauru. But think of the ironic implications. If Gaepora/Rauru, the wise sage that guides Link, is also Zelda's father the king of Hyrule, why does he not listen to Zelda's dream warning about Ganondorf's rebellion against the kingdom of Hyrule? He simultaneously guides Link in his journey to free Hyrule from Ganondorf, even before it happens, and is duped by Ganondorf's plot to do this very thing

      4. @chriscrk says:

        Yeah, I played SS and played MC straight after, and I can see how the legend shown at the very start of MC resembles what happens in SS. But I don't believe they're the same legend. It doesn't say the Hero came down from the sky, it says that the Picori gave the hero the Picori Blade. Also, the blade given to him is later placed on a coffin, and after it breaks, it becomes the Four Swords, meaning that the blade brought down by the Picori can't be the Master Sword (how could we have the Master Sword in the future if this happened?).

        Although I do know what you mean, I also thought that SS Link was the Hero of Men depicted in the MC legend at the start, after reading in to it more and talking to other people, it seems unlikely they're the same legend.

        Yeah, at the end of SS we have the Skyloftians who stay in Skyloft and the one's that go down to the land below. Tbh, as far as I'm concerned, Skyloftians = Hylians. They have the pointy ears and all, they were on the land below before all evil broke loose, and they were then sent to the sky, being protected by Hylia, because they are the "superior" race in Hyrule, aren't they? So some Hylians stay in Skyloft, others (Zelda, Link, Groose, and I'd assume Zelda's dad goes down and thus starts the Royal Family with him or something along those lines, as he and Zelda would be the first one's to descend to the land below, Hyrule, before the others and gain their importance like that).

        I'm not convinced that the Picori came from the Skyloftians.

        About Rauru, idk, I think it's more convincing that Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule is more likely to be the King we didn't see in OoT, rather than Rauru. Sure, Rauru has the look of a king, but we could also say that he has the look of an ancient wise man, a sage. If Rauru is the King in OoT, and thus is Kaepora, this would mean that the King is helping Link fufill the quest his daughter asked Link to embark on, which esentially means that Kaepora agrees with what Zelda is saying about Ganondorf being an evil man, with bad intentions, and plans to take over Hyrule. But we know that the King doesn't believe this story, Zelda says so herself when you first meet her.

        If the King in OoT = Kaepora/Rauru, it means that he believes what Zelda says about Ganondorf, and in that case, it seems more logical that the King would be aware of what Ganondorf's intentions are and he'd use his authority to lock him up, preventing the whole adventure Link goes on in OoT.

        But yeah, hopefully Hyrule Historia will reveal more stuff, but it's still fun theorizing :)

      5. JFTHogeling says:

        Keapora Gaebora isn't the king of Hyrule. why else wouldn't he listen to Zelda's warnings about Gannondorf but still aid Link to stop him. doesn't add up. Ruaru could however be a member of Zelda's bloodline.

      6. Eddy says:

        I think you have to realize that all of the Zelda games are parallel in many respects. Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf, for instance, all reincarnate throughout the series. It makes sense that Rauru/Gaepora/Gaebora also would. The reason one would assume that Rauru is Zelda's father the king of Hyrule is in flash's response below, concerning Zelda's father in Wind Waker and his King of Red Lions boat incarnation and human incarnation. And I remember hearing IGN say that Nintendo itself confirmed that Gaebora from SS is analogous to Gaepora from OoT.

      7. heroofmasks says:

        accually it seems the same ganondorf is the same in all the games he got both his mothers ability to age a long time plusthe only time he really dies is in ww alttp and tp all of wich has no game with him appearing after them

      8. @chriscrk says:

        In SS it's explained, by Demise, that Ganondorf is basically a re-incarnation of his [Demise's] hate, he says that his hate will forever be reborn in a never ending cycle, and that the one's who share the blood of the Goddess (Zelda and her descendants), and the spirit of the Hero (not necessarily direct descendants of Link in SS, just the chosen one's who share the spirit), are doomed to battle against him and the darkness he brings.

        So it's basically these three which will always come back. It doesn't mean that every other character needs to have a parallel in different games.

  11. Fraz says:

    How can Gaepora be Rauru who is in turn Keapora Gaebora when the temple of time is already made in the time of skyward sword. (above it says Rauru built the temple of time)

    1. @chriscrk says:

      No where does it say officially that Gaepora is Rauru. Some people think that, I don't see much of a basis in it though.

      I don't think the Temple of Time which was built by Rauru is the same one as the one we see in SS. I mean, for starters, they're in two different places geographically.

      1. Rockman82 says:

        And another thing is the Temple of Time in Skyward Sword doesn't house the Master Sword in the end.

      2. Eddy says:

        I remember IGN saying that Nintendo confirmed that Gaepora is indeed Kaepora Gaebora

      3. Eddy says:

        whoops, I found the source and I appear to be mistaken. But I think Anouma is spouting hogwash. After all, didn't he tell IGN that there was no roman between Link and Zelda in Skyward Sword?

      4. Eddy says:


      5. @chriscrk says:

        Did he say that? From what I remember, when asked about what Zelda was going to say to Link right before she was sucked up by the tornado (in that romantic moment), he said that he wanted to leave that for fans to speculate. I don't remember him saying there's no romance… He never says there IS or there ISN'T, he just it's up to fans to make out of that scene what they want to make out of it.

      6. Eddy says:

        The people at IGN say that he told them personally when they asked him about it. It was on a Nintendo Voice Chat, so it wasn't on the record or anything

  12. FierceDeityDan says:

    They said that when they made the game they named him Gaepora because thats how the character ended up looking like, not because it is a link to another game.

  13. Penguino says:

    The gossip stones in the woods of ocarina of time says the owl is the reincarnation of an old sage…and then in skyward sword Zelda’s dad has the name gaebora and when you first meet him in skyward sword after hes done talking he says hoo hoo….like the owl…and he also has those eyebrows like the owl…so isn’t it obvious that Zelda’s dad from skyward sword really is the owl???

    1. @chriscrk says:

      Those things you said at the end don't mean anything, honestly. From what I understand, they designed the character of Gaepora in SS, and seeing the resemblance he had with Kaepora, they decided to name him in a similar fashion. I think it's safe to say that after that, just for kicks, they threw in stuff like to owl noises he makes and so on. But no, this doesn't make it "obvious" that they're the same character.

  14. Bobby says:

    It seems to me that Nintendo is just telling us what we want to hear … either way, I don't really care! I love the confirmation

  15. Viscen says:

    Then how long have the sages been around? It says Rauru built the Temple of Time, but the Temple of Time was present in SS

    1. @chriscrk says:

      Is it the same Temple of Time though? Based on it's design and location, they don't seem to be the same temple…

      1. Eddy says:

        I'm guessing Rauru (who is an "ancient sage") builds it in each incarnation. After all, what is meant by "ancient"? He alive in OoT, but called an ancient sage, so I'm assuming he's been around for ages

  16. Artine says:

    The King of Hyrule is Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, not Gaepora/Gaebora/Rauru. Just clearing that up – Zelda's dad in OoT was DNH, not Gaepora/Gaebora/Rauru.

    1. Quelorié says:

      There was more than one King of Hyrule…. Daphnes Nohansen was king just before the flooding of Hyrul and the Wind Waker, trust me, you can look it up.

  17. Steelheart says:

    I don’t get it, in the legend of zelda TWW the zelda’s father was

    Albus Nohasen Hyrule ( i don’t know if it’s correctly written) and in SS

    Is the owl, sorry if my english sucks.

    1. Rockman82 says:

      Well you have to remember that Zelda in Skyward Sword isn't a princess at all. In fact, I don't even consider her to ever become a princess. She's just the goddess reborn. So it's understandable that her father isn't the king of Hyrule, because the kingdom of Hyrule hasn't been established yet. There are ancient temples and stuff, but no monarch.

    2. Smoore says:

      ALBUS Dumbledore is from Harry Potter.

      DAPHNES Nohansen Hyrule.

  18. Smoore says:

    I was really warming up to the idea that Gaepora became the owl. This book is really screwing up everything I thought made sense about Zelda. Grrrrr…….

    1. Eddy says:

      Why believe the book? Didn't it say that the meaning of the ancient Skyward Sword language is undecipherable? And then someone goes and translates the language based on text within the game itself…

    2. heroofmasks says:

      accually that name was the name og the king who was ruling at the time ganon broke his seal according to the story at the beginning its been atlease a good 100 years or more before ganon broke free people prob had forgoten about him

  19. Kirbymoose says:

    Will someone ever translate the whole book into english

    and not only parts of it cuz I’m really confused right now at first I thought the owl would be Zelda’s dad from SS but the book says its Rauru…

    1. Eddy says:

      A ZU member is translating it (

      As for your theory expectations, Why believe the book? Didn't it say that the meaning of the ancient Skyward Sword language is undecipherable? And then someone goes and translates the language based on text within the game itself…

  20. Supermegablue says:

    I think alot of the confusion about this book comes from the traslations in different ways.
    1. we dont have the full book translated yet, only fragments that tells us parts of the confirmations.
    2. there could be mistranslations from the translators side, I want to wait for an official translations before making any solid statements.

    I love these confirmations and my backing up or disproving my theories! Hope it will be a translated one soon.

  21. Baker1000 says:

    I'll be honest, the thought never crossed my mind.

  22. SilverArcher says:

    Each time I see something about the book, I like it less. First that… “extrange´´ chronology and now they make true a rumor of the Internet that is not mentioned in the whole game.
    Who wrote that book? Are we SURE that it can be considered canon? Also, it has a lot of unused , non-canon stuff . Maybe it's like the mangas or the comics.

  23. isha says:

    i want to add something… they both look like zelda's father in ss haha

  24. Tony Iommi says:

    I need to know if the guy with one eye is the soldier seven years ago, or the kid playing with a stick in the graveyard

  25. Ashmic says:

    Y would his name be the name of zelda's father, : i don't like this confirmation,

  26. NotSoHappySurprise says:

    You can also see the owl as an adult Link in the desert colossus. Aww.. It would have been much more exiting, if he would have been Gaebora from SS.

  27. somecrazyguy says:

    question. why would the owl, if he is rauru, tell link AFTER link has timetraveled, that he didnt beleive in someone who timetraveled????

  28. Chaos says:

    That sage guy looks like zelda's dad from skyword sword…

  29. DominionBlade says:

    They say before he pulled the master sword. But when Link has just learned the Requiem of Spirit, You see Keapore Gaebora flying away. So does Rauru have a twin or what?

    1. Woody says:

      It's called transformation

  30. marco says:

    not to spoil anyone but it might be true that sages reincarnated into animal. at the end of phantom hourglass,
    the guy that you help becomes a whale.and in link awakening when you play those instrument to wake up that whale the island disapear

  31. riza.suharja says:

    thank you.great post

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  33. It could be. Maybe they got out of Termina; Tingle did somehow. Maybe Ganon traveled to Termina to have them make those swords, seeing as how they make the best swords. Or maybe the parallel versions of them in Hyrule have the same names; it is possible. Or – this may be some radical thinking here – it could be that the names have no canonical significance at all and it was an easter egg nintendo threw in for those that bothered to translate the Ancient Hylian on the Phantom Ganon swords.

  34. Tirsorex says:

    Or the realm of the ocean king IS termina but flooded? It is an alternate universe than that of the wind waker so why not?

  35. Link says:

    It is confirmed an alternate world, if you read the info on the collectors edition it says so. (Go over game and press Z)

  36. vrosado6119 says:

    They probably do have counteparts in hyrule. After all, a lot of the characters in majora's mask who have counterparts in hyrule have the same name as them(Koume and Kotake are good examples) or they might have their names revealed in one game but not in the other(one example is Anju from MM who's counterpart is simply called the cucco lady in OoT).Tingle probably just has a hyrulean counter part which appears in FSA and TWW. The FSA one being the most direct counterpart due too being in the same timelina branch(Child timeline= Oot-MM-TP-FSA).

  37. LinkedTHRULife says:

    You know I always thought that.

  38. @chriscrk says:

    It's just too far fetched to bring up a theory like that. It has no basis at all tbh. It's like me saying "Maybe the Mogmas mated with the skyloftians and the Picori were born." It has no support at all…

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