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Yahtzee Croshaw of Zero Punctuation has reviewed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Zero Punctuation provides a humorous look at video games, delivering the review in rapid-fire speech (hence “zero punctuation”) while often focusing on elements of the game that are bad, flawed or just plain silly. Although the overall tone of the review is quite critical, what makes it interesting is that Yahtzee had never played the original N64 version.

Watch the video after the jump, but be warned that it contains mature language.

36 thoughts on “Zero Punctuation Reviews Ocarina of Time 3D

  1. Pryex says:

    It's only natural that Yahtzee would hate it.

  2. maikeru1992 says:

    what an hater

    1. kungfu sage says:

      that's about as positive as he gets about most games. He hates a lot of truly amazing games, like Final Fantasty 7, or most mario and zelda games. In fact i don't know if he's ever liked an RPG. I don't watch him for his reviews, cause if I did I'd never want to play any games at all. I just watch him cause he's entertaining. then I go to fan review sites to see what most people like.

  3. Merq says:

    Yahtzee <3 I love his reviews, he's great!

    "…Yahtzee had never played the original N64 version."
    Not never played, just never finished.

    1. Yeah, I heard him say that at the start, but from the review I get the impression that he hadn't played very far at all.

      But yeah, I think he's pretty cool!

  4. Pewpew says:

    That's actually a fairly positive review compared to most the ones he did.

  5. Pewpew says:

    Ps. "How Jolly" – LOL, love zero punctuation

  6. mikeypizzalover says:

    I liked the animation, and some small snippits like "What!? Who told you you were old enough for this? Go sit in the courner for about seven years.

  7. Myke1217 says:

    Yeah, he really didn't rip on the game at all. But I just LOVE the Twilight Princess comments he made because he sums it up perfectly saying it was using a "cheat sheet" based off of OoT. That's exactly what Twilight Princess is!

  8. MDH says:

    Hilariously scathing as usual, though in the end he got pretty annoying with the ol' rehash arguments.

    Though I lost it at "**** me, it's cold in here!".

  9. Van Hohenheim says:

    Nothing wrong here. Basically all true. I wonder if Nintendo would learn a thing or two from this guy's straight forward, on to the point rants. Not that I'm hating. Just wish Nintendo would do more and not rush/somewhat duplicate things for the money. Would it kill them to get some external help from say, I don't know… PS3 game developers? lol

    1. Arkamidis says:

      You know, you have a good point there. It was a little harsh but its true. And so what? A little help isn't so bad. Actually. In all of nintendo's graphics fails, it would be a great thing.

      1. Jarkes says:

        For the love of GOD, people, just because graphics aren't HD doesn't mean they're fails! Also, most developers make games for all three companies, so saying that they could get some external help from "PS3 game developers" is just silly.
        Not to mention, NINTENDO isn't the one who rushed Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 to the market so that it could be out by Christmas… And for the record, most of Yahtzee's "straight forward, on to the point rants" are basically, "Lulz, I hate Nintendo for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON!" See, this is why I prefer That Guy with the Glasses, because THEY review stuff that at least DESERVES hate.

      2. Son, says:

        Calm down.

      3. Arkamidis says:

        Yeah, calm down a bit. It's just our opinions lol.

      4. Jarkes says:

        …Sorry about that. I wasn't in a good mood at the time. No excuse, though…

  10. fxgeorges says:

    Zelda is so tired by now, even Skyward Sword seems like the same old thing over again.

    They should remake Majora's Mask with a decent gameplay and flow, instead of the frustrating mess it was, because the story was there.

    1. Cheesecake says:

      Oh… the irony of this comment.

      1. Jarkes says:

        …What's the irony?

      2. TTL says:

        Calling a franchise tired and then suggesting Nintendo make more remakes. I have to agree, it is sort of confusing.

        I'm also going to go ahead and give my own little "wtf" to the notion that Majora's Mask was belittled for having a story. Heaven forbid.

  11. Niloc13 says:

    Great review, agree with every point he makes minus the fish thing being obtuse, you just have to talk to NPCs to figure that part out. He's completely right about all Zelda games since using it as a cheat sheet, especially TP.

  12. Josiahinnc says:

    Now everyone go play the game he made called "5 Days a Stranger"
    It is one of the best games I have ever played…along with Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time…
    but seriously he can't say anything about graphics because the games he made are worse graphics than Ocarina of Time…
    also the games he made are super awesome…..OKAY I SHOULD SHUT UP NOW…

    Games you should play:
    5 Days a stranger


    1. TTL says:

      Okay, drop the tired "if you can't do better you can't be critical" argument. It's silly. Just because I can't develop a game doesn't mean I can't know when a game isn't working. Attacking something he made is completely unnecessary.

  13. Jean D'oe says:

    Really, how many people haven't played Ocariner of Time?

  14. Cheesecake says:

    I think it was a fair review. I'm not a huge Zelda/Video game fan, so none of the negative points really affected me; although I wish he didn't talk so fast, I lost him halfway through and didn't know what the hell he was talking about, and I could go without all the stale attempts at humor.

    1. Josiahinnc says:

      you are not a big zelda fan but you are on a zelda fansite….fool

  15. xRallinkx says:

    Oh come on guys IT'S YAHTZEE! HE HATES EVERYTHING! Jeez, you don't have to take it seriously…..

    1. Jarkes says:

      Not only that, but the "hates everything" thing is primariliy for comedic purposes, though I do sometimes suspect that he does legitimately hate SOME of the things he reviews… Then again, most of the stuff he reviews is stuff that almost everyone else likes, so… yeah…

      …Am I contradicting myself?

  16. Swiftblade says:

    He does realise the Water Temple was made easier for this version?

  17. TTL says:

    Although I am the fan who bought Ocarina of Time 3DS at midnight because it's that important, I'm also the fan who wishes Nintendo would just go nuts and completely revamp Zelda. It's not like they couldn't change it back and who knows, maybe it would be for the better? I mean, Zelda sells okay, but it's not the cash cow they rely on like Mario. I think they can afford to experiment a bit with it. Sure, sometimes we get games like Metroid Other M out of that sort of experimentation, but least we forget we also got Metroid Prime, so the risk in my mind is well worth it.

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  19. I think it was a fair review. I'm not a huge Zelda/Video game fan, so none of the negative points really affected me; although I wish he didn't talk so fast, I lost him halfway through and didn't know what the hell he was talking about, and I could go without all the stale attempts at humor.

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