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Of all the Zelda items out there in the world, there’s none more central to the whole Zelda experience than the sword.  From being the first item you pick up in the first game to being the item that goes through the most transformations in just about every game, from being one of the main weapons that can destroy Ganondorf to being one of the core gameplay mechanics in Skyward Sword, ultimately it’s a weapon that you simply cannot do without, no matter how hard and long you try to perform a swordless runthrough.

A friend of mine named Valigarmander at one of my old forums recently did a huge study as to the nature of the Master Sword and all of its dozens of variations.  And ultimately, by comparing the strength of each one against the other, he created a handy dandy comparison chart as to which of the swords is the most powerful, even going so far as to pit swords that don’t show up in the same game against each other!  His large infographic can be found after the jump.  Find your favorite swords and test them against one another and see if you can predict the winner.

You’ll probably want to right-click and open in a new tab to see the larger version.


Source: Video Gamers First

54 thoughts on “The evolution of swords

  1. Sean says:

    …I never knew that there was a golden sword…

    1. themisssinglink says:

      Toss the Tempered Sword into the Fat Fairy's fountain at the Pyramid of Power. :)

      1. Zeldariox says:

        I think you can also throw in the master sword, but ive always gotten the tempered sword so im not sure.

      2. TheMaverickk says:

        It's still the Master Sword just made even better.

        Master Sword gets tempered (reforged to be stronger and sharpened), and then that gets enchanted/strengthened with gold.

        It's just on a whole new level of Master Sword.

  2. Soeroah says:

    Interesting. Shall read!

  3. NateMM says:

    Hmm…. I didn't think that the golden sword was the powerful…. but I guess I was worng

  4. SilverArcher says:

    Sorry, but it is wrong. The Great Fairy and Fierce Deity Swords are equal to 5 Kokiri Swords, the Phantom Sword is equal to the Oshus Sword and the Lokomo Sword is 1,5 Recruit Swords (or 3 Wooden Swords).
    Anyway, nice artcle, all the others are perfect.

    1. SilverArcher says:

      You can put thumbs down, but I am right.

    2. Randomperson says:

      I'm getting tired of thumbs down based on opinion. You thumb a comment down when it isn't relevant. Anyway I agree SilverArcher

  5. Vio says:

    Proof, it if was ever needed, that A Link to the Past is awesome in so many ways,

    1. Vio says:

      Wish you could edit comments. Stupid comma in the wrong place.

      1. Majora says:

        You can if you get an intense debate profile.

  6. Thareous says:

    I figured the Master Sword would be on top since it has the ability to undo evil, yet there are quite a few swords above it.

    1. Vio says:

      The Golden Sword IS the Master Sword.

      1. Thareous says:

        Oh, I got the Golden Sword mixed up with the Gilded Sword. My bad there.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Though it's surprised that the Gilded Sword surpasses the Master Sword. I guess the Master Sword makes up for it with the whole repelling evil thing.

      3. Prick says:

        Actually, the Master Sword IS the Golden Sword, you prick.


  7. napalmfred says:

    he forgot the swords in soul caliber, cant for get the bug catching net.

    1. Majora says:

      Its not a Zelda game and the swords have nothing to do with the storyline at all, therefore it wasn't on the list.

  8. X x7 says:

    Is this based off of actual strength in each Zelda game, or is this just a speculation? Either way nice work.

    1. NasiDe says:

      Based on different blades' actual strengths in comparison to one another.

  9. Spork says:

    A Link to the Past is probably my favorite Zelda game. I'm seeing a lot of interesting correlations with Skyward Sword, not really in the story, but otherwise. I hope it captures the same sense of magic that ALttP had for me. It's looking like it will. Various sword transformations were a part of that and it looks like that'll be in there.

    1. Seston says:

      It’s a pleasure to find such ratoinlaity in an answer. Welcome to the debate.

      1. Spork says:

        As it turns out, Skyward did indeed capture a lot of the same magic that ALttP had for me.

  10. A_LINK_IN_TIME says:

    Very, very nice sword comparison! I love it!

  11. poesister89 says:

    I always liked the Gilded Sword from Majora's Mask. It was pretty strong and also, looked pretty epic. :)

  12. veeronic says:

    I'd say the fierce deity sword should be closer to the golden sword…

    1. Ezra says:

      yea i know, at least another 3 swords, i don't think you could kill majora with the great fairy sword as fast as you could with the fierce deity.

    2. h3r0 0f t1m3 says:


    3. John says:

      I remember that the two swords had the same power, but copmbining the magic beam, the deity sword was stronger.

  13. wolfpack2421 says:

    I'd like to know the methodology behind this comparison. I assume it is based on the number of hits necessary to kill a given enemy, but with different enemies in different games, I find the accuracy of this evaluation to be wanting and is mostly speculation. More information concerning the procedure would be helpful.

  14. Zeldariox says:

    i guess being 4 times the power of the master sword kind of ensures a victory.

  15. Keimori says:

    Guys, there's a troll-fest coming on! On the good comments are being downed! Help me bring them back up!

  16. matt17 says:

    Go ALTTP! :D

  17. lankyKILLA93 says:

    that a lot of swords
    it sounds funny now…

    1. rookie says:


    2. rookie says:

      not really, no. : )

  18. KingDodongo1 says:

    Technically the Golden Sword is a powered – up version of the Master Sword, So the Master sword IS the strongest.

  19. veeronic says:

    hmmmm, I just got a crazy idea; alttp without sword upgrading…

  20. h3r0 0f t1me says:

    umm razer sword better then master sword?

  21. h3r0 0f t1me says:

    understand if fierce diety sword better but razer and gilded……… oh well very acurate tho

    1. Brad says:

      The ferice deity sword is called the double helix sword

  22. Keyaki says:

    Personally, I just can't see any sword better than the Master Sword or Four Sword or Phantom or Lokomo Swords. They may be better than blade-edge wise, but not with the power to repel evil. The Biggoron Sword couldn't even takeout Ganon and I doubt Oshus's Sword or the Recruit's Swords could destroy Bellum or Malldus respectfully.

    1. Mik says:

      well technically the Golden Sword is the Master Sword powered up to the maximum.

  23. sparximus says:

    I'm psyched that the Golden Sword is at the top of the list! ALttP is my favrotie Zelda game, so this fact just makes it even better.

  24. jacob Morin says:

    isnt the golden sword still the master sword…….

  25. h3r0 0f t1me says:

    keyaki you are definately right i just want to put feirce deity sword up their :3

  26. KSD says:

    Are you also going to make a table with the life energies of every zelda monster and the amount of damage each of these swords does on them? I think that would be very interesting!!

  27. BattleFranky37 says:

    For those not in the know. The Master Sword charts out like so:

    Goddess Sword (SS – ? Power)
    Master Sword 1/4 Power (TWW – Twice as powerful as the Hero's Sword)
    Master Sword 1/2 Power (TWW – Four times as powerful as the Hero's Sword)
    Master Sword Fully-Powered (ALttP, OoT, TWW, TP, SS)
    Tempered Sword (ALttP – Twice as powerful as the Master Sword)
    Golden Sword (ALttP – I call it the Fat's Fairy's Revenge. This. Sword. OWNS.)

  28. sean says:

    It's been a long time, but I'm pretty sure that the LttP iterations of the Master Sword, Tempered Sword and Golden Sword are all the same sword. You take the Master Sword to a smith and he tempers it, giving the blade a glowing red look. Later, in the dark world, you can do a sidequest with a giant bomb that opens up a magic fairy fountain. You can throw a bunch of weapons in to upgrade them, and if you throw in the tempered sword, it turns into the golden sword.

  29. nova says:

    the "Feirce deity sword" is called the "Double helix blade"..

  30. Brad says:

    The ferice deity sword is called double helix sword

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