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A new video from IGN takes us through the sword training sequence of Skyward Sword, explaining the mechanics of sword play in the game along with some contextual details from the story. About two minutes and fifty seconds in, the presenters confirm a left-handed mode, with Link mirroring a left-handed players preference.

Video after the break.

Some spoilers, but nothing too bad.

The video goes on the explain the importance of being precise with the Wii Motion Plus when facing enemies; waggling your way through the game will not be healthy for Link in the slightest.

What are your thoughts? Are you glad Link can return to his roots as a lefty? Will you honor past games and turn on left-handed mode even though you’re right-handed?

As for me, I am left-handed, but will probably not turn on left-handed mode. I’ve grown so accustomed to using the Wii Remote with my right hand that it would be too foreign for me to switch now.

Update: Nope.

Source: IGN

53 thoughts on “Left-handed mode in Skyward Sword confirmed [update: nope]

  1. Thareous says:

    Six hearts? There goes the 3 Heart Challenge…

    And congrats to lefties and ambidextrous people who favor their left hand!

    1. heroofmasks says:

      this could be a demo

      1. Craig says:

        Nope, it's confirmed that Link has 6 hearts to begin with because the game is literally that much harder, without being forced in just for difficulties sake. Trust me, I played the Sky Temple – the enemies are twice the difficulty.

      2. Link says:

        6 heart un-dominant hand challenge! (That won't work with me, as I am ambidextrous though!)

  2. Z-MAN7 says:

    Now watch debates roll in about which mode is canon.

    1. Keimori says:

      This Link is ambidextrous, there, debate over. XP

      1. Jack says:

        True, this version of Link is ambidextrous at least to some extent. The sword is typically held in the right hand but Link uses his bow and slingshot as if he was left-handed, this is due to the set up of the nunchuck and wii remote.

      2. Craig says:

        It's actually not realistic for every descendent of this Link to be left handed all the time, so it makes sense for some of the Links to finally be right handed – but having the option without flipping the whole game is awesome.

      3. demonlordghirahim says:

        I was under the impression that the "Link"s weren't descendants of each other, but reincarnations. Maybe I'm wrong though :/

      4. Daniel G. says:

        That's kinda what it seems like to me too.

      5. dekudude3 says:

        do remember that in WW the king of red lions tells Jubun that link has NO RELATION to the hero of time

  3. Saria5627 says:

    I'm right handed, so I'll probably use my right hand to play. My brother is a lefty, but he uses his right hand for playing the Wii, so I guess he won't be using left handed mode.

    I'm glad Nintendo decided to put something like this in their game though, since the entire game involves the motion controls. I'm sure this will make the game easier for all of the people who hold the Wii remote with their left hand.

  4. BigKeyChest says:

    I will play right handed only because I won't be able to move Link around with my right hand on the nunchuck.
    I guess I am just that bad at video games

  5. Super says:

    Good that you can choose to be left-handed. Although, I am right handed though so I'll pick the RIGHT hand. ;)

  6. jduff725 says:

    I'm left-handed, and this news just made me very happy! YAY!

  7. Alessandra says:

    I'm left handed but I use the WiiMote in my right hand, so I'll use it the same way in this game, with my right hand :)

  8. Ashmic says:

    he looks so unorganized in the picture lol

  9. ChainofTermina says:

    so……he can be left handed WITHOUT mirroring the entire world too? excellent.

  10. TheMaverickk says:

    I feel like people don't understand what a spoiler is.

    By the looks of it though… I'm surprised some people don't think the title of the game is a Spoiler.

    What a SPOILER truly is though, is saying things like "Snape kills Dumbledore" or "Darth Vader is Luke`s Father"……. (my apologies if I just spoiled some things for people but I wanted to give an example of a real spoiler… but those two things should almost be pop culture facts by this point).

    A Spoiler is something that absolutely ruins how someone perceives a plot twist in a story, or completely gives the end result of a story completely defeating the purpose of reading/watching to the end.

    The fact that Link can be played left-handed…. the fact that he goes to a train spot called Sparring hill…. is not a spoiler, not even close.

    The fact that Geapora is a character in the game, is not a spoiler either…. he's an integral character to the premise of the story.

    The best example of a spoiler for the Zelda series would be telling people that in Ocarina of Time, Sheik is Zelda. That's a spoiler. Now if you consider details as small as this article a spoiler… then what are people even doing on this site…. you should be barring your doors from any contact with the outside world which has read has read even the slightest thing about this game.

    1. art1st4786 says:

      In the case of video games, though – especially Zelda games – there are people out there who want to know virtually nothing about the game to the tiniest detail and have no familiarity when they first play the game. If they add the label "spoiler" to it, those people know to avoid the news article, even if it's something that we consider insignificant. Everyone has a different perception to "spoiler", and I think it's good that ZU is covering their bases.

    2. Caleb says:

      What!? Sheik is Zelda!? Man you should have posted a spoiler alert. Naw im just kidding.

  11. Sareth says:

    Since I'm right handed I'll use the right-handed mode the first time through, but the next play through I might try with my left hand. The Left Hand challenge :D

  12. Jack says:

    I'm very happy that there's a left-handed mode, I'm a lefty too but I as well have become so accustomed to using my right hand that it feels foreign to switch. But I'm still gonna play left-handed regardless, Link has always been a lefty so it just feels right to play it left-handed.

    1. mikia07 says:

      LOL. it feels "right" to play it left-handed. gotta love English double meanings.

    2. I'm with you. I'm a lefty who's totally used to playing Wii right-handed, but as long as the in-game Link will be a lefty in lefty mode then I'm going to play that way. I've always thought that Link's left-handedness is something really special about him and I was sad when earlier reports about Skyward Sword said that there wasn't going to be a left-handed option.

  13. Monaster says:

    Wow! I'm excited for left-handed mode! I was a little iffy about playing with my right hand, but this clears up the whole problem.

  14. MoronOfTime says:

    The funny thing is, I'm a leftie, but I play right handed anyway :L

  15. HeroHail says:

    OMG YES!!! Hooray for lefty mode! :D

    Although its a shame that my wii sports resort swordplay training was a waste. But who cares! The point is I'm so relieved to have a left handed mode! X3

  16. A_LINK_IN_TIME says:

    I am left-handed and pleased to hear this.

  17. pololmejor says:


  18. Ganondorf Dragmire says:

    I'm a lefty, so this is good news for me. Link is MEANT to be left-handed, so I'm also pleased in that respect.

  19. Roderik says:

    I am right handed, but Link IS left handed, and that is very appreciated from Nintendo's part. So, left handed for me. Link just moves wierd since twilight princess for the wii version, thats why I bought the original GameCube version.

  20. Z Lynch says:

    I'm ambidextrous and very indecisive… bad combination! what should I do, what should I choose!? Oh my God!! man, and probably I cannot change this settings once the file has been started…!!! dammit, this isn't good =/ (but that's just me, excelente feature Ninty!)

    1. Hanhula says:

      Flip a coin.

  21. Jean D'Eau says:

    Oh yes, deactivate HUD now!

  22. TnzSki says:

    Really, six hearts to start out with? I hope the second quest allows you to start with three in traditional Zelda style.

    But don't think I'm complaining. I'm very open to change :)

    1. heroofmasks says:

      if 2nd quest starts you out with 3 hearts then there will be more pieces of hearts wich means nintendo would sort of have to recreat some of the games coding and what not

  23. erokk121 says:

    I'm right-handed, so I'll play the left-handed mode. This is going to be epic.

  24. Zoralink says:

    I ope the traditional three-heart start will be available, been wondering about the six hearts in the demos, now I have the answer.

  25. Maldrea says:

    Probably play it right-handed the first time, left-handed the second time around…

  26. rookie says:

    Uuh? six hearts? well, all right! Not traditional LOZ but if its necessary……

  27. rookie says:

    I myself am not left handed, but I may be enough of a nerd to finally use my left! And im very happy for all the lefties out there. Finally, something made to fit you!
    : )

  28. Eddy says:

    I see all the lefties saying they're already used to playing Twilight Princess right-handed. The Legend of Zelda made you ambidextrous!

  29. Mr Right says:

    I'm right-handed, but Link is left-handed, so it's left-handed mode for me!
    …I'll still hold the remote in my right hand, though.

    1. swordwardsky says:

      Link will NOT be left-handed. People use your left-brains for a moment and ask yourselves why we haven't seen ONE screenshot or ONE video of Link holding the sword in his left hand? The answer is obvious: Because he is not left-handed in this game. The left mode will simply coordinate Link's on-screen actions with left-handed controls, but Link will still be holding the sword in his right hand.

      1. Eddy says:

        Yeah, just like in Twilight Princess. But I'm sure it will switch that if using lefty mode in SS

  30. Eki says:

    I'm heavily, heavily, right handed but I will be trying left hand. Link IS left handed. I wanna see him be left handed, even at my expense.

  31. Blake G says:

    Wait, enemies do double damage, well from what I’ve seen in trailers and you have double the health. What is the point of that? Im not too sure aboout starting with 6 hearts.

    The left handed option is definately needed. Now the other 10% of all people can play it comfortably. Oh, and of course the people who will play lefty for the sake of it.

  32. TheRealLink says:

    I really hate when people are blinded by nostalgia. "link is left handed!" .."WAT, Y U NO 3 Hearts?!"……….like really? first of all, is it really gonna change anything weather or not you hold the sword in your right or left hand? second he has more hearts because the game is harder. derp. who gives a shit.

    second, Link was made right handed in this game by Nintendo, so in this, link is indeed right handed (or techincally ambidextrous, I guess)… saying "Link IS left handed!" is stupid. not this link. my father is left handed. guess what, im not. funny how that works. morons.

    1. swordwardsky says:

      I blame the N64 generation. Before Oot, Zelda fans never used to argue over petty things like what hand Link held his freakn' sword in. It should also be mentioned that Link was right handed in the LOZ game manual then in Zelda 2 they drew him left-handed, so you could say Link is returning to his earliest "roots" in Skyward Sword.

  33. Linkmstr says:

    I'm right-handed, but seeing Link having an option to play as a lefty will make me try playing using my left hand for the first time on a Wii. 8D

  34. Hedja says:

    Nintendo has officially announced there is no left-handed mode. Always take IGN's exclusive news with a grain of salt.

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