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Terry Garret is a 23-year-old mechanical engineering student who enjoys playing video games, especially games that involve puzzle solving. He’s completed the game Abe’s Exoddus multiple times and is also interested in a number of other games series, such as The Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear Solid and Metroid. Why is this so remarkable? Terry Garret has been completely blind since the age of 10.

His most recent video upload shows him explaining how he plays through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, using methods such as surround sound and trial and error. Check out the video: it’s pretty amazing.

How do you think you’d handle playing a game without being able to see what was going on? Could you do as well as Terry? I couldn’t! Let us know in the comments.

Source: Pure Nintendo
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31 thoughts on “Blind Gamer Demonstrates How He Plays Ocarina of Time

  1. Ezlo says:

    I applaud him for being able to do this. I know I couldn't!

  2. A dro says:

    Damn! Why can’t i do that. This guy got some epic skills

  3. phantom says:

    Even if your blind ganondorf dosn't stand a chance.

  4. goronbot says:

    I really think that anything is possible keep on playing man….
    just keep playing

  5. CWP says:

    That is awesome.

  6. Beka says:

    Wow, I am totally impressed. I know i couldn't do something like that! If I was blind like him, I know I wouldn't want to give up on video games, especially Zelda!

  7. Tomdabomb says:

    wow, when i played OoT for the first time i found it hard enough and i could see :o
    Kudos to him, I think he surpassed something what people thaught was impossible for blind people to do.

    I'm really, really impressed

  8. cloverplayer says:

    wow, that was really great, nice Terry! you did inside the deku tree better than I ever did!

  9. Geoffrey says:

    Holy Crapola! So impressed, I am speechless.

  10. Evenglare says:

    i want to know how many times he did this before he got as good as he did? Surely he has help, how would you know what items you got ?

  11. Callin says:

    Hey I remember watching one of this guy's vids a long time ago. Very cool.

  12. mini link says:

    wow this guy is amazing!

  13. that dude says:

    this is cool as hell! Props!

  14. evilsbane says:

    This is an impressive feat of memorization but I can't imagine how he enjoyed the trial-and-error process. On top of which, some puzzles can only be solved by visual cues (such as knowing that you can jump down through the spiderweb), so he probably would've needed someone around telling him what they see.

    This is not meant to take away from an incredible accomplishment, but rather to point out that in future, games should be better designed to accomodate blind players.

    1. Dantewolfwood says:

      yeah I agree totally. this should be a push in a direction to make games designed specifically for blind people. One that focuses solely on sound with strong stereo/surround sound aspects.

      What this guy did is amazing and revolutionary. Keep it up!

  15. poopkillerpersonYEP says:

    that is absolutely amazing

  16. Becky says:

    I'm impressed but I do wonder if he played it before he was blind, as he knows a lot about the surroundings, or has he just been told what they're like

    1. Jani says:

      He uses walkthroughs to tell him what the room looks like c:

  17. Neran says:

    Really Impressive! I think it would be interesting to see how he would do the water temple.

  18. Linksoer says:

    See!! Navi is more helpful than people give her credit for!
    ''Hey Listen'' is now literal!
    I am impressed by his preseverence and memorization!
    Just goes to show that nothing is impossible.

  19. Luke says:

    I wonder if he's gonna get the 3DS version.

    Okay. Terrible joke aside, that's just amazing. When I replay it, I forget how to do a bunch of stuff and I can see what's going on. For him to remember and use audio clues and what I'm sure is an INSANE amount of trial and error is beyond impressive.

  20. ploggy says:

    Wow, that's amazing.

    I wonder how he did the last ghost's block puzzle in the forest temple..
    The water temple must have been a pain in the 'arris.

  21. Alonely says:

    Navi isn't all bad!

    He sure knows how to maneuver around, though! That must've taken an inCREDible amount of time, as well as trial and error!

    Yeah, he must have someone telling him what his surroundings are or what items he gets, but he does all the hard work, so who cares? Awesome!

    It's amazing how useful things like targeting and sound cues are when playing a game like this.

  22. LinkLover says:

    Wow!! Thats so cool! It's like Link is blind! ;)

  23. He gives "Blind Playthrough" a whole new meaning. This guy is awesome! :D

  24. DotHackerKite94 says:

    amazing just amazing

  25. vick says:

    zelda is so laughly easy, childish, and stupid that blind people can beat it with no problem. suck dick this guy wasting his time with video games, he should be more productive with his life.

  26. Snow_Leopard says:

    This is incredible. I absolutely congratulate him being able to do that. Shame that he can't read the dialog though, Maybe he has some sort of text to speech thing as well?

  27. GanonLives says:

    I know this kid personally. Been telling people for years about the visually impaired playing OOT. Very good very good indeed.

  28. Terry Garrett says:

    hello This is Terry Garrett and I would like to thank you for putting my video on this site, and for all the wonderful comments. I have doing a lets play now on you tube, and you can find the rest of my zelda OOT vids from the video above. just check out my channel. thanks :)

  29. gvwthi_seautov says:

    “that’s how the game goes, what can ya do” – every zelda fan ever

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