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Can you read it?

Since early screenshots were released showing this brand new form of Hylian, Zelda fans have been hard at work translating it. Hyrule Historia says that the alphabet was “too ancient to translate” but clearly they underestimated Zelda Universe forum member Sarinilli who was able to crack the code via some small text found in the Lanayru section of the game.

Want the font? Hit the jump!

Those trying to translate this early form of Hylian were having difficulties with the letters J, Q, and X. And it certainly didn’t help that the description in Hyrule Historia painted a daunting picture of the task, saying:

“Alphabet existing from the reign of the goddess Hylia. It can be seen in various locations such as in Skyloft and the pedestal of the Goddess’ Sword where it is enshrined. This ancient text can not be translated.”

A lesser fan might have been discouraged by this passage from Hyrule Historia, but not Sarinilli. She was finally able to crack the code by examining some small text on signs in the game.

“If you take the alphabet and break it down into four lines, three of 8 and one with the remaining two as so:


then take a look at those signs in Lanayru with the tiiiinnny text, you can see the pattern actually fits.”

Thanks to that dedication we can now successfully translate all of the ancient Hylian in Skyward Sword, and have a fun font to boot!

To download the font, visit Sarinilli’s deviantART page for it here.

Thanks so much to Sarinilli for contacting us about her hard work at cracking the code and creating the font.

42 thoughts on “Skyward Sword’s Hylian alphabet fully translated,font provided

  1. Tai says:

    Awesome, I Might Use This For Confidential Letters!

    1. Guil. says:

      Would not be wise since every Zelda fan knows them by now.

  2. Merq says:

    <3 <3 <3

  3. It's not showing up. It's registering that I'm typing, but it's "invisible".

    1. bastian says:

      It worked fine for me… That's how I created the text in the header image above. Strange.

    2. Sarinilli says:

      That's odd.. it works fine in photoshop and notepad .

  4. Scizor says:

    Too ancient? Subtle hints ftw!
    Awesome that he managed to do this!

  5. Thareous says:

    I think this font should be available on ZU as well, so that later on, when this article's been drowned out by new ones, people can still get it from the Font Section.

    1. Sarinilli says:

      I already let the staff know they could host it. :3

      1. GuildedBlood says:

        great work Sarinilli!

    2. Doctor Who? says:

      Yes! We need Hylian as a font for ZU posts! Yes!!!

  6. MDH says:

    So… any attempts to translate in-game text written in that font?

    1. Merq says:

      Yep, most of it, if not all. Check this thread on the forums:

      1. Merq says:

        Oh, the thread is in the SS spoilers section, so possible spoilers.

  7. kenrick says:

    im prety certain this is truly translated but i know a bunch of people that are questioning the validity of this due to some lack of evidence or something.

  8. Sarinilli says:

    They need to check the forums link. There are spoilers, yes, but the proof is there. I wouldn't have finalized the font with the last three characters if it wasn't obvious. :3

  9. BlackOwlDog says:

    If you can read this then you are nearly as awesome as Ba… Oh, I get it…

    1. bastian says:

      Ha. Nearly. ;)

  10. Pretzelman says:

    "If you can
    read this
    then you are
    nearly as
    awesome as

    1. bastian says:

      Heh, good job. ;)

  11. James says:

    O and Z are the same

  12. @Luciano_Ger says:

    O And Z are the same T_T

  13. qwert9579 says:

    if you can read this then you are nearly as awesome as bastian. proud of my effort

    1. bastian says:

      Nearly, nearly. :D

  14. CJ! says:

    YAY! I gots da font now! hay, any chance any of you guys now where I can get some Zelda sounds now? since I know I'll have to download them I wounderd if you guys new of a safe site. I wanna make it so that the sound my lap top plays when it's battery gets low is the sounds of Links hearts getting low XP.

  15. link says:

    If you traslate the sing in the top of the light tower on Skyloft you see the next :


    In that order …

  16. Daft says:

    It says 'If you can read this you are nearly as awesome as Bastian'.
    Now someone kindly explain that to me.
    And B and W are exactly the same!

    1. bastian says:

      ;) Nearly.

  17. ZeldaLover says:

    I made this as a testing and sure enough it works!!!
    This is a tribute also to the young lady or man responcible for giving dare i say one of the best gifts to zelda fans alike

  18. GrammaShoop says:

    There is text on the pedestal from which link draws the skyward sword. It reads "Hylia"

  19. Feli says:

    Inside the Statue of the Goddess in the panel you place the 3 tablets (on the blue wing emblem you hit with a Skyward Strike) It is surrounded by a text that i cant translate be cause some of the letters are damaged … someone has some clue?

  20. Shade's Compendium says:

    Yeah, the beedle sign litterally says "Sold Out". The two O's make it easy to deduce 5 letters.

  21. Ruben Myrhagen says:

    i got as far as if you can read this you are very ( i asume it is the same as this. 1f y0u c4n r34d 7h15 message which means i can fill in the blanks! question is… which ones do i pick because there are many different ones! and i’m lazy!

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