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If you are one into internet memes and general nerd-related merchandise, is one of the many places where you can find shirts related to these genres.

Some of these shirts are very subtle in relating to their subject like the shirt I’m featuring today. If you are familiar with Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, you will get the message of the shirt which depicts the “Song of Storms” complete with the notes shown as the button sequence. You can find this shirt for $20.

Many other game shirts include Pac-man, Mario, Tetris, and Dungeons and Dragons. Be sure to take a look around and check back to see what they have to offer.

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9 thoughts on ““Make it Rain” With This Awesome Shirt from BustedTees!

  1. Thareous says:

    I once saw a Christian-based shirt with the notes for Prelude of Light, and beneath that it said "Bring Light into the World." Almost exactly like the shirt above. Although it may appear that I just based this from the "Make it Rain" tee, I am not lying.

  2. sugar says:

    I am seriously considering buying this shirt, despite the fact that I probably shouldn't spend any more money on clothes.

    Any strapping young lads willing to buy it for me? ;D

    (nono, just kidding.)

    1. phantommajora says:

      I will :D

  3. Jscsonic says:

    sorry to say this but, man u guys r late! ive known about this shirt for 2 years already!! geez…

  4. phantommajora says:

    I just bought one! I'm can't wait to get it :D It was such a splurge buy. but I couldn't help myself.

    1. sugar says:

      You're tempting me…

  5. LoZymugglegater says:

    oh,I so badly want one of these!Too bad Metroid Other M cost $50.Why Nintendo,why!!

  6. Zesty Crouton says:

    I feel proud to say my avatar has been this picture for a while now, hahaha

  7. Brandee says:

    I want it so bad, but they're sold out of medium. Dx

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