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I am no expert at piano, but I can carry a pretty good tune. I may have to give this tutorial a shot, as I have always wanted  to bust out the Zelda theme at parties. Sometimes YouTube can provide little gems like above. She does ramble a bit more then she should, but the actual contents of the tutorial are solid. So guys, can any of you play some Zelda tunes?

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16 thoughts on “How to Play the Zelda Theme Song on Piano

  1. Hylian99 says:

    Actually, I can probably play more Zelda songs on piano than I should be able to…

  2. Punxatwawny Phil says:

    At 5:47 the note is wrong. It should be half a step down; otherwise good stuff.

  3. Punxatawny Phil says:

    At 7:41 the note is also wrong. No offense, but do you guys honestly know how the original Zelda theme goes? That note is a half a step up.

  4. Captain S Keeta says:

    Song of Storms, Saria’s Song, Song of Time, Midna’s Desperate Hour, Link is Coming, but I’d never play any at aorties, for fear of being punched in the face :p

  5. Captain S Keeta says:

    Oops parties

  6. joe says:

    Sheet music really isn't hard to learn. Use Google and there are many sites willing to help out.

  7. Twilight King says:

    Right now only the clock town theme and the song of healing. has a lot of good zelda songs, and she shows a couple of them on her youtube channel.

  8. mr dent says:

    I know a lot of good ones.

    -Midna's Lament
    -Saria's song
    -Serenade of Water
    -Clock Town Theme (all 3 days)
    -Song of Healing
    -Termina Field (Sounds like the normal overworld theme when I play it)
    -Zeldas Lullaby
    -Gerudo Valley
    -That theme when your opening the treasure chest (not just the Da Da Da Daaa! thing, everything before it)
    -Some of Hyrule Field (TP)
    -Some of Oath to Order
    -Song of Storms

    I think I know more, but I can't think of em'. The music I learn on piano is almost all zelda stuff.

  9. mr.Tii says:

    I don't know any Zelda songs on the piano, but i got a Ocarina of Time replica from Songbird Ocarinas, and i can play some Zelda song on that :D

  10. Darkstar says:

    I can play all of the ocarina songs from OOT and the main Zelda theme on guitar. I wish I knew how to play the hyrule field themes, that would be awesome! I once knew how to play the full song of time on piano/keyboard back in high school but I forgot now lol.

  11. EMaN says:

    I can play Song of Storms, Ganondorf's Theme, Zelda Theme, The Song of Healing, Serenade of Water, and The "You Did Something Right" Jingle.

  12. ChainofTermina says:

    I can't play instruments at all! XD

  13. Piano Pete says:

    This is great! It's always more fun to practice with songs that have some kind of actual meaning, not just the classic stuff.

  14. Блог супер, буду рекомендовать друзьям!

  15. Veggie says:

    A-MAZE-ING — com
    pared to what i play…

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