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The Legend of Zelda LEGO

Ever dreamed of owning a LEGO set entirely based of The Legend of Zelda?

LEGO has been a favourite toy for most for many years, and why not support the idea of having LEGO create The Legend of Zelda series as the much loved toy we all know?

A ZU member by the name of Mingles has created a thread in our forums where you can support the idea of The Legend of Zelda being transformed and sold as official bits and pieces of LEGO.

More information after the jump!

Mingles has created his very own 3D models of The Legend of Zelda LEGO pieces thanks to the wonder of 3D printing, which he hopes soon will become a reality. He’s even created a whole lot of the much beloved items and weapons that all Zelda fans know:

LoZ LEGO set 1

LoZ LEGO set 2

Minecraft managed to get over 10,000 supporters to have their sets to be officially released by LEGO, I’m pretty sure The Legend of Zelda can do the same!  I mean, the idea of owning a The Legend of Zelda LEGO set is just too good to miss, right? Also, please check out his official website as he needs 10,000 supporters in order for his dream to come true!

Source: Lego Cuusoo
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13 thoughts on “Fanart Friday: The Legend of Zelda LEGO

  1. Thareous says:

    I'd actually be for this. It would help get word out to younger gamers and hopefully attract them to the series.

  2. Nightsniper says:

    3D printing does exist, but is very expensive

  3. Bob says:

    the first thought that went through my mind was: "Legos are f***ing awesome to begin with, but LOZ Legos? Hell yeah!

    1. Leo Gallagher says:

      Hell yeah indeed. Now that there making a LOTR theme, there's no way to pass up the zelda theme. think about it, if this is a monster sucess, Lego could do all sort's of video game Lego licenene's. (Sorry i spelled that last word wrong)

  4. Link says:

    Yes. Just yes.

    1. Leo Gallagher says:

      I cannot argue with that :)

  5. Rocksor says:

    I remember 5 years ago i was started legend of zelda and with permanent markers, glue, tacs, and scissors i managed to make a legend of zelda dungeon out of legos. this idea would be amazing. no more hurting legos for LoZ

    1. Rocksor says:

      think of it… the lego of Zelda

  6. Leo Gallagher says:

    When i first heard about this today at the zelda wiki new's report. i was just……………in shock! i thought it was a joke. but alas april fool's day has parted and this is now joke. i really am excited about this happening. i will love to see how lego is going to do all this. imagine, Ganondorf's castle, Hyrule castle, Temple of Time, Ganondorf, Zant, Demise, Link, Zelda, Malon, Linebeck, Fi, Groose, Gohma, and all place's, character's, Enemie's, Item's, Weapon's and Monster's all in glorious brick's. This shall be the Toy Smash hit of the Decade and if it is'nt? Well that will be it and will lose faith in the world.

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