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In a recent video on ZeldaUniverseTV, Cody got the chance to interview YouTube sensations Chuggaaconroy and NintendoCapriSun about the false DMCA claims that have lead to both of their suspensions, as well as the suspension of several other gaming-related YouTube channels.

How can you help? Spread the word! Tell your friends, and get the word out on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter by linking to the story on:

Digg: YouTubers Getting Suspended Due to false Copyright Claims

iReport: Major YouTube Security Flaw Leads to Suspension of Top YouTubers

Zelda Universe: Chuggaaconroy, Others, Suspended from YouTube by False Copyright Claims

28 thoughts on “Suspension: A ZUTV Interview with Chuggaaconroy and NintendoCapriSun

  1. tech56 says:

    i wish that conjopi guy to hell

  2. Chainoftermina says:

    this kind of bullcrap is exactly why I barely ever go to Youtube at all.

  3. Thareous33 says:

    This is all very sad; I also sympathize for those who have been shut down. I don't have any idea of what kinda mental state this "flagger" is in, but I say he should be lock himself in an asylum room and swallow the only key. Chuggaaconroy and NCS are unfortunate targets of this maniac, along with countless others. May they soon be able to return to their pastimes and continue to entertain us.

    Keep fighting for your rights, guys.

    1. jayven says:

      Thats is true it is sad

  4. Lach Menel says:

    This just proves that bad things can happen to good people. I for one will be praying for all who are victumes of the hacker ( who should either die or find a beter pass time).

  5. Adam says:

    The sad thing is unless youtube changes something then their channels are just going to keep getting suspended over and over again and their isn't anything they can do about it. This guy clearly has a personal vendetta against other LP'ers and will stop at nothing to ruin them.

    1. Thareous33 says:

      A vendetta? That's a good thought; I never considered that. So maybe if this jack eliminates all his competition then he'll reveal himself a can at last be shut down himself. In the meantime, 8P to him.

      1. Thareous33 says:

        That is, only if he is an LPer himself. ,:-(

      2. Qwertykool says:

        Actually, if multiple LPers say that he did it, maybe they can shut him down for Illegal false DMCA claims. (Can youtube block IPs?)

  6. sendazora says:

    Hey guys, dont worry about it. I guess you could just move to another account, but then again that would be giving the COPYRIGHT CRUSADER CRACKPOT (my new name for him XD) satisfaction.So yea i hope that the COPYRIGHT CRUSADER CRACKPOT is caught and chugaroy and caprisun continue their great work =D

  7. shaymin1 says:

    Whoever did it must have been a stupid jerk.

  8. ChuggaaconroyFAN says:

    i hope cojopi BURNS IN HELL! chuggaacoroy and nintendocaprisun are my too fave people on youtube and im going to laugh if that conjopi BITCH goes to hell.

  9. nintendocaprisunFAN says:

    @chuggaaconroyFAN i agree with you i fucking hate cojopi hope he burns in hell that little b-i-t-c-h

  10. Scion says:

    How about we warn the targets? They're in trouble ya know.

  11. Valdek says:

    I’m pretty sure “other targets” are aware of their danger, this guy has been targeting mostly bloggers and LPs. in fact, a lot of bloggers and LPs have either taken down videos or stopped make’n them for fear of being next. as for bringing them down… my opinion is use, HHHAAACCCKKKSSS!!!!!! BRING ANYONE YOU KNOW IS INVOLVED ALL THE WAY DOWN TO CHINATOWN!!!!!

    i has spoken

  12. Scion says:

    Hopefully they take it seriously because I don't want a certain nerd struck down.

  13. matt17 says:

    OMG, NCP lol
    surprised to hear his voice here

  14. logan says:

    we need to spread the word to everyone on youtube to start bugging youtube about false flaggers and maybe they will do something but its not likely. even with everyone on youtube bugging them. maybe if they move their videos to something like google video or other places.

  15. chuggaaconroyFAN says:

    ugh i hope conjopi gets stopped i heard hes either going after superskarmory or marriland.

    1. jayven says:

      some dumb guy named jrd hated Chuggaaconroy and said he sucked

  16. Cookies says:


    Let's just Digg this article and get this to the news (so Youtube can fix their DMCA)! THEN justice shall be served! WHO'S WITH ME?

  17. mariofan64 says:

    this is bull SH%T

  18. mariofan64 says:

    why the hell would any1 do this. conjopi needs to go the hell

  19. NachoMasterJr2 says:

    Whoever Did This Is Just Some Low Life Loser With Nothing Better To Do But Ruin Other People’s Lives. Youtube Really Needs To Tighten Up Before This Gets Out Of Control.

  20. Jayven says:

    god i am chuggaaconroys best fan this is very sad

  21. Jayven says:

    jrd did it he kicked chuggaaconroy channel

  22. Brandon says:

    chugagacouroy!youll do it!i now it!you can do it!nobodys gonna roren chuggcouroy!because hes the best!!

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