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Zelda Fans have been dreaming of the release of an official Zelda artbook showing the concept artwork and more-in-depth information behind the games throughout the series, and it now is about to become reality.

The 25th Anniversary Legend of Zelda website has released information of an encyclopaedia called Hyrule Historia, which is a stunning 274 pages of official Zelda material that contains a lot of never-before-seen concept artwork for the games, from the development of a stylized Link in Skyward Sword, to the many wolf forms in Twilight Princess as well as other miscellaneous sketches representing the earlier games.

Examples of some of the pages within after the jump!


Not only does it contain official artwork, but the book itself covers events such as “The Origin Story” introduced in Skyward Sword within the first section of the book, and “A Complete History of Hyrule” in the second section. The rest is filled with 25 years of Zelda artwork – including 32 pages of Akira Himekawa’s Zelda manga art. Early reports suggest that this book includes the complete history of Hyrule – a timeline included – which would spell the end of Theorizing as we know it.

Our ZUBC members discussed the possibility of something like this being released for Zelda’s 25th anniversary 9 months ago in this Roundtable, 32 minutes in and they are very happy to see this being realised. The book will be released on the 21/12/2011 at the price of 3,255 Yen (which is roughly US $40) though unfortunately there is no current information whether or not the book will be translated, or released outside of Japan.

Sources: Nintendo JapanCrunchyroll

70 thoughts on “Hyrule Historia, The Zelda 25th Anniversary Encyclopaedia Art Book

  1. Isabela says:

    I really hope they translate to english this masterpiece of book.

    Btw I have a question: Why there’s another Link in the Skyward Sword manga cover? or is just the same Link? O.o

    Can some one answer me…

    1. Shuu says:

      Hes the same link

    2. mortipher says:

      He's the hero that lived in Hylia's times

      1. aeolus says:

        there isn't one mentioned. In fact the Hero mentioned is Link in the past, through the time gate

      2. GenmaTheSamurai says:

        actually there was a hero in Hylia's time.
        Quoted by Zelda: "according to legend, the goddess gave a sailcloth to her chosen hero" The manga could very well be a prequel to the events of Skyward Sword.

    3. bob says:

      how do you know its a masterpiece if you havent read it yet?

      1. Sean says:

        Because it ends fanwar debates on which came first, without this guide, all that is known is that Twilight Princess and Majura's Mask comes after Ocarina of Time

    4. David says:

      The skyward sword manga is a prequl to skyward sword itself. The time when Hylia descended to earth and the link u see next to her is HER chosen hero. The younger link you see at the bottom is Zelda's chosen hero or OUR link

    5. Courtney says:

      They have released an English version on Amazon

  2. Zephyr says:

    Hyrule Historia, huh? That would be like a Book of Mudora from the real world if you ask me… And …I …Gotta… HAVE IT!!!

  3. guest says:

    Is that a kid TP Link? I wish they'd gone with that, I've never been able to get used to Link being an adult. But I know most people don't agree with me on that, and they have to do what sells. And speaking of selling, I hope they translate this and release it here. And I hope it has some concept art from older games in it too, I'd love to see their visual thought process particularly for MM and WW.

    1. LunarMew says:

      Wasn't Adult Link around since Zelda 2? That game came around since the late 80's. That is a long time to get acquainted. XD

      If you mean have a Child Link for another console Zelda title, then yes, I agree with you since we didn't have a Child Link in a console title for a good while. If you mean to stick with just Child Link then he would saturate the Zelda titles when it comes to the age of the protagonist, just like Adult Link is supposedly doing.

      Zelda games would sell even if a child Link was in them. A young Link was used for Spirit Tracks and you still had IGN nominating the game for best DS handheld. It is just like with the art style. People complained about Skyward Sword's art style and how feminine Link looked, and the game still sold like hot cakes.

      Besides, It isn't like the series is saturated with 90% Adult Link and 10% Young Link.
      Young Link was in the first Zelda, Link to the past, Link's Awakening, Majora's Mask, Oracle of Ages and Seasons, Four Swords, Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Minish Cap, and Ocarina of Time if you count the first third of the game.

      Adult Link was in Zelda 2, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. It is funny since many think of Adult Link as the main Link but Link hasn't been around as an adult as he has been a child.

      One could even argue that it is Child Link who is used too much as a protagonist. Maybe that is why Adult Link sells, because Child Link is around too much. And it isn't like Link is supposed to stay looking like and adult or a child permanently for every game. His incarnations aren't meant to look the same and Nintendo is aware of that. One thing they haven't tried is having an old Link as a protagonist, though. I am not even joking ether. That would be interesting for story telling but I assume that someone might want to kill me for suggesting that. XD

      1. Luca says:

        hang about, alttp and AOL young link?
        If you consider AOL old link, then where are you getting alttp and aol as young link from?
        and for that matter OOX too?

      2. LunarMew says:

        "hang about, alttp and AOL young link?

        Wait, what? Where did I say that there was a Young Link in Adventure of Link (AOL)? At least quote me to avoid confusion! XD I do know that in Zelda 2 you have an Adult Link because that is the Link from Zelda 1, but older. Maybe you were talking about that…?

        "If you consider AOL old link, then where are you getting alttp and aol as young link from?"

        Wasn't the Link from A Link To The Past like 13 or something?

      3. guest says:

        I mean no offense to Adult Link, but even though he's been around since the NES I still think of Link as a child more than as an adult. It's just me, I'm sure I would think differently if had played a Zelda with adult Link first. I do agree with the redesigning, perhaps that's why console adult Link is boring me, he's not different enough.

      4. Sahra says:

        I think that's an awesome idea about having an old link lol they could deal into so much different aspects of the story!

  4. Thareous says:

    Epic. Too bad the script seems to be Japanese so far, though. Hopefully they'll release a translated version soon.

    1. GoingBonkz says:

      Hey, aren't you the guy who comments on ZeldaDungeon? I couldn't help but notice.

      1. Thareous says:

        I do comment on ZD, but I started out here, so it's kind of hard to let either go. ;)

  5. Ezlo says:

    Omg give this to me RIGHT NOW. Ahhhh please make an English translation, Nintendo. PLEASE!

  6. N@73 says:

    I want this…. I want to, FOR sure know that the timeline I've figured out is right…. and on top of that, to RUB IT IN THE FACES of all the people that don't believe in it

  7. KidGoku13 says:


    1. Alette says:

      I totally agree =D

  8. O.O OMG says:

    i never wanted anything so badly. exept maybe for my 3DS (a year mumbling about it) or Skyward Sword (ongoing mumbling)

  9. @HausOfJakeh says:

    it might come with a zelda timeline :D *crosses fingers in hope*

    1. ZeldaFab says:

      It does, :)

  10. somecrazyguy says:


  11. Guest283476 says:

    I don't care if this doesn't come in English, I just want a way to get the book! >:C

  12. klara says:


  13. MDH says:

    I'm getting this even if it's only released in Japanese.

  14. Chelsea says:

    Japan gets all the good stuff :(

    1. David says:

      Well nintendo originated and is in japan so it only makes sense i guess

  15. Alette says:

    It would really be awesome if they translated the book. I mean, it looks cool with the japanese letters, but I would surely be the happiest person to know what it actually saids =D

  16. Gerudude says:

    Once again…I wish I could read Japanese…

  17. leepa77 says:

    Why is the cover predominantly English…Even Contents on the next page? What a cruel joke! :(

  18. I would think that Nintendo would be courteous enough to its English-Speaking fans to release an English version of this amazing concept book. Most companies, like VizMedia that release things like this have the Japanese book out, and around a year or so later an English book is released.
    I hope Nintendo does this because it would make a nice finishing touch to my Zelda Standees and posters.

  19. Gwydion says:

    I want this. So bad. So incredibly bad. If an English version isn't announced soon, I'll suck it up and get it anyway. If an English version is announced later, I guess Nintendo is getting my money twice. It would be worth it. So worth it…

  20. Andrew says:

    i'm wondering why they used english and spanish in the name

    1. Lucas says:

      Spanish? It's Latin, friend.

  21. LunarMew says:

    Please have an English version and sell this in NoA! Don't you want my money? I have money… =)

  22. GoingBonkz says:

    I'm putting money in the disk drive, but nothings happening… :(

  23. Claire says:

    I've read the comment below, now I have the same doubt too?
    I've read the three replies and according to that:
    Is the Link (that appears in the uppert part of the cover of the manga) is another Link, whose events happened before Skyward Sword?
    So that means that they're both different Links, right?

  24. Rosalie says:

    ZELDA COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Rosalie says:

    so cool twailicht princes coolst(:

  26. Chris says:

    please release this in USA this will be a day one buy for me

  27. Tounushi says:

    If this releases dec 21, it'll most likely be fan translated within a week, and physically released in europe and america (if at all) earliest in march 2012.
    I think I'll download the fan translated version when it's made and purchase the official english print at the earliest possible opportunity, no matter the price (which will likely be in the 50-60€ range). Of course, if the official print is available in europe before the fan translated version, it'll be on my bookshelf faster than you could say bombchu bowling alley!
    I desperately want to have this on my shelf, but even more I want to see its contents. I simply cannot wait.

  28. Hawkeve says:

    I pray they translate it!!! I must have it! D:

  29. Sin says:

    anybody know how i can upload my wallet into the nintendo website?

    i want this….

  30. rando says:

    When was this on the 25th ani website? How is NINTENDO involved? Why is there given timeline so lame?

  31. triforcequeen says:

    MUST LEARN …. JAPANESE *like a boss* >.> all the awesome stuff always is in Japanese. anyways i would still get this even if it was in Japanese… because Zelda is that awesome

  32. Sarah says:

    -swoons- Oh Goddesses……….I NEED this. They have to translate and release it here in NA!

    If I must I'll buy the Japanese version…I do speak/read a little…but I would much rather read it in my native language.

  33. WolfLinkHowl says:

    I…WANT…IT..SOB!!! PLZ TRANSLATE TO ENGLISH I BEG YOU. though…I think i would by it anyway.. but plz translate, sooon~ ^^


  34. Alex says:

    I seriously emailed Nintendo asking them to translate to English and email me about release date details etc

  35. garrett says:

    if this is not relesed in the u.s. i will chop my balls of. I dont want my kids to grow up in this world if they cant read this.

  36. ChibiKage89 says:

    I really like looking at concept art, so I like this.

  37. Meeko says:

    if they dont translate this to english i will die! :O

  38. Austin says:

    Holy freaking crap. I've never wanted a book more in my life.

    Why didn't I take Japanese instead of friggin Spanish in highschool!

    (……because you live in Texas)

    SHUT UP!

  39. Courtney says:

    They have released an english version! Go to amazon!

  40. I didn’t even understand what was going on; who pays that much attention to the story at seven years old? Why was I in a tree? What am I supposed to be looking for? These questions and more were popping up in my head as I played.

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