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So earlier today we posted about the latest G4TV poll pitting Skyward Sword against Skyrim, but controversy seems to have erupted in comments over the apparent claim that the members of this site, “as Skyrim fans”, needed to join forces against the armies of those dreaded Zelda fans and take victory for Skyrim. Just to clarify, that part was a joke. This site by definition is filled with Zelda fans who wouldn’t vote against Skyward Sword if we offered them money for it – you don’t need to worry about it changing anyone’s mind on who to vote for.

That said, Skyward Sword is now just barely losing, due to a push from the official Elder Scrolls Facebook page (which has over 600,000 followers). However, in the last few hours since that post (which took Zelda down to 48%) it has crept up again to 49% and at this rate we should hit the lead again at some point before the poll ends in less than a day. Click here to vote, or hit the jump for my ZUTV video on the subject.

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54 thoughts on “On Skyrim vs Skyward Sword

  1. Linksoer says:

    Yeah people. VOTE! There is still time! =D

  2. Andy says:

    I can't believe some people actually thought that Zelda Universe was being serious about not</> voting for Skyward Sword. Wow people, just wow!!!

    1. lootic says:

      My problem with the post is that it seemed arrogant and could make those half-lazy voters not vote cause it seemed like Skyward Sword already had won. I think many other might have thought that way too. It was never about not understanding the joke, it was more about the arrogance that could have been the difference in this kind of super close match. Though it was very funny while Zelda was in the lead it seemed risky when it later wasnt.

  3. EraZ3712 says:

    So it WAS a joke?

    ZU… please…. that wasn't a very good joke. >:(

    NEway, now that we're back on track…. HURRY AND VOTE~~~!!
    I already have! ^^

    1. bob says:

      u have a terrible sarcasm detector

      1. EraZ3712 says:

        I realized that the previous post may have been somebody's idea of a prank or a joke, but I dismissed the idea thinking it was preposterous for ANY ZU administrator to pull off such a joke…

        You have some terrible grammatical errors. ;)

  4. ChainofTermina says:

    I don't have an account on G4 so I can't vote anyway. and even if I could, I honestly doubt I would. I love both of those games and I'm not gonna choose one over the other just for the sake of an obscure online contest.

    1. mememe says:

      Meant to vote up, not down (ugh…). Agreed. Both games are great games, so why should I vote one over the other? I'll be happy either way. (Though I think it's ended and SS came out on top.)

  5. Bethesderp says:

    It's really easy to sign up for an account – they don't' even ask for email confirmation. MAKE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS AND GIVE US VICTORY

  6. BigKeyChest says:

    I voted for the most advanced video game ever made PONG

  7. ZeldaLover says:

    please…dont do that again i have terrible sarcasm radar, so its hard to take things as a joke….

  8. Kairi says:

    XD wow this is just wow Amazing a lot of people were losing faith against skyward sword they thought it was the end and every1 was getting upset. :( I was as well but I did not give up on it…Skyward sword went on heavily damage by 2% but got back up and stomped skyrim back to it's place.

    Still even though skyward is winning now there is still 9 hours(( I think)) left. I clearly knotice that alot of skyrim fans get on early and start bashing…On zelda. I will have to settle off for the night :( it is getting late here. But I wish the rest of you guys luck and Charge for victory! :3

    If we make through skyrim. Then do not the AC:R will be easy. I have bad feeling something is coming our way… every predication I made about this match is coming true…

    "Skyrim will take the lead, but I have a feeling skyward will race right back up to it."

    If Zelda fans make it to the next round. My predicament is kind of a "50-50 of skyward chance of zelda winning or losing…the only way it may win if zelda fans have faith in each other & reach out and vote for zelda."

    Help link Rise to the skies. get up and vote! :)

    1. Kairi says:

      awww a lots of errors are on my post…I must be that tired sorry about that ^^

    2. narutomoon says:

      i agree. i was reading the comments and it seems like EVERY skyrim fan is butt-hurt so they are going to vote for assasins creed. i can see skyeard sword easily losing, BUT WE MUST VOTE FOR OUR FAVOURITE GAME!

  9. sugar says:

    So uh. Enough people were unable to detect that joke that it became necessary to post clarification? -10 faith in humanity.

  10. Ezlo says:

    Haha people are silly for believing that hoohaw. I knew it was a joke and I thought it was pretty clever. I guess other people didn't feel the same. XD

  11. BlizzagaLantean says:

    Does anyone realize that the winner of this poll will not actually be G4's Game of the Year? This is just a popularity contest to keep the fanboys happy.

    While in reality, G4 has made the actual nominations and will have their real Game of the Year stuff later. And guess what? Skyward Sword isn't even a nominee.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you've all been played.

    And as for people overreacting to ZU's sarcastic post. I've lost that much more faith in humanity. Go read a frakking book.

    1. Olympion says:

      Uh, since when is the opinion of a handful of notoriously biased gaming "journalists" more credible than the opinions of the actual gaming community? Skyward Sword beating UC3 and Batman AC alone proves the G4 hacks are full of it, and the worse they can be embarrassed the better.

  12. ibyea says:

    Jeez, the sarcasm was palpable in the other post. I can't believe people didn't detect that.

  13. Topaz Mutiny says:

    Well, apparently (hearsay) we lost. Too little too late.

    1. RedBearLuX says:

      I just checked the site 51% Skyward Sword…We won :/

      1. Topaz Mutiny says:

        Well according to Fi, oral tradition is the most inaccurate way to pass on knowledge. ;D


  14. BetaDevil says:

    I think we won :D

  15. jimas says:

    lol..i just voted is 51% WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Zachattack8888 says:

    We're at 51%!!! :DDD
    We can do it! Only 3 Hours and 37 minutes left!!

  17. AXBHikaru says:

    C'mon! Let's try and get to at least 52% incase the Skyrim fans try to pull a fast one on us!

  18. Thareous says:

    When Skyward Sword wins we can prove one thing: Graphics do not decide how good the game will be. They might be essential in setting up an interactive environment, but gameplay immerses the character even more, IMO.

    And SS has both great graphics and gameplay, so a double plus there. 8D

    1. ChainofTermina says:

      Skyrim has great gameplay too, you know. but as others have said multiple times, it's an entirely different kind of gameplay. it's still awesome gameplay, but it isn't anything like Zelda has ever or will ever do.

      1. Querulous says:

        Awesome gameplay–Skyrim? Ha! No, awkward. The characters look like klutzes, whereas in Skyward Sword the motions are fluid as water. When Awesome looks at itself in the mirror, Skyward Sword reflects back.

      2. Looney Link says:

        I have yet to notice any character looking like a klutz in Skyrim in the 80 + hours worth of gameplay I put into the week it came out (I've been playing Skyward Sword since it came out). A more compelling argument would be that Skyrim glitches and freezes up a hell of a lot more often than Skyward Sword, but if you take into account how massive the game is on just a single disc, it's pretty impressive that it doesn't glitch or freeze up more often than it does. I'm just saying both games are awesome, and one would be foolish not to give both a chance.

      3. ChainofTermina says:

        you obviously haven't even played it. and my Skyward Sword experience, while excellent, has not been spotlessly flawless. ALL games have their own little blemishes, microscopic as they may be.

  19. bradley says:

    I was trolling the hell out of the Skyrim fans on that contest yesterday.

  20. iDuffman says:

    The timer on the G4TV site is over, but voting is still open! What's going on here?

    1. Nick says:

      There's still other timezones.

      Anyways we already know the g4tv is biased considering their actual goty choices (this bracket isn't for goty!) don't include Skyward Sword and instead have that new Super Mario game for the 3DS.

  21. Topaz Mutiny says:

    Apparently, the poll only closes depending on what timezone your OWN computer is in, and not the timezone where G4 is.

    So basically the west coast actually closes at Noon Eastern Time.

  22. Primal Link says:

    well that explains it, tbh though it should have been prompt just so the trolling stops, im fed up with skyrim voters and thier (sometimes abusive) comments….

  23. Eldigato says:


  24. Supportedcoffe says:

    when does it end, the counter seams to be different for everyone.

  25. Vio says:

    I prefer apples to oranges, personally.

  26. hey says:

    did we win? D:

  27. Rob says:

    Maybe I'm being really stupid, but I can't seem to work out how to view the latest scores. Can someone help me to find – and keep track of – the current percentages of the final round match? Thanks :)

    1. Trolldad says:

      Skyward Sword: 73%
      Revelations: 27%
      Go to the home tab and scroll to the right. ( The home tab is beside vote)

  28. Diotupi says:

    Congratulations guys and girls. We won the battle.
    The score is now: SS 80% x ACR 20%

    Let's vote in this battle too.

  29. Gerudude says:

    Zelda WON!!!!! with 51%

  30. Linksoer says:

    Skyrim: " I was competing for game of the year like you, then I took an arrow to the knee"

    Who shot that arrow you say? Link!

  31. Austin says:

    is it over if it is then won it better have been Zelda, and what is skyrim anyway

  32. HeroofTime says:

    Thanks a lot ZU it was going along great until that little stunt you pulled >.> Zelda needs to win this we need to show everyone who deserves the be game of the year and to shut up all those irrogant that say crap about SS we need The Hero of Time to win this and make the vote go skyward to the heavens

  33. Your post from yesterday actually made me really depressed. I thought hackers assumed control of the site or something.

  34. Corson says:

    I used to be game of the year, but then i took an arrow to the knee.

    *Link puts away his crossbow*

    but the battle isnt over yet, please vote with the same strength that we voted against skyrim so we win!

  35. Wolfkali says:

    Idc which one wins, other people's opinions on a game doesn't make it great or horrible so who cares. What I DO care about is the amount of effing ads that fade into screen on this site. That never happened a year ago & it's bloody annoying as hell now. The independently operated TES sites don't have that annoyance. Just saying. #saltintowound #fixit

  36. Looney Link says:

    I vote both. Yep, I just did that. And don't even try to pull the, " You're not a true Zelda fan" on me. I own every Zelda game in existence, it's my favorite franchise of all time, and I have the Triforce tattooed in between my shoulder blades. Clearly, I'm a true Zelda fan. I'm also a true Elder Scrolls fan. Both game are awesome, there's no denying it.

  37. TheMaverickk says:

    I just hope Zelda fans can keep it classy. I mean we want to support and have Skyward Sword win, but lets not act in ways that make all us fans look down right moronic. So just want to encourage people to be supportive in a positive manner,

    We all want to beat out Skyrim and Assassins Creed, but lets do it with some class and show them what real fans are about.

  38. Murasaki-Mary says:

    Oh fandom…it shines so brightly.

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